Sunday, 21 February 2016

Staying Strong


Hi lovelies! I'm so sorry I haven't posted for over a week. It's been half-term and even though I haven't really done all that much, I just haven't had the motivation to post and then for the past few days I've been out quite a bit or swamped with other tasks, so it hasn't been that easy to get a chance. I'm back now though and hopefully I won't be going anywhere.

When you're a blogger, I think that it's important to take some time out to look at analytics and figures every once in a while. Maybe once a month, either at the beginning or the end. I'd say it's like a mini review of your own little personal space, so that you can keep up to date with your progress and how you're doing. I wouldn't actually say that numbers and views are the most important thing that you should put before anything else when you're a blogger. In fact, I'd actually say the opposite, but I do think it can help massively if you regularly take a step back to reflect on things.

Back in the day, I used to do advice posts a lot more often than I do now. I don't actually think I've done one yet this year, which is absolutely crazy if you take into consideration how I used to be! Looking through my statistics, it's clear for me to see that my advice posts are some of the most popular and my first post was actually an advice post, because that was predominantly the direction that I wanted my blog to go down when I first started.  

I'm dedicating this post to my beautiful sister Sophie. After having quite a deep conversation with her this afternoon, I decided that it would be a good idea for me to write up this post. I discussed some things with her that I would also like to discuss with you, as I feel like it's a topic, which many people may find relevant, or beneficial in some way.

We all go through our own personal struggles throughout our lives. That's a given and you probably don't need me to tell you that. No matter how well you know or think you know a person, you will never fully understand exactly what it is that they're experiencing, because you aren't the person who has to walk within their shoes every day. You can talk for hours on end for days on end and with each minute, you will more than likely get closer to them in some way and get better at understanding their situation, but you still won't be able to understand how they feel each second that goes pass. It's just one of them things in life that is virtually impossible, regardless of how hard you try.
You should always encourage people to open up to you, (if you're a trustworthy person, that is) and try your best to listen and support them in any way that you possibly can.
It some situations, you may feel as if you have been completely thrown off your path of comfort and you may feel as if you are totally helpless towards the person, but honestly, just being there to listen and comfort someone in need can be enough for them.

Over the years, I've had plenty of practise when it comes to helping people with their problems and offering support to them if they need it. I'm by no means the best at it, but as I say to those that I speak to, I have learnt quite a lot through personal experience and through that my loved ones have told me they have gone through, so I do have quite a lot of knowledge that I'm always happy to put to use. I'm one of those people who always has something to say and is always ready to bring some quotes into a situation. Whatever a person is going through, I listen, I attempt to help as best as I can and then I begin to encourage them and use quotes to support my point. Wow, doesn't this just sound like some sort of English lesson? See, I always try to throw in a dash of humour as well - however bad at it I may be! Seriously though, quotes and words can be of a lot of comfort when you're going through a rough patch. I understand the whole 'actions speak louder than words' thing and I do believe that's true to a certain extent, but words can make you feel something which actions cannot. Words are so much deeper and so much more meaningful in some ways and they really can do a great lot of healing.

'Everyone wants to be the sun that lights up your life. But I'd rather be your moon, so I can shine on you during your darkest hour, when your sun isn't around'. That is one of my favourite quotes ever. It's lovely to be someone's sun, so you can light up their life and make them smile when they feel a little low, but I think it means so much more if you can be the one bright, hopeful part of someone's life when everything else is so terribly dark.
Whether you believe it or not, we do all have a purpose in life. For me, I have my blog as my outlet, my distraction and my main purpose. I find that if you have something or a few things to focus on that you love and feel truly passionate about, then you will never be completely lost. I described it to my sister as having my own personal bubble. I get to choose who enters that bubble and what goes inside it that is of importance to me. For example, I am in my own personal bubble. I like to be accompanied by a camera (to symbolise my love of photography), a globe (to symbolise my love of travelling), a musical note (to symbolise my love of music), a pen, and a book (to symbolise my joint love of reading, and writing), a row of my family members (to symbolise my love for them), a dog (to symbolise my love of animals) and finally, a computer (to symbolise my love for blogging and all of you). I could pick many more, such as the sunshine and love, but I would be here forever. I was just giving you a little insight into my bubble, so that you have some inspiration when creating your own. The beauty of it is that it's your bubble, so nobody ever has to find out about what's inside it. They just need to be interested as to whether they are in it or not. You can always add and eliminate too - what's not to love?

Some people are interested in meditating, doing breathing exercises, practising mindfulness and going on long walks to clear their head. Whereas others enjoy painting, drawing, reading, writing and dancing. We all have our own hobbies and our own passions. As long as we stick to them and we never, ever give up on them or our dreams, then it's completely fine to have whatever hobbies and passions we want. You always need to keep yourself busy whenever things seem hard. Talk to people. Do what you enjoy. Try your best to distract yourself and release all of that inner negative energy through doing something productive.

I actually wear a necklace that has a sun charm on it. It's silver and it shimmers whenever it's light during the day. It's close to my heart and whenever I wear it, I often think to myself that it's my sunshine and it means that I have to be the sunshine for other people. I have to be able to smile myself and radiate positivity, so that it's given off to others and then it will carry on like a snowball effect (a good one, of course!). I also wear a little charm bracelet, which has a cross, a hamsa hand and an evil eye. Each of those charms have a significant meaning to me and my life, so I like to keep that on my wrist as often as I can too. Do any of you have any pieces of jewellery like this? 

Just remember that you have the power to change how you feel. The sooner you choose that you wish to lead a happy life and you wish to follow all of your dreams and become successful in many different areas, then the longer you have that life to live. Whatever you feel is your destiny, you have to follow it. You have to live the life that you want. Don't allow other people to destroy your dreams and crush your confidence just because they are battling with their own insecurities. You should never rely on people either. As much as they tell you they will always be there, it doesn't mean that is the truth. You should love them, and care for them and treasure them as much as you can during the time that they are still there, because the truth is, people don't stay around forever. Anything can happen and it can be at any moment. When people walk away with no reason at all, then you will be the one feeling devastated, and lost without them. It shouldn't be that way. You can lean on others if you feel lonely or if you want someone to talk to, but you should never feel as if you are alive purely for one other person. You are alive for yourself and for your purpose. They are not your purpose. Yourself and your dreams are your purpose. Live for you. Live for your hopes and your goals. Be the person that others look up to and admire. Prove to them that you don't need a relationship or buckets of money just to live a happy, successful life. It's possible to build something incredible out of nothing. You just have to hope that things get better and realise that you can only make things better yourself. People can help and motivate you as much as they possibly can, but it's ultimately your decision to actually take all of that motivation and turn it into something massive. As Demi Lovato says in her book, "Learn from the past and share your experiences with others. Cherish the present and look forward to the future". It may seem hard right now, but I promise you, with the right mindset and the right people around you, anything is possible. Stay strong. Prove all of the demons wrong.

And as for you Soph, I love and care about you so very much. You are my strong, shining star, and you cannot let anybody dim your sparkle. I dedicated this post to you, because I want to help you after our talk earlier and I want you to be happy. You are my big sister, who has always been there for me ever since I was a little girl. Now, it's my turn to be there for you.

Lots of love,

Jade x


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