Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Reflection Of The Past II

Back at the beginning of August, I did quite a sporadic post, where I went through the first 6 months of the year, and I shared precious photographs with all of you, hoping that you would be able to get a better insight into what I get up to when I'm not blogging. As I said back then, I'm really into photography, and whenever I see something that looks as though it could have a story behind it, or something happens that I feel I may be able to talk about, such as a memory, or if a particular message is arisen in whatever the situation may be, I like to be able to look back on these things, and talk about them. I originally said that I would do an updated roundup post back in December, but I already had all my posts scheduled, and I feel that it's more appropriate now that we are into the new year. I hope you enjoy seeing more of my memories from the past few months! I'm not going to be writing which photo was taken in which month, as quite honestly, it's a mixture from the entire year, but I thought I'd do it anyway, before we're well into 2016, and I have to start capturing memories from this year! Anyway, enjoy..

my beloved granddad - he's an incredible man, who I love very much
one of the prettiest flowers that I found in the garden

a view of the sea from the harbour in Mallorca

out shopping in Mallorca

another one of the harbour - this time of the boats
we stopped off after a little while, and I thought this looked quite cool
one of my favourite places that calms me down

there's nothing I love more than autumnal scenic shots 

one of my best friends Megan, and I on our recent trip up to London - excuse my face!

how much more classic can you get than the London Eye?

oh, and Big Ben - I'm just such a stereotypical tourist, even in my own city!

Lots of love,

Jade x



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