Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How Blogging Impacts Young People

When it comes to thinking of a way to begin a blog post, I never usually struggle that much - I normally just get into the flow of things straight away. But, today is a different day. I knew that I wanted to write this blog post, and I have in fact known for a week, maybe more. I just had no idea how I wanted to start, or how on earth I was going to convey the thoughts from within my brain into words that you could all understand.

I guess it would be a sensible idea to start by talking about why I wanted to write this post in the first place. Well, it's quite simple really. I started this blog back in April. That may not seem all too long ago to some of you, but to others, like me, it feels like it was a whole other world away. I've been reading other people's blogs since forever, and deciding to start writing my own has probably been the best decision I've ever made in my entire life. Not that I've made many amazing decisions, but still, that's besides the point!

As a 14 year old girl, there is a lot going on for me. I'm in Year 10 at school, which is the year that I'm starting my GCSE's, and this means that there are weekly deadlines for coursework, and homework, for a start. I also have to go out with my friends, and family, find time to do hobbies that I enjoy, and other things like that. It can all get a little overwhelming at times, and there is certainly a lot to do, but I am grateful that I do get quite a bit of spare time during the evenings, and the weekends. I do spend most of my days at school, trying to learn, and get a proper education for myself, but although that's my main priority for the next few years, I do have other priorities too that come afterwards.

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this, but I do have an incredibly active mind. I am actually quite a worrier, so I do tend to think, and over-analyse quite a lot, but that can have it's positive points, and it's negative points. Although it means that my mind is constantly working, and the thoughts never seem to stop buzzing around like eager little bees, it does mean that I can always think deep into the context of things, and I'm constantly coming up with new ideas, and things to say, or do. I suppose you could say that's why I normally always have ideas of posts to write, or things to say about certain products, or topics. I think that people are either practical, who are into sport, and physical activities, or they are thinkers, who are into writing, literature, and delving a lot deeper into things.

Over the last few months, and years, blogging has become so much more of the 'in thing', and I really do feel like it has impacted the lives of so many young people, including myself. I read other people's blogs, as well as write my own, so I feel like I now have a really clear understanding of the way things work here in the blogosphere, and I would definitely consider myself to be a very small part of it. I'm no-where near as huge, or as recognisable as some people are, but I'm very proud of how far I've come, and I try to remember that each person is on their own individual journey. I take it one step at a time. In my bloglovin', I say that I hope to make a difference to the world, one smile at a time. And that really is so true! Well, to me anyway.

I honestly do feel that reading blogs, as well as writing your own can honestly impact your life in such a massive way. Before I started my blog, I didn't really have a focus. I was really struggling to find a social group that I felt I fitted properly into, I often felt like quite an outcast, and I had far too many things going on that, looking back, I don't think I could really handle them myself in the appropriate way. It's difficult for any young person growing up, but we all struggle in different ways, and it's so important that we get support. Through starting blogging, I feel like I escaped a lot of horrible stuff that was going on. Sometimes, it can feel like one bad thing after another just keeps on happening, almost like a distressing, and continuous cycle of negativity. I know how that feels.
I do still struggle. Some days are harder to fight through than others. Except that now I've attempted to completely shift my attitude, and to introduce things into my life that bring me true happiness, and satisfaction. Blogging can be such an escape route, and it really can act like a shield, or a focus for certain individuals, including myself. Whenever I feel low, or bored, or unmotivated, or if I'm just generally having a bad day, I will either read blogs, or I will write some blog posts for my own blog. It can honestly be such a distraction, and it can not only motivate people in so many different areas of their life, but it can also really uplift, and support them. It can help people to interact with others, it can give you new ideas on how to become a more positive, sociable person, and it can give you something that you will enjoy, and feel that you are benefitting from.

For me, I find that blogging is my focus, my distraction - my glimmer of hope. Except, it's much more than just a glimmer. It's a whole world of hope. No matter what I'm thinking, or feeling, blogging is always there, somewhere in my mind. I find that it gives me hope to carry on, especially when the road gets rough. It gives me a continuous distraction that I can always turn to, whatever my mood. It also opens me up to a whole other world beyond the screen. I can't really explain why it gives me hope, but it definitely does. It motivates me to become a better person, and it helps to give me that extra bit of strength to carry on fighting. Not only for myself. Not only for my loved ones. But, for you. For you, reading this blog post right now. You are so important to me. Regardless of whether I know you personally, or not. I know that you are important to me, and I write these blog posts for you. You are wonderful, and you deserve to be happy.

I may not have the most followers on my blog out of every blogger who ever existed, but that doesn't matter to me. None of the numbers matter to me. I care about the amount of smiles I have put on people's faces, and the amount of hearts I have touched. Sometimes, it's nice to be reminded of how many people look forward to reading your blog, and how many people look at certain posts, so it allows you to see what ones are the most popular. But they are merely just numbers. I don't count the numbers. I see them as real life people, who are impacted by the words that I write that come directly from my heart. Some of you may not know me very well, or not at all. So, knowing that I could change your life, or completely shift your state of mind just by reading the words that I write a couple of times a week is insane. That fact within itself is just simply amazing, don't you think?

If ever any of you need, or would like anything, even just a chat, I will always be here. I try to inspire people, and make them smile through posts like these. I'm not entirely sure if they work for everyone, but I try my best, and that's what matters the most.

I know what it feels like to be so in the dark. I really do understand. But, it doesn't have to be that way forever. No matter what you are going through, I promise you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is always hope. Let myself, and my blog be your hope.

Lots of love,

Jade x


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