Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Current Makeup Routine: Winter

Even though I've been blogging since April last year, and I often do beauty posts, I don't think that I've ever done a makeup routine, or if I have, it was quite a while ago.

Over the past few weeks, I feel as though I have managed to put together a subtle, yet classic makeup look that I wear most days, unless I'm not wearing anything on my face at all. There are only 7 items that I use religiously (8 if you count the alternative lip liner option!), but I find that this works for me, and it's the most practical! I am only a teenager, so I don't have the most money in the world, hence why all of these items are from either Boots, or Superdrug, and I don't really like to go too over the top either, otherwise I can often look like a tomato stained cake! Not that you get tomato flavoured cakes, but you get what I mean...I think...

Dermalogica Sheer Tint / £34.80 - I haven't actually included this tinted moisturiser into the image above, because if I'm honest, I completely forget, and I just can't ever seem to get a particularly clear photo of it. I received this product as a gift quite a while ago now, and even though I didn't know what I thought about it at first, I'm now in love with it, and I use it most of the time, unless I'm not feeling like wearing any form of base that day. I've never really been the hugest fan of base products actually. I went through a phase of wearing different foundations, but I found that they either didn't make my skin tone properly, or they were just too hard to blend, and they caked on my skin. Despite the fact that it's on the more expensive side of the scale, I do really like this tinted moisturiser for both summer, and winter. You can build it up, or you can apply it as a light layer, but you really don't need that much at all. It smells quite nice too, surprisingly!

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer / £4.49 - Everyone and their best friend goes on about the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, and they have been for as long as I can remember. Fun fact, I have actually tried it myself, and I did keep trying it out, just so that I could properly form an opinion on it, but I really don't feel like it's my cup of tea. Having said that though, I don't really know if concealers do much for me full stop. I usually apply it under my eyes, as I have absolutely horrendous, and I mean horrendous, dark circles, but I also occasionally apply it on any spots that are surfacing, or if they are nearly gone, but still visible. It definitely does help, and it doesn't crease on me from what I have noticed, and it's affordable, so I think it's a good option if you aren't sure what kinda concealer floats your boat.

Sleek Face Form Kit / £9.99 - If you don't have this absolute gem in your life, then I genuinely have no idea what your excuse is! It's absolutely incredible, and since I received it on Christmas Day, I haven't stopped using it. It comes with a blush, a contour shade, and a highlight shade, which is just perfect really. I use my large powder brush (pictured above) for the blush when applying to the apples of my cheeks, and sometimes I use it for the bronzer too, even though I don't use that as much, or I use the smaller setting brush for both the bronzer, and for the highlight. I honestly couldn't fault this trio if I tried. The blush is actually the singular one, which is called 'rose gold', and it's one of Sleek's most popular shades actually. I thought that for a tenner, I could get all three products, instead of paying individually for each other them, so that's always a bonus.

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Quad in 'What's Nude' / £10.00 - I've always been quite a massive eyeshadow fanatic, but since purchasing this quad at the beginning of last year, I haven't ever used anything different. It comes with 4 shades - a pearly white, which I use within my inner corners, and as a highlight along my brow bone, a pale pink, which I blend all over the lids, a matte medium brown, which I also apply to the lid, and then a shimmery aubergine shade, which I blend through the crease. All of the colours work so well together, and they create many gorgeous looks.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara / £7.99 - This freakin' mascara is my absolute holy grail, my godsend, my everything! I'm literally not even joking when I say that. The amount of mascara's I've tried out is actually probably not even funny, but I genuinely do think I have found my love match this time. I've been using it for almost a year now, I'm pretty sure, and it's literally transformed my lashes. I naturally have quite long, thick lashes, but I'm always looking to make them even fuller, and more voluminous, so this baby comes in perfectly for when I want to do so. It lasts for ages, the packaging is really sleek, and so gorgeous, it lengthens your lashes, adds volume, makes them stand out a lot more, and also makes them look natural, yet fluttery. I absolutely love it! For the price as well, considering it's under £10, it's incredible.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara / £4.99 - Another staple in my makeup routine from Maybelline is their Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara, which is at a super affordable price at only a fiver! Although I don't really like the feel of gel products on my brows, I make an exception for this one. I really like the applicator, as it's so easy to use, it makes your eyebrows look as if they have been done by a professional, and there is pretty much a shade for everyone. I don't really know what else there is to say about an eyebrow product, but I really like it, and all I can say is go and try it out for yourselves!

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 'East End Snob' / £3.99 - Unless you have been living in a shell, or under a rock for your entire life, then you will know just how hyped up this particular lip liner has been from Rimmel. It's probably the most notorious shades that the brand has ever sold, if I'm honest. I noticed that my sister had it, and after hearing endless reviews about it, I thought I'd try it on, and I instantly loved it. It's quite subtle, but it's a lovely, rosy pink, and even though it's not super bold, or dark, it just adds a little something to your lips, and I really like that about this product.
I also use my MAC lip liner in 'Soar', which is typically known as the Kylie Jenner shade, but I couldn't get that to fit decently in this photograph either. That's a more expensive alternative, but it's 100% worth it. It's quite a lot darker, but it's so sophisticated, classy, and wearable that I just love it, and neither of them dry your lips out too much!!

Kate Moss Lipstick by Rimmel in '003' / £5.49 - Usually, I wear this lipstick shade over the top of my Rimmel 'East End Snob' lip liner, and I genuinely do think that those two combined together are like the perfect pair in terms of lip looks. The packaging is classy, yet again (I'm a classy young lady, what can I say?), it's affordable for what it is, compared to some other high street lipsticks, it's a wearable my-lips-but-better shade, and it sits really nicely too. I don't have anything bad to say about it!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'm sorry for rambling, but there was a lot to get through!

Lots of love,

Jade x

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