Wednesday, 11 November 2015

It's All About The Little Things

How often do you hear people repeating this saying over, and over again? It really is true though. The little things matter more than anything else, and as time goes on, you realise that they may actually turn into the things with the most significance in your life.
There are so many little things that happen in our everyday life that we take for granted, and we don't even realise until we take a proper look at the bigger picture. Imagine all of the times people have been there for you, or made you smile, because of a spontaneous joke they cracked, or because they baked you a cake when you were feeling poorly. Quite often, people do little things for the people that they care about, as a way of expressing their love, and showing how much they appreciate them. Words can often have very insignificant meaning, unless they are also proven by actions. Anyone can say that they are in love, or that they deserve to be a celebrity figure to younger people, but what are these thoughts, and words if they are not supported by actual events? If you say that you love someone, then prove it to them, and support your point with evidence. I'm making this sound awfully similar to an English lesson, but I can assure you, there is very good reasoning behind the nonsense that I seem to be saying! For example, to prove that you love someone as much as you say you do, you could cook them a meal if you know they have had a stressful day, or you could plan them a surprise trip to the theatre if you know they love musicals. This is what I mean when I say the little things matter the most. You don't have to shower someone in a constant supply of designer gifts, because as gorgeous, and appreciated as a designer handbag, or a pair of Christian Louboutins may be once in a while, no form of love, whether a friendship, relationship, or anything else can be bought by lavish luxuries. It's all about the thought that counts. As you grow older, you will gradually realise that nothing else matters, as much as the moments, and the memories.
Surround yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you, and love you for who you are. Capture every moment, and treasure the memories. Live for today only.
Lots of love,
Jade x 

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