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Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

Over the past few weeks, a new idea has been lingering at the back of my mind, and I've decided that it's something that I would really like to share with all of my readers. From my younger childhood, so when I was between the ages of 1-12 (I have separate teenage memories of the past 2 years!), I have a huge collection of memories, and I don't think I've ever gotten personal with all of you in the way that I'm about to get, in relation to my past. I'm not going to be sharing the bad memories, because that's not what this particular post is targeted towards, but I'm going to be sharing the happy, cute memories instead.
The reason I picked this image of the sunlight streaming through the trees is because I feel like it describes my entire childhood in a picture. None of the other pictures that I've got stored in my 'lifestyle blogging photos' album fits the theme of this post like this one does. It may not make sense to some of you, but it makes sense to me, and I just think that spending a lot of time with nature when you're younger is something that can be reflected within this photo. I spent quite a lot of my younger life outside, and I just think that this picture is the most accurate representation, and whenever I look at it, tonnes of childhood memories come flooding back within an instant.

A collection of my favourite childhood memories include my grandma, and granddad, but particularly my grandma. When I was a little girl, I used to spend pretty much all of my time with my grandparents, because my parents often worked 5 days a week, and I wasn't old enough to go to school back then from what I remember. All of my days were spent with them. We would either go out, and about, or we would spend time together inside. Whatever we did, I knew that I would always have a lovely time, and I would always feel safe, and looked after. A short walk away from my grandparents house is a little park. You go through this very short alley, which leads to a gate, which overlooks onto the park itself. You can either go to the left, where there are a few benches, and quite a steep, sloping hill, or you can go to the right, which is quite rocky, and also pretty steep with lots of little stones, and gravel type stuff that you have to walk down. I used to take some of my dolls (not the Barbie ones - the bigger ones like Baby Annabel) in their pushchair's, and myself, and my grandma would usually always go to the left hand side of the hill, and from the top, we would count '1, 2, 3!', and release the pushchair so that it zoomed down the hill. Then I'd quickly run down to save my 'babies', and then push them in the pushchair into the park. There was a set of baby swings that my grandma would push me on, and I remember I'd get so excited when I went up high, because you could see all over the entire park. Most of the time we went, there wasn't really anybody else about, because it was either before dinner (around 4-5 I think), so people weren't really about all that much, and it's quite a small park anyway. I'd also put my dolls in the swings as well. After a while, a larger yellow swing was added on the end of the normal baby swings, and so I'd either go in it myself, with my dolls on my lap, whilst my grandma pushed us, or I'd push two, or three of the babies at a time by myself (with a little added help, I assume). There was also a little bench opposite a basketball court, and sometimes we would sit, and watch people playing basketball, whilst we ate some snacks, or just relaxed, and on the odd occasion, I would take my basketball up there, and we would both try, and shoot!
During the summer months, we also liked to visit two of the bigger parks near my grandparents house. I used to like feeding the squirrels round the back of one particular park, and I used to feed the ducks, and watch them swim along the lake. There is also a  fair (which still goes on to this day), and whenever we would walk up to the park, or if my granddad did, we would always look out for the posters to see the dates of the fair itself. I remember going with my family, and going on the carousel, the dodgems, the bouncy castle, and everything like that! I loved seeing how the park could completely transform into a huge funfair for everyone to enjoy. In general, although I'm quite a shy, reserved person, I have always loved funfairs, and the atmosphere of them as a whole.
The other park that I used to go to has always been another favourite of mine. During the summer, there are always really pretty flowers as you walk into the entrance, and myself, and my grandma have always loved flowers, because we actually used to plant together in the garden too, and I'm going off track a little here, but I remember that I planted a huge sunflower once, and it got as huge as to nearly go right over into next door's garden!

Anyway, moving on from the sunflower story, this other park has always been a favourite of mine. There's always quite a lot of people there, but it was somewhere that we would occasionally visit in the summer, because of one special reason - the sprinklers! If it was a particularly hot day, my grandparents, and I would pack a little picnic, (or we would get ice-creams, or a drink whilst we were there) and I would have a little towel, and my swimming costume, and I would run under the sprinklers. My hair would get completely drenched, but it was so lovely, and fun to be able to cool down, whilst running in, and out of these massive water sprinklers! What child wouldn't love it? I mean, let's be real here!
In the same town that the park is in with the water sprinklers (I don't want to go into too much detail for obvious, personal reasons), there's also a massive retail park, and in it is Toys 'R' Us. If you are unfamiliar as to what this store is (I'm pretty sure most people know though), it's basically a massive toy store for babies, and young children, which literally has everything you could possibly want, from dolls, to clothes, to cots, to anything else that a young child could desire. It's honestly such a huge store, and the aisles of things that it sells is endless! I remember at one point, I used to walk in with my grandma, but then as we went round the first corner, there was a display of some zombie/monster thing that the store was advertising, and I was absolutely terrified - I'm pretty sure I used to literally run past that bit! Whenever I used to see new dolls being advertised on the TV, or new clothes that I could get for them, I would always want to embark on a Toys 'R' Us trip so I could see what was there! I'd literally spend hours, and hours playing with all of my dolls, and teddies. I'd always get a cushion to perch on whilst sitting up against the sofa, and then I'd have all of my Barbie dolls in a box, and I'd take them all out, and act out tonnes of scenarios with them. On the odd occasion, if I couldn't think of any other scenarios, then I'd take all of them into the kitchen, I'd fill the washing up bowl with cold water, and then I'd line all of my dolls up on the side of the sink, and I'd make them all 'dive' in, then I'd use fairy liquid to 'wash' their hair. I'd also usually wash the sink for my grandma too, just by squirting fairy liquid everywhere, and scrubbing it all with a cloth.
My grandma, and I would also bake fairy cakes a lot too. Sometimes they would be vanilla flavoured, whilst other times they would be chocolate with sprinkles on top of them. I'd usually get the assigned task of mixing the bowl, setting the cupcake cases out, or licking all of the cutlery, and the bowl out (okay, maybe that last task wasn't quite assigned..), but I'd try to get involved in whatever way I can. It was always so much fun too!

There's also one final thing that I'm going to be talking about in today's post. Near to my grandparents house, there's two different theatres. One is near to the town centre, and then the other one is about a 10 minute bus ride away. Earlier this year, we went to the one near the town centre (which is about a 5 minute bus ride away - that's pretty walkable, but the other one isn't quite so easy to walk too) to watch Aladdin. I don't think I'd ever been to that one before, but our seats were pretty near to the front, and it was absolutely incredible. I honestly enjoyed every minute of it! The other theatre that we always used to go to is actually the one that we might be going to in January next year as well. If we do go, we will be going to see Cinderella. I know it may sound cheesy, or cringy to some of you, and you may well think I'm too old, but it's something that me, and my grandma have always done, and I think it's really cute. We don't usually get to spend time together nowadays, but this is a way that we can, whilst having something different to do at the same time. And anyway, what normal person doesn't love Cinderella?! We've seen Beauty & The Beast, Snow White, Aladdin, Cinderella (it never gets old), Sleeping Beauty, and probably others that I can't quite remember! The theatre is one of my favourite places, and because I don't go too often anymore, it makes it even more special.

I really hope that you enjoyed today's post. It's something a little bit different, and so I thought that I would just see what all of you think of the idea. I'm an incredibly sentimental, nostalgic person, and I think it's so important to be able to reflect on memories, and happy times every now, and then, and share them with people as well. I can always share with you what lipstick I've been loving, or what dress I'm lusting after in New Look, but I don't always get the chance to talk about precious, past memories, and I think that I should be doing it more often, before I completely forget them, but this way, I can't ever really forget them, and that's one of the beautiful things about blogging. I will happily do more of these posts every so often, so please let me know if that's something that you would like!

Lots of love,

Jade x  

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