Saturday, 11 June 2016

20 Things That Make Me Happy // Collab

Hi everyone! I've got another collab for you today. I'm on a roll with them recently and I absolutely love it. Connecting with fellow bloggers is literally one of my favourite things and I always feel so appreciative whenever I'm able to sort out a collab idea with one of them! Today it's with the wonderful Laura from Blossom of Hope. This girl has honestly supported me through everything in regards to my blog. She always comments on all of my posts (they are so genuine as well), she's always happy to have a chat and she's just an all round lovely person with a really nice blog, which I definitely encourage you to check out and follow! She's such a cutie and she really does have a heart of gold, which deserves to be recognised.
We decided today that we wanted to do a post on 20 things that make us happy. I normally do chatty, lifestyle posts and after Laura read one of mine last month, she decided that she wanted to do a collab with me based on the topic of positivity! I thought that was so sweet and I obviously jumped at the chance, hence why I am bringing you all this post today. I hope you like it!
1. Family & Friends
2. Animals (as long as they aren't too scary!)
3. Photography
4. Following some recipes to bake sweet treats for my loved ones
5. Sunshine and just the summer in general
6. Reading a heartfelt book (usually one of the romantic sort!)
7. Anything to do with blogging - it's quite literally become my life!
8. Binge-watching my favourite series' on Netflix
9. Listening to music and having a sing along
10. Knowing that I have helped someone or made them smile
11. Visiting new places and educating myself on them
12. Raising awareness of mental health
13. People who are genuinely kind-hearted and open-minded
14. Spending time out in the warm weather
15. Laughter
16. Shopping
17. Going on adventures
18. Feeling proud of something I have achieved
19. Cuddling up on a cold evening
20. Spreading positivity to as many people as I can.
Lots of love always,
Jade xo

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