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Bean Burst Body Scrub Review*

Calling all body scrub lovers! I've got a very exciting review for you today, courtesy of Bean Burst, so if you think that sounds up your street, then you're in for a right treat - I can tell you that now!

Being the beauty blogger that I am, I'm often found scrolling through my Instagram feed, on the search for exciting new brands, whose products take my fancy. Over the past few months, I've been hearing quite a lot about Bean Burst, and so naturally, I was intrigued.

After doing my research, and getting in contact with them via email, I realised that they were a brand that I just had to work with. They immediately took an interest in my social media pages, and they were honestly so lovely. They were full of praise for me, and I could tell that they genuinely wanted to work with me as well, which just made me feel so good about myself, and the work that I put into my blog, and my other social media pages. They informed me about the fact that they receive a good following from their teenage audience, because of the benefits it has on acne-prone skin, and also, their range is made only from 100% natural ingredients, which makes it more reliable, and much more likely for people to want to purchase from them too.

Bean Burst offer their customers 3 different blends, which all have different unique selling points, and benefits for each individual. The options are:

Peppermint Blend: Invigorates, brightens, and energizes your skin.
Sweet Orange Blend: Cleanses, calms, and revitalizes your skin.
Grapefruit Blend: Clears, balances, and awakens your skin.

Being a blogger, who was willing to try out a sample to review for them, I was offered the chance to receive 1 of the 3 blends, which appealed to me the most, and I would get it sent to me in a 100g travel size bag. These bags are sold within their Bean Burst gift box, which has all 3 of the blends in it (the Peppermint, the Sweet Orange, and the Grapefruit), so if you want to test out all of them, and get the full experience of this brand, then you are able to do so, as it's only £28 for all 3 100g travel size scrubs.

If you use the 100g bag around 3 times a week, then it should last you approximately 3-4 weeks. One thing to remember is that you don't need too much of it, because as they say, a little really does go a long way!

Now, onto the actual review itself. I have ben trying out the Grapefruit Blend scrub myself since the beginning of the month, and I absolutely love it. When I first received it, and gave it a sniff (as you do), I wasn't actually too sure on it, because in the bag, it really does smell very strongly of coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker, or lover myself, so I though that I may get a little put off by it. However, you shouldn't always go by first impressions, which is something that I've found out with this body scrub. When you put it on your skin, you can smell both the grapefruit, and the coffee coming through. It's not overwhelming at all though. It's surprisingly revitalizing, and I think that for a body scrub, the scent works really well. I usually just apply it to my arms, my elbows, and sometimes my legs, as those are the areas that I'm most self-conscious of, and I feel that they need all of the work they can get to ensure that they are in better condition.

Something that you may not know is that I have really dry elbows, and they actually get quite bruised, due to where I can be found leaning on them all of the time. One is significantly worse than the other, so I decided that enough was enough, and I wanted to do something about it.

When you first apply this scrub, it can be quite tricky to know how to do it without getting (what looks like) dirt all over the floor. I'd suggest that you get in the shower first, whilst it's turned on, and then essentially soak your body quickly, then open the curtain, or door to the shower, get the packet in your hand and pour a little amount into your palm, then put it back on the floor, close the curtain, or door and then work the scrub into your skin in circular motions, focusing on the most problematic areas, which for me are my arms, and elbows. Turn the shower head away from you, and then leave it on for about 5-10 minutes. I usually leave it for 3-5, but that's just personal preference. Let's be honest though, nobody wants to stand in a shower for a long time, as otherwise you would freeze to death! Whilst you're waiting, you could shave your legs, wash the parts that don't have the scrub on them (feet, face, hair), or do whatever else you want to do. After that, you just simply wash it off. It makes your skin feel so soft, and smooth, which is exactly what you would want from a body scrub, if you ask me. I have been using it about 3 times a week, and I have definitely seen an improvement in my the condition of my skin. I haven't used it as a face scrub yet, but I know a lot of people have, and it's worked for them, so I'll probably try it at some point!

The packaging is really nice, and it's easy to reseal, and store away in a cupboard. It's cardboard, but I like how it's got the logo on it, and each blend has a different colour, whether it be pink like the one I have, green, or orange. I personally think that's a really nice, professional touch, and it just adds a little something extra. I always pay attention to detail, and I appreciate when brands do the same with their products.

If you want to buy the 200g size of any of the BB scrubs, then you can do so on their website for £15 each. Shipping in the UK is free, and if you have any queries, then you can check out the site, and find all of the relevant information there.

Overall, I am very pleased with my sample of the Grapefruit Blend, and I can't think of any negatives that need to be mentioned either. They are a very friendly team, who reply to their emails efficiently, and they treat all of their customers with kindness, and respect. I would highly recommend you do your research, and get a sample for yourself.

Thank you once again to the team over at BB for sending me a sample of your body scrub to review. I really do appreciate it, and I hope this review has done your brand justice!

Have you ever used anything from BB? What blend would you pick out of the 3?
Lots of love always,
Jade xo
Disclaimer: The item that I mentioned was kindly sent to me for free by the team at Bean Burst for review purposes. All thoughts, and opinions expressed were my own, as well as being 100% honest. 
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