Sunday, 8 November 2015

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of 'shop my stash', it's basically an expression that is used when you root around in your makeup drawers, looking for hidden gems that you may have forgotten about, or once loved, and have since rediscovered them, and are now vowing to give them a little more attention. I have 8 products in total that I'm going to essentially be reviewing today, and as always, I'm going to be completely honest, so hopefully my opinions help you to form some of your own! Let's get on with it..
Lush Ultrabland Cleanser / £7.50 -  This cleanser is literally like a little angel in a pot. I'm going to admit to the fact that I didn't get on with this the first time I used it. I did exactly as the tub suggested on the back (Lush do include cute little features like that), and I applied it all over my face, then removed it with a warm flannel, but I struggled immensely with actually removing the product from my face, as it seemed to be really greasy, and pretty gross actually, if I'm honest. Now, I hate putting Lush down, as I absolutely adore the brand as a whole, but us bloggers gotta be honest, right? Anyway, I decided to give it another shot, and I was pleasantly surprised at how differently I felt! Once again, I applied it all over my face, just with my fingertips, and I made sure that I literally smothered it everywhere, and then I got in the bath, and left it for a couple of minutes, then I properly splashed warm water all over my face with a flannel, and although I found it difficult to get off, as it is quite a creamy, oily product (it does say beeswax and rose CREAM cleanser for a reason...duh), the outcome was insanely amazing. Yes, there was a similar outcome after the first time of using this product, but I just wasn't really feeling it back then. However, I followed up with a face mask, and some moisturiser, and my skin was literally looking like the! I genuinely looked like I had makeup on, when really I'd just gotten out the bath. Lush suggest that anyone with problematic skin should use this product alone solidly for a month, and they believe that it changes your skin completely. So, I think I'm going to try it, and see how I feel after! Even though I don't typically have problematic skin, I am going through the terrible teen stage, so we'll see what happens, and if I go through with that idea, or not.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze / £4.99 - The first eye product that I'm going to be talking about is this eye-shadow base from Maybelline. It's an incredibly creamy, pigmented little beauty, and it's in this gorgeous shimmery, bronze shade, just like the name suggests. It can either be a base, so that you can layer up other eyeshadows on top, but I usually either wear it completely by itself all over the lid, or I have been blending deeper shimmery brown shades into the crease to create a really pretty look. The only reason that I've been neglecting it quite a bit since I purchased it is because I don't feel like I've quite mastered how to make it work yet. It can look quite messy on me, regardless of whether I apply it with a brush, or with my finger, but I have heard so many people raving on about it, and I do understand why, but I just need to convince myself to play around with it a little bit more, and experiment to see how it works best for me. However, it's very affordable for what it is, and I'm sure it could be considered a dupe for many high-end products! It's also a very wearable flattering shade, in my opinion.
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Super Nude / £9.00 - This may be as a surprise to some of you, seeing as this lipstick is featured in a 'Shop My Stash' post, but this actually used to be one of my favourite shades that I owned in my collection. Kinda crazy, right? I used to wear it literally all the time, and so I guess you could say that I considered it to be a staple. When I was raiding through my very messy makeup stash, I came across it, and I have since rediscovered my love, and I now wonder why I stopped wearing it for such a long time in the first place! I suppose that just goes to prove how much of an addiction I have with buying lipsticks - oops (sorry not sorry!). But anyway, this is honestly such a stunning shade if you're looking for the perfect nudey lip product. It isn't too pale, yet it isn't like a browny nude either, so it's really suitable for any skin tone! It's matte, so there isn't any shimmer whatsoever, but it isn't drying on the lips at all. It's moisturising, and it has a really lovely consistency which leaves your lips feeling super soft, and supple all day. It isn't the cheapest option, but considering what you get, I really would suggest that you think about purchasing it, or checking it out, and I'm definitely going to start wearing it a lot more now.

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Makeup Remover / £3.39 - I'm going to be completely honest with you guys, this product has been sitting in my box of skincare products for quite a few months now, and I have hardly touched it at all. In fact, I was rather sceptical to whip it out actually! I haven't tried it all that much since the idea for this post came about, but I have tried it a couple of times, and I actually squirted a little bit onto a cotton pad when I was wearing the Maybelline eye shadow that I mentioned previously, and it removed all of the product straight away without leaving even the slightest amount of residue. I did, however, have one issue when I tried to get my mascara off. It could have been purely my own fault, but I was rubbing the pad up and down my top, and bottom lashes to try and get the mascara off, and then I kinda just kept swiping it over my eyes, and then I was left with really red, blotchy eyes that didn't go down for a good few minutes. Maybe that was a fault of my own, so it hasn't put me off, as the product did do what it said, and it removed my eye makeup, but I just don't know if it's exactly as 'kind to eyes' as it says it is. However, I will keep trying it out, as it worked wonders for the rest of my eye makeup, but just maybe not for the more delicate, sensitive areas of your eye.
Dermatologica Sheer Tint / £34.80 - One base product that I have recently rediscovered is this fabulous tinted moisturiser from Dermatologica. I kindly received it from my older sister earlier this year, and I was instantly eager to try it out. At first, I didn't really know what a tinted moisturiser was if I'm honest, and I hadn't ever tried out anything from this brand, because I thought it was just a skincare brand, but I gradually fell in love with it. It's in the shade medium, as you can see, and I originally thought that it would be too dark for me, but it honestly isn't! I'm quite a naturally pale gal, and so I find it really difficult when looking for, or testing out face products, as I hardly ever know what shade to go for, whether it be light, fair, medium, or whatever else, and so I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that this shade was pretty wearable for me. I usually just apply a pea sized amount to the back of my hand, and then use my foundation brush to blend it all into my face, but I've actually been applying some of the Simple moisturiser to the back of my hand first, and then blending the two together, and I've found that it's actually a perfect match so far! The moisturiser helps to lighten the shade a little, and make it go on better, and not at all streaky, so that's always an added bonus. I do find that this product can be slightly sticky if I touch my skin throughout the day, but that isn't something that really bothers me if I'm totally honest with you. I will be trying it out some more, but there's obviously an explanation as to why I used to love it, and use it so consistently, and I'm definitely going to be trying it out a lot more, especially as it's a nice, light base.
Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Picnic In The Park / £5.99 - I'm sure that most of you are already head over heels in love with this lipgloss, but surprisingly enough, I actually wasn't one of those people up until now! Tanya Burr brought out her makeup range quite a while ago now, and I bought this product right near the beginning of that journey, but I had never truly fallen in love with it like I had hoped I would. I wore it a couple of times, but as I mentioned before, I just have an extreme amount of lip products to choose from that I usually just gravitate towards the current favourites, and all of the other ones have to deal with a little bit of neglection - woops! Having said that, I do tend to switch up my lip favourites every once in a while, and so now I have told myself that I'm going to be reaching for this one a lot more often, because let's be honest here, it's an absolute gem! The shade isn't coming up quite so accurately on the camera, but I'd say that it's a beautiful bubblegum pink. You can just go, and give it a cheeky lil swatch if you want though! It's incredibly pigmented, both when swatched, and on the lips, and it isn't drying at all - it's very much glossy, and it keeps your lips feeling plump, and soft at the same time. I'm not the hugest fan of lipglosses, as every one I buy tends to leave my lips feeling sticky, and too wet, but this one isn't like that. I mean, it's obviously going to be perfect though, as it's Tanya Burr we're talking about! The packaging has since been changed, but I think that both the old (displayed above), and the new versions are equally as classy, and girlie, so I don't have a problem with that either. It's extremely affordable, and beautiful with any skin tone.
Simple Kind To Skin Light Moisturiser / £4.35 - Another Simple product that has been very much pushed to the side lately is their Kind To Skin Moisturiser. I'm going to keep it real here, I honestly despised this when I first used to use it a couple of months ago. I found it too thick, it made my skin really tingle, and burn, and I found it too hard to blend into my skin. Since then, I have been very much hesitant to try it again, and rightly so. It has still been burning my skin, and making it feel like it's on fire, but I find that it does blend, and sink into the skin a lot better when you use a brush with it. It does make your skin feel soft, and refreshed, and it also has a nice, light scent, but somehow, my skin doesn't really tend to get on with Simple products, which I actually find to be quite strange? Maybe it's just me, or maybe the fault lies elsewhere. I'm honestly not too sure, but as I mentioned before, I like to use this moisturiser with my Dermatologica sheer skin tint, and so I will see how I go, but let me know if any of you have tried this out, and had the same problem, or if it's just me.

 MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette / £4.00 - Last, but by no means least, I want to start making more of an effort to use this little beauty on a much more regular basis. Thing is with me, I tend to hear so many beauty bloggers, and YouTubers raving about all these makeup products that I go, and buy them myself, then I end up never using them, so it's a total waste of my money! This is why I think this post idea is so beneficial to me, because I really need to learn to be a lot more careful with my money, and much more conscious with what I spend it on, and whether I'm actually going to wear the products, or not. Anyway, this palette was all the rage quite a while back, and so it has been laying in my collection for quite some time now (as I said, I always give into the hype!), but I've finally decided to crack it out, and give it a little more love. It's about time, don't you think? There is a really lovely, versatile selection of shades, ranging from a light, shimmery white on the left, to a deeper, smoky brown, perfect for Autumn, and Winter on the right. You are really spoiled for choice with this palette, and it works wonders for any occasion, as you're bound to find a suitable shade that tickles your fancy. At only £4, who could resist? They are all very pigmented colours, and you can create some stunning looks, either by blending a variety of the shades together, or by mixing them with other eye shadows that you have in your stash. They stay on for a very long time, yet they are easy to remove at the same time, and so you really can't go wrong with this shadow selection.

Let's hope that this post encourages me to use up some of my more neglected makeup products, and who knows, they could end up making their way into my favourites in the near future!
Have you tried any of these products? What would you like to get your hands on?
Lots of love,
Jade x




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