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Current Favourites


I couldn't get a decent image of all of my favourites put together, and there's also far too many of them, so I thought that I would just put a general image of a makeup bag to add a little something to this post. I have a variety of things that I'm going to be talking about today actually, mainly makeup, and skincare, but I may be featuring other categories in future posts. I have never done a favourites on my blog before, so I thought that I would do one, which combines some of my most loved beauty things from the past couple of months. If I do consider doing more of these posts in the future, there won't be as many items, and it won't be quite as rambly (but, come on, this is me we're talking about!), so don't worry about that - this is a rare post, I can assure you! Who doesn't love a good chat sometimes though, particularly about things they love? Anyway, I'm at it again! Let's just begin..


Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser in Start A Fresh / £3.99 - The amount of times that I have praised this product on my blog now is actually getting kind of insane. But, I guess that just goes to show how much I truly love it, right? It really is a holy grail of mine, and even though I do switch up my moisturisers between this one, and another one from Simple, I do think that this one will always be my favourite. The consistency is perfect - light, and not greasy at all, which is exactly what you want, considering you most likely have oily skin if you are purchasing this product, and it smells really refreshing too. My skin always feel so soft after I have used this, and so I try to use it as much as possible. There are different types, depending on what your skin is like, and each one has a different coloured tube, but I would definitely recommend taking a look at this fabulous moisturiser.  

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash / £5.50 - Although this isn't the face wash that I use to cleanse my face everyday, I'm including it in my favourites rather than my original daily one, as I actually think that I like it more. It's quite runny, and so it's very much a liquid formula, but I think that works best for what it is. It has that lovely, refreshing scent to it, like most tea tree skincare products do, and it rubs into your skin really nicely. I usually wash my face with this when I'm in the bath, then I rinse it off, and follow on with the face mask that I have currently been loving (more on that in a minute), before finally finishing up with the moisturiser that I just spoke about, and it literally makes my skin look insane. If you are in need of a new facial wash that's affordable, whilst still working wonders, then this is without a doubt the one to go for. It's completely natural, as it's made of tea tree, and it cleanses perfectly, which really helps with the condition of my skin.

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask / £9.95 - Once again, I have spoken about this mask quite a few times already on my blog, but you can never speak too highly about the things that you love. It really is such an amazing product, and I genuinely don't think there are many masks out there on the market that can beat this beauty. I never used to be much of a fan myself actually, but since using this, I have become completely converted. It smells insane - it's incredibly minty, and refreshing, and it's quite a thick mask, so it covers all of your face, whilst still getting into all the areas, and I honestly cannot rave about it enough. It's an absolute godsend! I do think that it's pretty expensive considering what it is. I mean, £10 for a face mask, come on! But, then again, considering the amount that you get, and how long it lasts for, combined with how good it is, and the price of Lush in general, then it really isn't too bad when you think about it. I have recently become a lot more obsessed with Lush, and I just love the brand as a whole, so I may be doing a post on them once I have picked up a few more bits! Let me know if that's something that you would be interested in, or if you have any recommendations.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub / £5.50 - We're sticking with Lush for this next favourite too. You can't say I didn't tell you that I love the brand! I guess this is a bit of a cheat product, as I haven't been using it quite as much recently, so it might not be considered a 'current favourite', but I've started using it a couple more times over the last few weeks, and I'm going to make a conscious effort to use it some more, as I really do notice a different once I have used it, and so I guess that it does count. It can be quite messy, but it's amazing, honestly. It smells exactly like bubblegum (maybe too sickly sweet for some?), which I personally love, and I find that it totally transforms my lips, even after one application. It really does make them the softest that they have ever been before, and although I was reluctant to buy this at first, considering that it's £5.50 a time, I can genuinely say that I don't regret it, and I'm glad that I made the decision. A little goes a long way too! Many people speak highly about this, and I would say that it's fast becoming an essential in my everyday routine.


Dermalogica Sheer Tinted Moisturiser / £34.80 - I'm going to be honest, and say that I wasn't the biggest fan of this product when I first started using it. I didn't think that the shade matched me properly, and there was just something that wasn't quite right, whether it was the way that I had applied it, the texture, the way that it looked, or something else completely. However, I have grown to love it over the past few weeks. I don't actually wear makeup that much anymore, surprisingly. Well, I do, but not as much as I used to, so not everyday. Having said that, if I do wear a base product on my face, then it would most likely be this one. It's a tinted moisturiser, and it's very light, and glowy on the skin, so it doesn't give off the same impression as a foundation, in my opinion. I don't find it to be too heavy, or cakey at all, in fact, it's the perfect finish for my skin. It can feel a little bit sticky sometimes, and it doesn't have the most pleasant of scents to it, but it gives such a lovely glow to the skin, and it just adds a little bit of something, as opposed to if you just had a bare complexion. It's very expensive for what it is, in my opinion, but if you can justify that amount of money on one base product, or if you are receiving it as a gift, or a treat, then that's a bonus! You only need a tiny amount anyway, so it would last quite a long time, and you can switch it up with other foundations, and tinted moisturisers, but I would suggest trying it out at some point.

Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer / £4.19 - This concealer was literally all the rage quite a while ago, and every beauty lover, and their dog spoke about it! I was never that much of a fan back then when everyone else was, and I never saw what was so special, as surely every concealer is the same? But, oh boy was I wrong! This is my go to concealer, and I can finally see what everyone was talking about all that time ago! It literally makes my under eye bags, and dark circles disappear within an instant, and it leaves me with a flawless complexion. All you have to do is apply a little bit here, and there, wherever there is a pesky blemish, or some problems under your eyes, and this little gem will sort all that out for you, and only for £4.19! What a bargain Collection!

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Quad in What's Nude / £10.00 - If I had to pick any eyeshadow quad to last me my entire life, then I would absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, pick this one from Soap & Glory. It's pretty much the only product that I use on my eyes, and I would pick this one over anything else that I have tried! There are only four shades in it, but I honestly don't think you need any others, as it gives you everything you need, both for everyday, wearable use, and for night-time, party use. I use all of the shades too. The shimmery pearl white is perfect as a highlight underneath the brow bone, or as a highlight in the inner corner, and it can really brighten up the eyes. The light, dusky pink is perfect as an all over wash of colour, or if you want something for a nude, everyday look. The medium brown is perfect either as a shadow to fill your eyebrows in(that's what I did when I lost my eyebrow pencil), or as a natural colour over the lid, and finally, the deep, shimmery brown is the perfect shade for in the crease, or to layer over the top of all the other shadows. It makes your eyes look really put together, and any beautiful look can be created through the use of this quad, so it's really all that you need.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara / £7.99 - Out of all the mascaras that I have ever tried, no other one compares to this beauty. It. Is. Insane. Whenever I wear this on my lashes, everyone always compliments me, and asks me what mascara I'm wearing, and this is the long-awaited answer my friends. Maybelline is one of the main brands when it comes to mascara's, and I don't think that it ever disappoints, particularly when it comes to this one. It's everything that you could possibly ask for in a mascara (well, for me anyway!), and I don't think that anything does compare to it at all. It can feel quite clumpy sometimes when I apply it, but it doesn't look clumpy in the slightest, and it really does make my eyelashes stand out, and feel even blacker, and more volumised than ever before. I'm one of those gals that lives for dramatic, fluttery eyelashes, and with this mascara, it lives up to those expectations. The packaging is also really sleek, and compared to some other mascaras that I have tried, or heard about, it's actually not too expensive either, considering how good it is, and what it has to offer.

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil / £10.00 - I don't know if it's only me, but I feel like if your eyebrows don't look properly shaped, or filled in, then it just throws off your entire facial appearance. If you have a pair of properly put together eyebrows, then you pretty much succeed at life. I don't usually have the best eyebrows in the world, unless I have literally just got them threaded, but this pencil really does help me to get them looking a little bit better, and ready for the day. Most Soap & Glory products are quite expensive, and a tenner for an eyebrow pencil is no exception, but I can just about justify spending that amount of money on a single item, considering it is for my eyebrows, and all. On one side, there is a pencil, and on the other side, there is a pen. I usually just use the pencil to help define the hairs, and fill them in so that they look more precise, and less sparse, and then on the odd occasion that I use the pen, I just go over the general shape of my eyebrows to help them look a little fuller, or more defined, but I don't really use it that much, as I feel it can appear quite heavy, and caked on if I do.

Max Factor Crème Puff Blush in Seductive Pink / £8.99 - As I've mentioned on the majority of these favourites, this blush really isn't one of the cheapest. But, I am only talking about my favourites, and considering that this isn't a budget-friendly, high-street type of post, then I guess it really doesn't matter, does it? Anyway, back to the point. Max Factor isn't a brand that I have ever used anything else from, as I just didn't hear anyone talking about it too much, and so it wasn't ever something that intrigued me immensely. I must admit though that I do really like this blush (hence why it's in my favourites..). It's a really pretty, rosy pink colour, and it just adds a nice sheen to your cheeks, and as I'm quite pale anyway, it gives a little bit of subtle colour to my complexion, which is exactly what I need, particularly during these colder months, as we draw into winter. It's a powder finish, which is what I go for when I'm buying a blush, and I genuinely don't think it gets spoken about enough - it deserves much more love for what it is, so go check it out, or give it a cheeky lil swatch when you next pop into Boots, or Superdrug!

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick in Super Nude / £9.00 - If I'm not wearing my much loved Mac lipstick (which I will be talking about in just a moment), then I will most likely be wearing this gem by Soap & Glory. It's such a beautiful browny-nude, which is suitable for any time of the year, but it looks particularly pretty as a finishing touch to any makeup look, or outfit, as it just polishes everything together nicely. It's almost identical to my natural lip colour, and although it doesn't give off much, seeing as it's also very much a matte shade, it's still one of my all-time classics in my collection. I think that it's really sophisticated, and it comes in a very sleek, matte black tube too, so really, how could you possibly go wrong by opting for this beauty? Although it's matte, it isn't drying at all, and it smells absolutely divine - it almost has a slight vanilla scent to it! I think that it's well-worth the money, and it would suit anyone too, so it's worth a try, right?

MAC Lipstick in Bombshell / £15.50 - I only actually two lipsticks from MAC, and seeing as I never really have an occasion that's appropriate for me to wear ruby woo to, I usually only wear this one, and it's one that I wear on a daily basis. This lipstick is honestly so lovely though. It's a lustre finish, so it's quite shimmery, and pearly in a way, (I don't know the best word to describe it), but it doesn't have any glitter in it, so it's perfectly wearable for an everyday basis. It's a lovely deep pink, which honestly would suit any skin tone, any hair colour, any eye colour, anything. I think that it's well worth the money, because it isn't drying at all on the lips, it has a beautiful, lustrous finish, it can really pull together any makeup look, and it's just fabulous really! There are no faults with it, so it's well worth the £15.50 in my opinion. I also don't think that this is such a well known shade, so it's quite underrated if that's the case! It's definitely worth a look at it anyway.


Toni & Guy Nourish Conditioner / £6.49 - Whenever I wash my hair, I will always reach for this conditioner. Apart from the bottle being almost impossible to actually get the conditioner out of, it's my favourite one to use during the week when I wash my hair. I usually use this product twice a week, as a staple to help repair, and nourish my locks, and then I will use a mask on the weekend, which is only once a week to switch it up a little, and to help ensure that my hair is properly nourished, and soft, particularly from the mid-lengths to ends. I actually got my hair cut shorter a few weeks ago, as it was feeling really dead, and dull, and since then, I have been doing my best to look after it a bit better, and it has been so far, so good. It smells divine, and it's quite a thick consistency, so it helps to lock in a lot of moisture, and it leaves my hair feeling, and looking silky smooth, which is exactly what I want out of a conditioner.

Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask / £6.49 - As I have just mentioned, I usually use a hair mask once a week, so very Sunday to ensure that the ends of my hair are moisturised, and as soft as they can be ready for the week ahead. I just think it's important to use a hair mask every so often, just because it will ensure that it's in better condition, and it's nice to care about your appearance too. I usually just smother a fair bit onto the mid-lengths, and ends of my hair, although sometimes I just apply it all over if I'm feeling particularly wild that day, and after a minute or so, I just wash it off, and it honestly leaves my hair feeling super soft, and well treated. Our hair can often get a bit neglected sometimes, due to the use of heat on it, and constant weather changes within the atmosphere, and that can leave it looking very limp, and lifeless, hence why I believe it's important to give it a little love every once in a while. Your hair will thank you for it later!

Tangle Teezer / £10.99 - Where do I even begin to talk about this wonderful little tool that is the one and only Tangle Teezer? Ever since I bought one, I have never so much as batted an eyelid towards a regular hairbrush. I mean, why in the world would I do such a foolish thing? Once you have converted to one of these beauties, you genuinely will never turn back. It's hands down one of the best decisions that I have ever made in regards to my hair. Whether you have just washed it, or whether it's already dry, this little brush is absolutely ideal. It doesn't tug on your hair, like regular brushes can, and it's compact, so it's easy to hold, and easy to pull through any tangles, or knots. The one that I have is also bubblegum pink, so you can't really go wrong, to be honest! It's lasted me since early on in the summer, and it looks a little worse for wear near the bristles, but that doesn't bother me at all, as it still does the job, so who cares?! If I could, I would convince anyone, and everyone to invest in this gem, so please go, and do it! It will make your life a whole lot easier. Well, in terms of your hair anyway!

Whilst I'm on the topic of hair care, although this may be slightly irrelevant, if any of you have any recommendations of products that could help reduce frizz, or tame flyaways, then please do contact me, or let me know in a comment below, as I'd really appreciate it!


Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume / £28.00 - This is literally my favourite perfume in the whole world. Not only is it perfect, because I love Taylor as a person, and as a singer, but it's also perfect, because of the bottle, and the actual scent itself. It comes in a gorgeous, dainty ruby red bottle with a gold filigree type lid, and around the lid is almost like a charm bracelet design, so there are delicate little charms (obviously), such as a bird, a little diamond, and a flower with a diamante in the centre. I think that this is such a cute, elegant little touch, and it really makes the bottle look pretty on a dressing table too. The scent itself is also divine. The top notes are wild berries, and passionfruit, the heart notes are peony blossom, and white freesia, and the base notes are vanilla, and white musk. It's perfect for both day, and night, and it smells quite musky, and sensual, so it's probably better for during the night, but I wear it all of the time, no matter what the occasion, and it's lasted for ages too. This is the scent that I would use to describe me as a person, because I genuinely wear it that much! I need to remember to pick up another sometime soon though, as I'm running very low!

Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist / £8.00 -  My daytime scent that I tend to wear for school lately, or if I'm popping out would have to be this one by the highly adored Zoella. It's a light-hearted, fresh kind of scent that can easily be spritzed on before you walk out the door. It's the typical girlie scent from her beauty range, and it's lovely to wear on a daily basis, whatever the occasion. It's really light, and simple, so it isn't too full on, or heavy for during the daytime, and it just adds a little something, and I think that the scent is pretty recognisable if you're an avid Zoella fan! It comes in a cute little bottle, and I think the polka dots are a sweet little touch as well! The name is also adorable.

I'm sorry to those of you who aren't quite so much of a fan of these longer, chattier posts, but I do try to keep the length varied, and so to those of you who do find that this style is your cup of tea, then I hope that you have enjoyed it, and picked up a few new ideas along the way. I haven't managed to include all the categories that I would have liked to have spoken about, but maybe there will be a part two coming up within the next few weeks, who knows?!

Lots of love,

Jade x




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