Tuesday, 5 April 2016

1 Year Blogging Anniversary

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Today is an incredibly special day. It has officially been 1 year since I started writing here on my own little corner of the internet, also known as Simply Jadey. I've posted 124 times, gained 111 followers and had 9,664 views in total since the second I hit 'publish' on my very first post. Isn't that an absolutely astonishing thought? I mean, it blows my mind every time I think about how far I've come and how much has gone on since then.
I'd like to start off by saying thank you to each and every single one of you. As I look back over the year that's passed whilst I've been blogging, I honestly feel nothing but gratitude and happiness at the fact that I've had this opportunity. Whether you have been supportive of my blog and everything that I've posted since the very first second, or whether you found my blog a couple of hours ago at random, I really can't thank you enough. I always read every comment I get and I do my very best to reply to all of the sweet things that you say. They really do make me so incredibly happy.
Blogging has brought so much joy to my life. Ever since I began, I have never looked back and I have never regretted a single second. I couldn't ever imagine being without it now - it's like my little baby! For me, it isn't about the views, the followers or anything else that's to do with numbers or money. It's about helping people and changing the world, one smile at a time. If I can even comfort just one person through one blog post, then that's enough for me. It means that all the time and effort I put in has been worthwhile. I feel so proud to be able to call myself a part of such a wonderful, supportive, caring community. The friends that I have made throughout the past year are genuine, true friends that I love with all my heart and I really do get on with them as though I have known them my entire life. I couldn't feel anymore blessed or anymore honoured if I tried. I'm so proud of the fact that I put my all into each and every post and I reply to every single comment and message that I receive. Everybody within my personal life is so incredibly lovely and kind about the fact that I have a blog and even if they don't fully understand what blogging is all about, they never make me feel like I'm being judged for doing something that I love. I've done pretty much everything independently when it comes to my blogging journey thus far. I don't often ask for that much help and although I try to include others by asking them if they have any requests and asking them for their opinion occasionally, I do like to do most other things myself. I feel as though blogging is very much an independent hobby and that's why I am even prouder of how far I have come, because I've done it without all that much guidance.
None of my 'real life friends' have a blog. They don't really read many others either. They watch YouTube videos, but they aren't as heavily involved in blogging. But, they are so, so supportive when it comes to my blog. I couldn't ask for a better support system if I'm honest. Even though my loved ones may not blog themselves and they may not have that much free time to actually settle down and read what I have to say, they still read my posts when they get the chance and they still congratulate me on any achievements and always praise me when I tell them something that has made me smile. I really couldn't wish for anything better than that. Some of my close friends and my sister follow my blog and I love it when they tell me that they enjoyed reading a particular post or when they ask what day I'm posting next. It really does make me smile. I've made a close group of blogging friends as well and they all have genuine hearts of gold. They always give feedback, they always show love and appreciation, they are always willing to help out, and they never, ever have a bad word to say either. This is why I feel I need to thank each and every one of you. Whether I know you personally or not, I truly am so, so grateful. I can't put into words how grateful I actually am! Making the decision to actually start my blog has been the best decision of my entire life. And I am beyond glad that I made it.
Once again, thank you all so, so much for being right by my side throughout this journey. Every comment, compliment, message and text means the absolute world to me. I love being able to make people smile, give them hope and help them just through writing a couple of times a week on the internet. It just goes to show what an amazing world we live in. Technology and social media can change lives. I want to make sure its for the better.
I love you all so much and I hope you continue to stick by me right through to April 5th 2017 and to every year beyond that. We are all part of the Simply Jadey family. And, as long as we all stick together, nothing is impossible.
Lots of love always,
Jade xo

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