Friday, 26 August 2016

Looking Back: My Summer Makeup Essentials - A Guest Post

Ah.. it's been an amazing summer! Today, I turned my reminiscent and nostalgic side into a blog post reviewing my summer playlist.. for makeup! Check it out below..

1. Back to the Basics.
Sweat means creases and creases mean uneven coverage! Using a primer prior to donning your shadow or foundation can make a world of difference. So, get the right base on before you glam up, won't you?
For eyes, I used BareMinerals' Prime Time Eyelid Primer, which offered strong staying power to any kind of eye liner or shadow (even dry powdered ones!) without a heavy feel.
For face, I tried Victoria Secret's PRO Airbrush FX Primer. Just like it's name implies, it's a light, airy, liquid that won't weigh you down, all while holding your foundation up. Added bonus: SPF 20!
For lips, my favourite was Evolution of Smooth, and their incredible lip balms. Every time I try a new flavour, it becomes my all-time favourite! 2. A bright nail colour! Whether on the fingertips or on your toes, I flirted with bright hues that stood out in the sunshine. If you want to keep that summer feeling going, try Essie's line of especially brilliant colours, like Brazilian hot orange, Fiesta hot pink, or Stencil Me In citrus lime. 3. Go light on the blush. With high temps, your natural colour will shine through more during summer than in cooler, winter weather. So, I put away the heavier blush and opted for liquid tints instead, something like Smashbox's O-Glow, which has intuitive pigments and a special Gogi berry formulation that gives a colour closest to your natural, well, blush! Little is sexier than a girl with pink on her cheeks! 4. Go forth fragrant. Ladies may not sweat as much, but you still need to smell nice, no matter what you decide to call your "glow". For summer, I picked sweet, or exotic scents, like Faith Hill's signature fragrance with gentle hints of jasmine. 5. SPF it. SPF it good. There's no replacing a great sunblock. UV rays damage skin and sunburn results in unsightly peeling and drying that can't be hidden by concealers. I used Cerave's Broad Spectrum Face Lotion. It has an invisible feel but the powerful protection of SPF 50. 6. Blot the blues away. Facial oils seep through makeup. It's just life. So, I carried around a pack of beauty blotters to dab away oils that were giving my natural glisten a little too much shine. With these essentials in my bag, I was prepared for anything summer threw at me all season long! Do you have any other favourites? Let me know!
Thank you so much to Evolution of Smooth for writing this post for me. I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I did!
Lots of love always,
Jade xo
Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored, and written by Evolution of Smooth.

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