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The Troubles Of Being A Teenage Blogger

 I recently started speaking to a fellow blogger, who goes by the name of Tea Stained Lauren (her blog can be found here and also here) about being a teen blogger within today's society. We were discussing both the positives, the negatives and also the things that fall slap bang in the middle. We equally had just as much to say and we both felt particularly strongly about getting our opinions and our thoughts across. Considering the fact that we both seemed to have a lot to say based on the topic, we decided that we wanted to work together on some sort of collaboration post, which would give us an opportunity to get you involved in the conversation in some way. Make sure that you follow the links I've included, so that you don't miss out on Lauren's post!
Before I get started with the actual post itself, we wanted to share some incredibly exciting news with you guys! Since we started talking about our initial collaboration, the ideas just wouldn't stop flowing - they were honestly continuous. They were all about how we could potentially benefit the teenage blogging community in some way and the list was endless. We both feel so passionate when it comes to helping out the teenage bloggers of today and we felt as though it was our responsibility, as teen bloggers ourselves to do something about it! I mean, if we don't start off the change, then who will? Wouldn't it be amazing if we could actually build a community for ourselves and people who are in similar situations to us? Well, that was what we thought anyway!
We thought that we could potentially do a series of these blog posts every month, specifically directed at those who are teenage bloggers or teenage bloggers in the making. As we gradually make more posts in regards to this topic, we hope that it will gain more recognition and we will go further in terms of the success of it too. If we could get people all over the country, maybe even the world talking about it, then we will feel as though it has been a worthwhile, beneficial series for you to read! We have already got quite a few plans in the works for you, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled, because you don't want to miss out on what we have planned!
Anyway, to kick start this series, I'm going to be sharing 2 of the main things that I find I struggle with the most when it comes to being a teenage blogger. 

The first thing that I would definitely say I struggle with, due to the fact that I'm a young blogger is feeling as though my posts often get overlooked by other people. It seems to me that unless you are as successful and as admired as Zoella is, then you hardly have any chance at all within this sort of industry, particularly if you are quite a few years younger than the more well-known bloggers. The work that us teenage bloggers put into our posts doesn't seem to get noticed nearly as much as it should be and I struggle to understand why that is, if I'm completely honest with you! We are already facing a huge amount of pressure in regards to studying in order to ensure that we receive a proper education at the end of our schooling years, but we are also having to face the pressure of building up our social lives and making genuine friends at the same time. Believe it or not, we don't all have our lives completely figured out. We are just as clueless as any other average teenager! Just because we blog, it doesn't mean we aren't focusing on our grades and it doesn't mean we are isolating ourselves from our peers. That isn't that case at all! We blog, simply because we love it. Why shouldn't we get compliments and recognition when we publish a post that we are genuinely proud of? Why shouldn't we have the right to collaborate with brands that we feel reflect our personalities, so much so, that we would love to share discount codes with our viewers? Our age shouldn't hold us back from showing our true potential to the world. It really frustrates me to know that people probably don't take me quite so seriously, just because of how old I am. Age is just a number! I have been very lucky with the fact that I have received a lot of love and support from all of my readers and I have even been able to make some amazing, life long friends, but I can't help feeling as though there are still things that I'm missing out on.

I also find that I struggle trying to make friends within the blogging community. I am very lucky in the fact that I have built up some particularly strong friendships with a couple of gorgeous girls (Lauren included, of course!), but I do still feel as though there is a general lack of communication and I'm not entirely sure that it's fear which is holding me back either. I believe it's simply the fact that teen bloggers don't get quite as much attention, which means that other people aren't as aware that they even exist, making it harder to reach out and actually communicate with them. When you are a teen blogger, like myself and Lauren, alongside many others, you feel as though you're literally a little fish, lost in the depths of the deep blue blogging sea. Any support that you receive is so important and so valued, because you genuinely do feel incredibly insignificant. It feels like I'm missing out on many opportunities, because I find it difficult to interact with girls that are of a similar age to me. Teenage meet ups just don't seem to be a thing at the moment. Not that I'm aware of anyway! Why would 13-16 year old girls want to be in a room, surrounded by seemingly more successful, mature bloggers? It just wouldn't make any logical sense really, would it? On the other hand, it would make so much more sense if there was another side of the blogosphere, which was dedicated to teenagers! How many of you would agree with me on that one? There could be teenage meet ups, where it would literally just be like loads of best friends hanging out, talking about makeup and general gossip, group chats, where we could all catch up every day and discuss what's on our minds, more companies willing to collaborate with us and hear our views and opinions, as well as allowing us to take part in super cool opportunities - now, wouldn't that just be the dream? I'm not saying that all of this is going to be possible right away, but over the next few months, we can definitely start trying to make some of them a reality!

Myself and Lauren want as many of you to get involved as possible. If this project sounds like something that you would be interested in being a part of, then you can leave a comment either down below on this post or on Lauren's post, (which will be over on her blog today) letting us know! It would also be really useful if you could leave your contact details, so either an email or your Twitter, so that we know how and where to contact you if we have any information or if you would like to follow us over there too. You are also more than welcome to leave your requests in anyway that you wish and we will highly consider making them a reality, depending on what they are and how many people agree!

Thank you so much for reading this exciting post and don't forget to leave your thoughts down below and your links to your social media accounts, so we are able to find you. Make sure that you use the hashtag #TeenageTeam if you would like to get involved!

If you want to talk to either of us, then you can do so here:

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Twitter: @jademillardx
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Lauren's Contact Details:
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Instagram: tea.stained

Lots of love always,
Jade xo



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