Friday, 29 April 2016

10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Me

Hi everyone! So, I thought I'd do a little bit of a different post today. I feel like I say that quite a lot, but I do genuinely mean it every time that I say it. This month, I haven't really done many lifestyle posts at all. My main focus has been on fashion and beauty, which isn't something that usually happens on my blog, so it's been a whole change in general if I'm honest. I've gained quite a lot of new followers this month and as grateful and pleased as I am, those of you who are new may not know as much about me as those who have been reading my blog ever since I started just over a year ago. Today I'm going to be sharing 25 facts that you probably don't already know about me. I'm not the most interesting of people, but these are just some of the things that will help you to get to know me better, as the person behind the blog!
1. I've recently become a lot more interested in horoscopes and the reasoning behind each one. I actually follow an account on Twitter (@astrologypics), which I find incredibly interesting. A lot of the times, I can be reading up things about my star sign, which is a Pisces for those of you wondering and I honestly can relate 100%, which I think is a mixture between both really cool and slightly spooky at the same time! I don't usually read the statements in magazines, newspapers or on the Internet, but I like to read about advice for the signs, summing up the signs and things like that. I believe that each different zodiac sign does represent different characteristics and traits, but I suppose that's a personal opinion!
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2. I would absolutely love to have my own business when I'm older. I would either want to have an online boutique, where I could sell handmade jewellery, cute home ware pieces and fashions for every size, but on the other hand, I would also like to have an entire store dedicated to everything that I love and feel passionate about, so photography, blogging, fashion, travelling and perhaps even beauty and interior design. I'm studying business as part of my GCSE's and I would also like to carry it on to AS Level, because I genuinely would love to make this dream some sort of a reality in the near future.  
3. Once I have completed my GCSE's, (which won't be until next summer), I hope to carry on at 6th form. After I have finished with school altogether, then it would be an absolute dream of mine if I could take a gap year to go travelling, working and volunteering across the world. I have always wanted to contribute to society, hence why I actually started a blog in the first place and I feel like taking a gap year would be the perfect opportunity for me. I've always wanted to travel the world and help people, so if I can do both at the same time over the course of a few months to a year then I would be absolutely thrilled.
4. I'm quite a sentimental, nostalgic person. I actually keep a memory box under my desk in my bedroom where I hold all of the little things that are precious to me. If anyone was to look in there, they probably wouldn't understand why I've kept some of the things that I have, but I believe that although memories can be shared with others that you love and care about, nobody will have truly lived a memory through your eyes, so you're allowed that memory box to be your own personal stash of happy times. I keep tickets, souvenirs, photographs, and little mementos that take me back to the times that I am the most content.
5. This next one may come as a bit of a surprise to you for whatever reason, but I actually really enjoy watching documentaries and educating myself on the world that we live in. I know that I'm still attending school and so I'm constantly learning about all sorts of different things, but watching such insightful documentaries about mental health, broken families, homelessness and drug addictions helps me to get a real-life view of what it's actually like to be suffering from such huge issues. School can teach me many things. But, they don't teach me about issues like these and they don't talk about them from such a personal perspective either, hence why I really value being able to watch such eye-opening programmes. School is compulsory. Teaching myself through film is a choice.
6. I'm a total dreamer. I'm very rarely attached to the 'real world'. I often go off into my own little world, which is filled with all my thoughts, hopes, dreams and aspirations. In this world of mine that I often transport myself to, I get to pick what/who is there and what isn't. I always take each and every single one of you along. That's why I like to think of it as my 'Simply Jadey' world. I don't think about it all of the time, but if I feel anxious or uneasy, then I'll just remember myself that I have my own world, which can be whatever I want it to be and I can do whatever I want to do. Anything is possible. This blog is essentially an outlet for my world. It is OUR world. Our Simply Jadey world. Everything is positive, all of our dreams have the ability to come true, everything is magical. There are even unicorns! Yes, I have a wild imagination. But, we all have to have some sort of magical world that helps keep us distracted from the real world, right?
7. Creating a blog was possibly THE best thing I have ever done in my life. That isn't actually the fact, because I'm sure most of you know that by now! But, the fact is, it's changed my life. Now that I've got my blog, I'm able to connect to so many other bloggers (and in some cases, non-bloggers) that I would have never spoken to if it wasn't for the wonderful world of the Internet. I have made so many new friends in this month alone and I can't wait to see what the future has to hold for all of us! I would love to one day be able to meet all of you and actually, physically hug you and tell you how much of an impact you have had on my life. I never feel quite so lost anymore, because I know that all I have to do is log onto my computer and I've got a whole other world full of love and positivity waiting for me, right at my fingertips. I will meet you one day. I will make it happen.
8. It's another (yes, another) dream of mine to become a songwriter when I'm older! I've dabbled with the idea a few times now, but I have such a varied music taste and I literally couldn't go a day without listening to some sort of tune and I would love to be able to get into that industry someday in the future. I think that music is honestly such a powerful, life-changing thing and it's also so personal and unique to each individual, so I would love to be able to show the world what I'm capable of in terms of creating songs!
9. Spain is my favourite place in the entire world. I've been to Tenerife more times than I could ever remember and I've made it a goal of mine to actually live in Spain for at least 6 months when I'm old enough! Wouldn't that just be incredible? I can't really explain why I love it, but it's just everything and anything all at the same time. The people, the atmosphere, the food, the scenery.. everything!! I feel like it's a part of me, in a weird sort of way.
10. My grandma is my entire world. Don't get me wrong, I love all of my family, friends and you guys to pieces, but if I had to pick 1 inspiration in life, 1 role model then it would by far be my grandma. She has meant everything to me ever since I can remember. She has raised me to be the person that I am and I just wish to make her proud with everything that I do. She has always been my guiding light, giving me hope and motivation to follow my dreams. I always tell her about my blog and she's always so support and encouraging, which just means more than anything to me. She has never left my side and there is not a single thing that I wouldn't tell her. I love her so very much and I always will.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you liked reading it, as much as I liked writing it! Share a few facts about yourselves in the comments below!
Lots of love always,
Jade xo


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