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Dear David Cameron | Teenage Voices Collab

Today's post might be something that you would consider to be a little out of the ordinary, especially coming from a teenage blogger. Why's that, you may ask? Well, it's not everyday that a blogger writes a post aimed at their country's prime minister - or in my case, David Cameron.
One of my very good friends Charlotte and I got into quite the discussion a couple of weeks ago about the things that we feel are the most unfair and out of order in today's society, but in particular, with our generation. Make sure you go on over and check out the lovely Charlotte's post, Vie Avec Charlotte, where she is also going to be writing a letter, which will express her very valid views to David Cameron, also known as the guy who is supposedly in charge of our country. Hopefully you enjoy both of our posts and can agree or relate to at least a couple of the points we have stated!

Dear David Cameron,

I'm not happy. I'm really not happy. There are a million and one issues within society today, but none of them seem to be of concern to you whatsoever? This country and the people in it are practically falling apart right in front of your eyes, but you don't seem to show a blind bit of notice?! I mean, you're the one individual who's ultimately meant to have the most control and power out of everyone else, so why aren't you using that to all of our advantage? Today, you are going to get a kick in the teeth by two teenage girls and hopefully, this will be the wake up call that you so desperately seem to need.  

First of all, I'd like to address the issue of teenagers. No, this isn't me saying that myself and everyone else going through puberty is a pain in the backside - in fact, I'm trying to argue the complete opposite, much to your dismay. Why is it that you and everyone else that faffs around you seem to think that we are stupid and incapable? Why is it you think that we are naïve and immature, unable to make even the slightest bit of sense when we speak our mind? What gives you the right to label us as being "too young" for this and "too young" for that? The adults, who are now part of the older generations believe that we can't do anything for ourselves, yet they moan at us when we try to do exactly that. How are we expected to make our own mistakes and find our own feet in this world, when we are constantly babysat and spoon-fed? Just because you and your stuck-up army decide that certain topics shouldn't be on our school curriculum, it doesn't mean that we are unaware of them and their importance to us. The thing is, we are essentially relying on ourselves nowadays. We are having to teach ourselves the way of the world, we are having to teach ourselves why we should be practising self-love, we are having to teach ourselves how to treat everyone fairly and equally and we are having to teach ourselves how to express our thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner. That should have all been in your hands. Yet you dropped that responsibility - and you dropped it a long time ago.

Most of the teenagers of today have had to teach themselves everything. When we have been falling apart from the stress of having to choose GCSE subjects at the age of 13, only to sit the proper examinations 3 years later, we have been the ones to reassure ourselves that it will all be okay in the end. When we have been cooped up in our bedrooms, crying our eyes out, contemplating whether or not to take our own lives, we have been the ones who have had to do our own research about our deteriorating mental health. This shouldn't be the case at all. We have all got a voice that we are entitled to use, but for some reason, you're the only one who gets their say when it comes to he education system. But, hold on. You're not the one who has to sit in the classroom and learn - we are. So, why aren't you taking our thoughts and opinions into consideration, when it's ultimately our future that you're determining? So many teenagers are so accepting of the way the world is today. We accept and embrace same-sex relationships. We accept and embrace people raising awareness of mental health issues. We accept and embrace communication with all sorts of different people, regardless of their ethnic or cultural background. Us teenagers are much more likely to talk about these things and shed light on them - tell me, why are you adults so incredibly ashamed of everything nowadays? Why can't you accept and embrace situations, just like we can?

My second point follows on quite nicely from the last. The education system that we have in the UK today is quite literally screwed up. Why are we essentially forced to learn about the topics that will in no way shape our lives in the future? When am I ever going to need the knowledge about how a plant makes its food using photosynthesis? When am I ever going to need to know how large a reflex angle is? I want to become a child and adolescent psychotherapist and as far as I'm concerned (I'm stupid and uneducated, remember?) you need psychology and a kind heart amongst other things in order to qualify, right? I don't care about Physics. I don't care about Chemistry. Heck, I don't even give a damn about Maths! So, why is it, myself and thousands of other teenagers across the country are still being told that they must learn about subjects that they don't care about or find helpful for 5 years of their educational life? It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. We should be learning about mental health, how to manage our finances, how to create a proper CV and how to prevent a teenage pregnancy from happening if you're not planned and ready for it.

Something else that has been on my mind quite a bit recently is the issue of health and safety. Now, you may be thinking that that's a weird, slightly random point to be bringing up in this letter, but it's not at all if you think about it much more logically. We all know that there are emergency services, who are supposedly always there to protect us and come to our rescue, right? The police, fire fighters and paramedics are probably the ones that you're most likely to think of when I mention the emergency services. So, why have there been so many disasters within our country over the past few years? Tonnes of innocent people are being stabbed, shot and strangled in our country. They are having their lives stolen away from them in a matter of minutes. I understand and respect that those working for the emergency services have so many urgent calls every second, but there should be more of them. YOU should be more on the ball. There should be much more security and more police officers patrolling the streets late at night. Sick, twisted individuals, who are a threat to others come out when the sun has set. By the time it gets to 12am, I think that's an appropriate time for all young people under the age of 18 to be inside. Ideally, nobody should be traipsing about at 3am off their face, due to the influence of alcohol. They could be taken for a ride - taken for advantage by complete strangers. There should be more health and safety laws put in place. There should be more police attention on the streets when it passes 12am. Please, Mr Cameron. Please, make a change. People's lives are at risk here. Death is never, ever pleasant, but the number of deaths within Britain could be a lot less if you just listen to my pleading.
I hope you have understood what myself and Charlotte have had to say to you Mr Cameron. We seem to have better knowledge of this country than you do and I really don't think that should be the case, considering you're meant to be the one running it.

And since writing this post up, you have now also decided to resign from your role as Prime Minister of Britain, as you were obviously unable to provide for the country, so you just gave up instead. Well, at least you have given up your role to someone who will hopefully (fingers crossed) put their all into our country, before it completely goes downhill.

Yours sincerely,
Jade - aged 15

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