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10 Things I've Learnt Whilst Being A Teenage Blogger | #TTATB

Since the overwhelming response that we received from our first #TTATB post, which went live on the 1st of June, myself and Lauren have decided that we are going to continue featuring these collabs on both of our blogs at the beginning of every month. How lucky are you?! If you haven't already done your research on #TTATB, then where exactly have you been over this past month?
I've got a page on my blog, which gives you all of the information that you will need to get you started and both of us girls also did our own blog posts about it, which you can head on over to read here and here.
So today we're going to be talking about 10 things that we have both learnt whilst being a teenage blogger. We have both been blogging for quite a while now and we thought it would be nice to share our thoughts with you, just in case you were interested or thinking of starting up your own blog someday in the near future. Without further ado, I'm just going to jump straight into it, because I feel like this is going to be quite the ramble!
It's not going to be easy. Blogging is a tricky process, with lots of bumps in the road! - Even though you only see picture perfect snaps on your Twitter and Instagram feeds, it doesn't mean that all bloggers live the ideal life 24/7. There is ultimately going to be perks and downfalls with everything - I guess that's just the way life goes. You may think that people are in it just to work from home, receive all of these luxurious freebies and jet across the Atlantic every month, but that couldn't be further from the truth. You will struggle to find motivation for posts. You will find it difficult to actually write regularly. You may even have fall outs and disagreements with other people in the blogosphere. Luckily, I haven't really experienced many negatives whatsoever as of yet *touch wood*, but trying to balance school, a social life and everything else with a blog isn't always easy, along with trying to find motivation, fresh, original ideas and for some, including myself, a schedule that you can stick to, so you and your readers know when posts should be going up. It's a commitment that you need to be prepared to put time and effort into.
Getting people to actually notice you, particularly because of your age can be really challenging and especially disheartening when you have put so much effort into a post - Carrying on from what I just said about blogging being a tricky process, that also applies to gaining readers, who are genuinely interested in you as a person and what you have to write about. I've written up blog posts before that I couldn't be more proud of and then to see that it didn't receive as much interaction, due to the fact that I simply didn't have as many followers back then, it did kind of upset me a little bit. When you put your heart and soul into something, you want to get feedback and you want to hear what other people think, whether it's constructive criticism or whether it's praise and admiration. Gaining followers can be a very slow process, but that's why you shouldn't be in it for the numbers (there will be more about that later) and you should be a part of the blogosphere, simply because you want to be - nothing else. If you post regular, genuine content, then you will eventually get noticed if you're active on social media and if you make an effort. You can't just go in half-heartedly and expect thousands of followers to magically appear on your Bloglovin' page. You have to strive for success.
You will compare yourself to older bloggers who have been around for longer than you in the blogosphere, but that's totally okay. You do you, boo - During this day and age, we all compare ourselves to those around us. That's just a part of life that we have to accept. Whether it's in regards to appearance, intelligence, lifestyle or even blogging, it can have an equally negative effect on any individual. There will always be someone who you feel in competition with, but that shouldn't be your main focus. You should focus on bettering yourself or in this case, your blog and just ignore what everybody else is doing. It's totally okay for you to admire their creativity and the content of their blog, but you shouldn't feel envious or as though you're not good enough. You should create content that you're proud of and as long as you're proud of it, then that's ultimately all that matters.
The friends you make through blogging aren't just there to talk to about the latest beauty trends. They can be there to talk about life issues too; deeper than what shade of MAC lipstick to purchase next - Some people are led to believe that if you haven't met up in real life then you aren't able to consider yourself as friends with someone else. I can't even begin to stress to you how incorrect this is. I have started speaking to some of my very best friends through the internet and honestly, it's gotten to the point where I would be lost without them. Some of them I have been speaking to for a couple of years and others I have been speaking to for a couple of months, but one thing is for sure - I absolutely adore all of them to bits. Take the #teenageteam for example. Some of us have only known each other for a couple of weeks, yet it feels like it's been years. I know that whilst I can talk to them about MAC lipstick shades and what highlighter is best on the high street, I can also talk to them about boy troubles and whatever else I may be feeling down about. They always pick me up when I'm feeling down and make me laugh 10x harder when I'm already at the cry-laughing stage. I couldn't ask for better girlfriends in my life and for that, I'm eternally grateful.
We all have something that we would consider to be a passion of ours. It may take some time to discover it, but once discovered, we must never let it go - I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this, but in my opinion, we all have something that saves us from the world; our main hobby, if you will. For me, it's always been reading and writing, ever since I can remember. I'd been reading blogs myself since the age of 9, which is also when I started watching YouTube videos. I never felt that YouTube would be my thing at the time, so I've just stuck to watching other people for now. Who knows, that may change in the future! After plucking up the courage to start my own blog, my life has pretty much changed forever. I have finally found my passion, which involves all of my favourite things into one - reading, writing, photography and helping other people. It really can save you from the outside world, you know. I'm never going to let my blog go now, because as sad as it may seem (if you're a blogger, you will hopefully understand), I've now built up a community for myself, I've grown a lot as a person and I've had some incredible opportunities, which is why I'll forever hold my little blogging baby to my heart. (cringe)
Thank you so much for reading this post! Remember to head on over and give Lauren's post a read and if you don't already follow her on Bloglovin, then do it! Go and do it right now! You will thank me later - trust me!
Lots of love always,
Jade xo

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