Sunday, 31 July 2016

Spread The Sunshine: Inspiring Others

 Hi everyone! I've got another Spread The Sunshine post for all of you today and this time, I'm going to be talking about inspiring others and how you can do the same.

As I'm sure most of you know by now, I actually created a blog, simply because I wanted to help people. I started off by bombarding all of my readers with advice style posts, where I'd literally just share my thoughts and opinions on topics that may affect people in some way, such as body confidence, bullying, self-esteem and other things along those sort of lines. I didn't really know if anyone would read them, because back then, I didn't have that many followers, purely because I'd just started blogging and so not many people even know who I was, let alone what my blog was all about! I really just relied on a couple of my friends reading my posts and letting me know what they thought, because I wasn't even sure if I was cut out to write where everyone could see what I was blabbering on about! As time went on, I gradually began getting more views and more people would start following my blog and reading and commenting on my posts. That meant the world to me. For a girl who just wanted to help people, knowing that I was actually impacting lives in a positive way literally made me happier than anything else in this world.
I'm naturally quite an open-minded, honest person. Quite a few people find certain topics slightly more controversial to talk about, such as unhealthy relationships, periods, feminism and boobs. Whereas I, on the other hand, just talk about anything and everything that I feel is important. I understand that this is the internet and I also understand that many people are able to find my blog to see what I'm writing about, but that's why I'm happy to talk about these topics. Not every teenager in this world growing up right now is able to find out information about sexuality, periods, bras, unhealthy relationships and peer pressure. Sometimes, the people around you may be quite small-minded and the type who keep themselves to themselves, without even realising that they are. Whilst growing up, we are all faced with so many different questions, regardless of whether we're male or female. What do I do when I start my period? Who should I talk to now that I'm questioning my sexuality? Is it normal to have smaller boobs than my friends? Why haven't I been in a relationship yet? These thoughts and feelings can all become so overwhelming and even though more often than not, there are always places to turn, it can feel embarrassing or difficult to actually accept the fact that you need some more information on these things, as it turns out you're not quite as clued up as you originally thought.
In my opinion, being able to inspire others is something that I feel very strongly about. Every single person in this world has a voice. Some of us may be shy and some of us may not feel as though we can use that voice to the best of our abilities, but we should. We so totally should. We all have our own thoughts and our own opinions on things, so as long as we are doing it respectfully, then why in the world shouldn't we wish to share them with other people, regardless of whether we have met them personally or not?  You never know how many people you could be helping or making smile, just by the things you say or do. I essentially have a voice, just like everyone else does and even though I can't physically speak to all of you on here, I can still use my voice to write (hopefully) inspiring blog posts that will provoke some of you to think deeper into certain topics or even feel a little comforted by what I have to say. Blogging is definitely one way in which you can inspire other people, because it's all about being honest and using your platform and your following to make a positive change to the world and the people in it!
You can also inspire others, just by simply going out of your way, even if it's once a day. Give to the homeless, call your best friend to see how they are doing, leave a genuine, heartfelt comment on a personal blog post, open up about an issue you have been facing for a while or even just smile to as many strangers as you can throughout the week.
It's all about the little things that matter. You don't have to do something extreme or become a millionaire just to inspire other people. Random little acts of kindness, honesty and support can be all that someone needs to completely change their mood around.
What are you going to aim to do this next week to inspire others? Who inspires you?
Lots of love always,
Jade xo

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