Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Birthday Wishes

 Today marks the day that my beautiful big sister Sophie turns 24. I've never really written a blog post like this before, despite the fact that I've actually been blogging since last year, but there's a first time for everything, right? Don't mind me if it's a little all over the place. It's the thought that counts!
I'm one of the lucky ones who has had a sibling ever since the day I was born. My sister was 9 when I came into this world and I'm sure she had pretty mixed feelings about that! Truth is, we didn't always get on. We used to bicker over the silliest of things and at times, we could actually be quite spiteful to each other, in terms of sharing and whatnot. Well, maybe it was more the fact that I didn't usually want to share, but that's besides the point. We used to have bunk beds when we were younger - Sophie on the top, myself on the bottom. Due to certain circumstances, she went to go and live with my grandparents when she was 13. I don't really know whether or not I thought much of it at the time, because quite frankly, I can't actually remember that far back.
As the years have gone by, I have realised how lucky I really am to have a big sister. The age gap used to hold us back, because whilst she was focusing on growing up and going out with her friends, I was still too little to go out by myself and to understand the things that she was doing, so we couldn't exactly spend much quality time together back then.
Since I was about 10, we have been getting closer and closer with each passing day. I've grown up a lot and I've experienced things that she also experienced when she was younger; revision, friendships, school drama and so on. Although we do have our disagreements and I do sometimes pick a fight for absolutely no relevant reason whatsoever, I am so proud to say that I have been blessed with such an incredible woman as a sister. We obviously don't have much choice in the matter, but I wouldn't ever change her or replace her for the world. She is independent, she is strong, she is confident, she is intelligent beyond words and she is absolutely beautiful. I have realised recently that having a sister means that I will have a best friend for the rest of my life. There will always be someone that will support my decisions in life, someone that will listen to me rant and ramble on, someone that always wants me to be safe and happy, someone that would never judge me, no matter what I say. Now that I'm older, we're able to go out shopping together and out for lunch and we can even just sit in bed watching YouTube videos, which is something that I never thought would happen in a million years. I wasn't too sure how to tell my family about my blog in the beginning, but my sister always reads my posts and she always tells me how proud she is and how much she loves what I write. Knowing that means the absolute world to me. She has always supported me and showed me unconditional love and for that, I honestly couldn't be more grateful if I tried.
Over the past few months, my sister hasn't had it very easy. She's spent a lot of time feeling very upset and I think she was beginning to lose focus of her future, slightly. I'd send her sweet messages to try and pick her up and I'd sit with her in her bedroom, whilst she poured her heart out and lent on me as her shoulder to cry on. It was really important to me that I showed her just how much I love her, because she had always been the one to look after me and cheer me up when I was feeling down and then it was my turn to do the same.
The photos that I have included in the collage are just a select few of some of my personal favourites. Just looking back at them makes me really happy and it reminds me of the good times that we have shared together as siblings. I love how genuine our smiles are in all of them. They don't look forced; it seems as though we are actually enjoying the time that we spend together and I just bloody love that. We are sisters by heart, but also friends by choice. That's a bond that is ever so special and something that I shall cherish for the rest of my life.
Whenever myself and my grandma have heart-to-hearts, she always tells me that my sister thinks the world of me and she will always be there for me - and I honestly believe that. I know that we will only get closer as time continues to go on and we will always be by each others side, no matter what, because that's what sisters do, right?
Every girl always wishes that they had a sister and I'm so lucky that my wish had come true before I was even born! She's always there to offer me her wisdom and she always has my best interests at heart too. I admire how hard-working and driven she is to achieving her goals and doing the very best that she possibly can. I also admire how she is never afraid to voice her opinion (respectfully, of course) and how she is willing to open up and share her thoughts to whoever may be listening. I feel like she's an individual that anybody could learn a thing or two from and I can definitely say that's true from experience!  
Sophie, thank you for being the best big sister any girl could ever dream of. You mean the absolute world to me and I feel very lucky to have you in my life, because believe me, it wouldn't be the same without you in it. I know I can get on your nerves sometimes, but I'm just being an average little sister, I guess! I shall always support you and every decision that you make and I know that you will do the same for me too, as that's what sisters do.
I hope you have the best birthday in the entire world and I look forward to the future.
Love you forever and always Soph, (my skin and blister)
Jadey xxxxxxxxx


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