Sunday, 5 June 2016

Starlight Blogger Award // Simply Jadey

Hi everyone! I got nominated by the gorgeous Charlotte to do the Starlight Blogger Award, which I'm incredibly flattered about! I've seen a few of these floating around lately, but I never thought I'd get the chance to do it myself, so I'm really excited to be writing up this post for you today.
Before we get started though, there are just a few teeny weeny rules that need to be addressed - sorry about that, but rules are rules, right?!
You need to thank and link back to the person/people who nominated you, answer the 3 questions that they chose, give three questions for your nominees to answer, nominate 6 other bloggers, notify the nominees, post the rules and then add the badge/image (like the one above). Now, let's get on with the questions!

1. Where do you find blog post ideas? - I kid you not, I literally take blog post inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. I usually base them around my thoughts and feelings at the time, so if I'm feeling quite down in the dumps, then I'll do an advice type of post or if I'm feeling quite positive, then I'll do a lifestyle or photography type post. It all depends really! I also take ideas from other bloggers and put a slight personal twist on them, because I find that I like to write about the things I enjoy reading about, if that makes any sense whatsoever. Let's say I was reading a blog post about the butter gloss' from NYX. If I liked what I was reading, I'd probably pick it up, give it a go and then write up my own review. The key is to take ideas and inspiration from everywhere and make it unique to your blog and who you are as an individual.

2. What is your favourite thing about blogging? - There is nothing I don't like about blogging, as I haven't experienced any negativity or hate (touch wood!), which means I have pretty much all favourite things, but I'm going to stick to the question and pick one. I'd have to say my favourite thing is the people that I have met and the friendships that I have made through blogging. I have had the privilege of being able to talk to such beautiful, kind-hearted girls and I honestly couldn't be more grateful. They always know how to put a smile on my face and even though they may not have met me personally (yet), they really do just know me so well. I'm not going to name anyone, as you all know who you are, but I just want to say thank you so much for making this community such a wonderful thing to be a part of. I love you all very much. 

3. What are you most excited for this Summer? - Oooh, what a good question to end on! Funnily enough, I haven't actually made many plans for the Summer yet - I know, I'm crazy, right? I never have anything 100% sure until nearer the time, unless it's a holiday, which I'm sadly not going on this year, but why not be spontaneous anyway? I think it's sometimes more fun that way! I'm just excited to be able to see my friends more, have picnics with them, go to the beach, not have to worry about studying and to just enjoy being young and carefree, as that's really the only properly relaxing time throughout the year!

My Nominees:

Mollie from Mollie Alexandra
Frances from Royally Rouge
Alice from Simply Alice
Abigail from AbigailJessicax
Ellie from Petite Elliee
Nicole from Thrifty Vintage Fashion

My Questions:

How would you describe your blog in 3 words?

What do you study at school/college?

What's your ultimate blogging goal for this year?

If you answer these questions, make sure to leave a link to your post, so myself and other people can check it out! <3

Lots of love always,

Jade xo


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