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Barry M Summer Nail Shades

Barry M Nail Paints | £3.99
 The time has finally come for me to do another beauty post. Last month, I wanted to focus purely on lifestyle, as I had a lot of collaboration  posts planed, which meant that my own content was pretty limited, but then again, I do love putting up collabs with my favourite people and so that's something that's going to remain the same throughout the following months. There's just going to be more of a mixture of my own content and collaborative content from now on. I hope you're all okay with that!
If you have been reading my blog for a while now, then you will notice that I did a post back in the Spring about my nail polish picks, which were coincidentally all from Barry M (It wasn't actually that much of a coincidence, but let's just roll with it!). However, I thought that today, I'd do a post focusing on these two, because they are more appropriate for the Summer and I've worn these 2 out of the 4 the most!  


The first nail polish that I'm going to be talking about is this gorgeous, bright pink in the shade 'Grapefruit'. This is honestly the prettiest colour for the upcoming months. If you have any holidays planned (unlike me unfortunately - boo!), then I would highly suggest picking this up in your nearest drugstore. It would be the perfect shade for if you're relaxing by the pool or if you're the sort of gal that likes to have a pop of colour on your nails to make a statement, whilst soaking up the sun. I know that next time I'm on holiday, this is going to be the shade that I swear by! Now, I'll let you into a little secret here. I'm not actually the best when it comes to applying nail polish. It usually ends up all streaky or messy and I've been known to drop the entire bottle on my dressing table, so that it spills onto the floor, leaving a wonderful stain that can't be removed. However, this nail polish makes it so much easier for me to apply onto my nails. The brush is quite wide and thick and as someone who has got quite wide nails, I find that it works really well at distributing the colour all over. I usually only do one coat, because I find that it can go quite gloopy and tacky otherwise, but 2 or more coats is definitely doable if that's what you prefer to go for! As it's part of their Gelly Hi Shine range, my do look lovely and glossy when the light hits them and considering the fact that I don't like matte nails myself, this is something that's right up my street. They don't chip that easily either, which means that if you're quite a hands-on person, you should be able to manage and get a good few days wear out before feeling the need to take it all off.

If you're more of a pastel kinda gal, even during the Summer, then I would suggest you go for something a little bit lighter, such as 'Lap of Honour' from the Quick Dry range. If a colour is on the lighter end of the spectrum, then it can often appear streaky or gloopy, as I mentioned earlier, which is something that I'm pretty sure most people, including myself hate. When I first applied this polish in particular, it did appear quite streaky and as though it was barely there, but then once I got more product onto the brush and went over each nail a few times, it was absolutely fine after that. You could try using a base coat and a top coat, which Barry M also do, but I haven't ever tried either of them, so I'm probably not the best person to ask about that kind of thing. I would say that it would probably look better if you applied more than one coat, but then again, surely that can be said for any nail polish? I'm just saying that with shades which aren't quite so bright and vibrant, it may be a better idea, but it's completely up to you! As this is part of the Quick Dry range, I can say that it lives up to the name and it does dry on your nails very quickly. It isn't quite as glossy as the 'Grapefruit' shade, but it isn't matte either, so it works just as well for me!

So, there we have it. Those are my 2 favourite summertime nail shades from Barry M. Overall, I think that Barry M has always been a favourite brand for most people when it comes to the nail polishes that they offer and I certainly haven't been disappointed. They are long-lasting and both of the shades that I picked up are beautiful, especially for this time of year.

Have you tried any nail polishes from Barry M? Which are some of your favourite shades?
Lots of love always,
Jade xo

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