Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mental Health Chit Chat

We're going to be delving deep into the topic of mental health today. So, grab a cuppa (or a hot chocolate if you're like me) and get comfortable, as this could be a lengthy, rambly one. If you are quite a sensitive person, then you can still read this post, as I won't be getting too deep (I say that now), but if at any point, you feel in some way saddened, or as if you don't want to read on, then please do stop, and exit the page.

Before we get down to the deeper, heartfelt stuff, I just want to say that I understand that the subject of mental health is a tough one to talk about. I completely empathise with the fact that it can get very emotional, and it can be a difficult one to approach, and open up about. But, as always, I'm all about honesty, and being open with everything, and so that's what you're going to get through this post. I'm not going to sugar coat things, but at the same time, I'm not going to be offensive, or rude in any way at all.

I have spoken about mental health on my blog before in a few different posts. I actually did a weekly series every Monday at one point, addressing different mental illnesses, in the hope that it would help some of you out. I think most of you know by now that it's a topic that I feel extremely strongly about, and I speak out about it as much as I can.

Mental health is such a serious issue for so many different reasons, and it affects more people than we may be aware of. It's actually a lot more common than most people realise. There's an incredibly high chance that either you, or someone that is close to you will suffer from a mental illness within their lifetime. That's a scary thought, right?
If you think about it, there is still a lot of stigma attached to mental health issues, and many people still fail to understand how deadly, and debilitating they can actually be. When you suffer from something that is going on inside your mind, it can completely turn your world upside down, and it can change you as a person. You may become to isolate yourself from those who really care about you, and you may be too afraid to come out of your room to interact with your loved ones. You may feel in fear of everything, you may convince yourself that everyone is against you, or that you're better off dead. Your thoughts may begin to take over your entire being, and you may lose total interest in the world around you. I know this, because I have been there. I have experienced these feelings.

Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar, ADHD, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, paranoia, or any other mental illness, you deserve help. You don't deserve to be feeling this way, and you don't deserve to be experiencing such a horrific ordeal on a daily basis. I understand that you are terrified, and you may be reluctant to open up to anyone, and although that is going to be the hardest step that you will have to take along this journey, it's the starting point, and it's so, so important that you do open up. I don't have many people that I can trust in my personal life, and so I completely understand if you feel that you don't either, but there is always someone, even the person who you may least expect to understand. If you are a younger child, or an adolescent, then you could try talking to ChildLine, or an online counselling service. You would be surprised at how relieved you feel after you have opened up to someone. I promise you, they keep everything 100% confidential, unless your life is in extreme danger, and even in those circumstances, they will always talk to you before contacting anyone else. That's the route I would go down if you have nobody in your personal life that you can talk to. I understand that it's a very daunting process, and I was too scared to tell anyone at school that I was being bullied, or that I was going through what I went through, but once I opened up to a few people, and I told them what was honestly going on, I felt a lot more hopeful, as I knew I wasn't alone. The thing is, when you're going through such a horrible experience, you can feel so alone, and it can seem like nobody in the world cares about what you're going through. But, that isn't true.

To every single one of you that is going through some kind of pain, I want to be able to shield you from that, and protect you in any way that I can. Even if you just visit my blog occasionally, you are incredibly important to me, and I want to be able to help you. My blog is a place where you can feel safe, hopeful, comforted and positive. There is no room for any negativity, or nastiness here, and I can assure you of that. I have struggled with mental health issues myself, and during those 2 desperately low years, I truly believed that I would never come out of the other side. But, I did. And you can too.
I know that if you're suffering in silence, you don't want to hear all the typical, cliché phrases from me, like "it will get better", "you just need to cheer up" "it will all be okay", because, let's be honest here, that doesn't really help anyone. You can't just wake up one morning, and suddenly find yourself cured from depression, and suicidal thoughts.
It's okay that you don't want to wake up in the morning. It's okay that you can only see constant darkness. It's okay not to be okay. Your feelings are completely valid, and they matter, I promise. They matter to me, and they matter to many other people too.
I understand that you don't want to feel like this anymore, and I understand that you want this pain to end. And it will. You will not feel this way forever. It may seem like I'm asking a lot of you to seek help, and to open up to someone, but I'm encouraging you to get better. I want you to get better, because I genuinely care about you. You are a human, just like the rest of us who live in this crazy world, and you deserve to feel happiness, and love. You deserve to want to wake up every morning to ensure that you have a brighter future. Nobody deserves to be experiencing such emotional trauma. I know that there isn't an immense amount of things that I can do, but I will always try my best for you all.

In the picture above, I'm giving the camera a very cheesy smile. I intentionally included this image at the top of this particular post, because it proves that although everything may be all 'fine and dandy' on the surface, there are deeper issues that people suffer from. The discrimination, and attached stigma really does need to go, and as I have mentioned 1 million times before, I will not stop speaking openly about mental health until the stigma has been completely removed. Every single sufferer deserves help, and support to break out of that terribly tough stage, and with the right guidance, and the right mind set, it is completely possible. It will take time, and it won't be easy, but nothing comes easy, and it will be worth it in the end when you're a happier person.

Think of it this way. If you had a younger sibling, or any younger family member, would you allow them to battle with their mental health issues in silence? Would you refuse them the help that they so desperately need? Think of yourself as if you were in that position. You have to look after yourself, and you have to make the decision that you want to better yourself. As I have said, I do understand that it isn't easy, believe me, but anything is possible, and together, as the simply jadey community, we can get through anything.

If you are experiencing any of these mental health issues, then please do speak up. Even if you just email me, we can have a chat, no matter what your problem is, and I will try my best to give you some courage, and some hope. If you are also interested in reading my story, then you can do so here. I really do hope from the bottom of my heart that at least one of you chooses to contact me, instead of choosing to harm yourself, or end your life. I do care, I promise you, and I really do want to help, as I believe that nobody deserves to feel this way. Together, we can fight against the stigma, and discrimination.
Those who judge are so selfless, and they probably will never get anywhere with their lives. We will be the survivors, who can say that we have stood strong, and defeated the demons.

Let me round off this post with an extract from a mental health post I did a few months back;

'Life genuinely is too short and precious to be constantly harming yourself and constantly wanting to die. You are here for a reason. Your heart beats every single day and it continuously pumps oxygen through your body in order for you to survive. We still have our entire lives ahead of us. We could be professors, celebrities, role models, charity fundraisers, life-changers; we can be anything that we want to be. We all struggle and we all go through terrible phases in our life. But we have to have the strength to carry on and remain positive. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and those who are always willing to help you. So what if it's a stranger? At least you will be helping yourself and making someone else feel pleased at the same time. Do you honestly want to spend the rest of your life waking up, simply wishing for death to come and take you away? You would be distraught and completely crushed if you knew someone was harming themselves intentionally or contemplating suicide. You would most likely try and comfort them or find them support in some way. So why can't you allow yourself to receive that? Why are you so different to everyone else? We all make mistakes. We are all human. You are no less important than any other human being. We are all equal. We are all the same. We all breathe, we all live our everyday life, we all have a family or friends. We are all human. I know that you may think there is no escape right now, but I promise you, I absolutely swear to you, that things can get better.'

I love you all so very much, and I honestly hope that you choose to get in touch with me.

Email me at - I will always reply to every single one of you.

Lots of love,

Jade x


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Autumnal Apparel


Jumper // Primark
Dungarees // New Look
Tights // Marks & Spencer
Boots // New Look
 I have really been slacking on my fashion posts recently, and so I thought I'd spice things up a bit, and surprise you with one today. I think it's safe to say that we are now very much into the autumnal season, and so that means that jumpers, tights, and chunky boots are going to be making more of an appearance - woo! I absolutely love autumnal fashion, hence why I have gone a little overboard with the pictures today, but that's okay, right? It makes up for all those fashion posts that you have been missing out on! I usually wear my dungarees in the spring/summer, but I thought I'd find a way to make them work for today's post. Seeing as the lower part of my outfit is black, I thought I'd add some colour to the top, and middle half with this chunky knit, purple jumper, and my light blue dungarees. The colours all tie the outfit together really well, and I actually think it's particularly flattering for not only this time of year, but also for my figure too.
I'm super impressed with how all of these photos came out, and I'm equally as impressed with how my outfit looked. It has definitely motivated me to make more of a conscious effort to post more fashion related things, rather than just advice post after advice post.
I think it's good to have a mixture, as it keeps everything much more interesting, right?
Lots of love,
Jade x


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Skincare Saviours

I haven't done a beauty post in what seems like forever, so what better time to do one than today? I like to switch it up here on my blog, and so that's exactly what I intend to do!
I have never been the sort of person that is majorly into skincare. Of course, I do the basics, like washing, and exfoliating, but I've never really done much else, because I didn't have the motivation, or any reason to. However, I have recently been trying to get into skincare a lot more, as I've gained an interest in trying out new products, and seeing if they improve the appearance of my skin. I don't have a lot of money to spend, as I go to school, and I don't have a job, so if I do buy new products to test out, then I usually go to the cheaper shops like Boots and Superdrug to see what I can pick up.

I'm well aware that I have spoken about this mask on my blog many times before, but obviously that proves just how fabulous it really is, as I cant get enough of it! It's everything you could possibly want in a face mask. It smells incredible, for a start. It's really minty, and fresh, and it totally wakes you up, and revitalises your skin, if you're feeling particularly groggy that day. It's technically a clay mask, so you leave it to work it's much and harden on your skin for a few minutes, and then you just wash it off, and believe me when I say it genuinely transforms your skin. It works wonders, hence why it's making an appearance in a post about skincare saviours. It literally is a saviour! I cannot recommend this product enough, so I highly suggest you go and pick it up, before you regret it.

Another lush product! How lucky are you guys? Everyone loves a bit of lush, right? I know I do anyway! Although I don't use this product all the time, I still feel it's appropriate to be classed as a skincare saviour. It comes out as a fine mist, hence why it's a toner water. It has a really light, refreshing scent, and it genuinely does what it says on the bottle. It hydrates your skin, even if it's particularly sensitive, and it helps you to feel totally revitalised, and tip-top. It's made of all natural, organic ingredients (what do you expect from Lush?), and although I don't feel the need to use it very often, it is a lovely product.

A product that I haven't yet discussed on my blog up until now is this little gem from The Body Shop. It's exactly what it says on the bottle - a tea tree, skin clearing facial wash. I haven't used this an awful lot, hence why it hasn't appeared on my blog before, but the few times that I have used it, I have been really impressed with it. I just squeeze a couple of drops into the palm of my hand, and then I rub it in circles motion into my skin. It actually lathers up incredibly well too. I then wash it off with cold water, and a wash cloth. It has a particularly strong tea tree scent (I suppose it's got that name for a reason), but I actually find that really pleasant. It made my skin feel quite tight afterwards, but I just moisturise, and then I'm absolutely fine. I'd say that's the only downfall, but I would keep using this product, just quite sparingly as I do have a normal, exfoliating facial wash that I like to use on a more regular, daily basis.
This little baby here is literally my holy grail moisturiser. I have spoken about it so many times that I'm surprised I still have things to say about it! Seriously though, it's absolutely incredible. I usually squeeze a tiny pea-sized amount onto my index finger, and I dot it on the main areas of my face (chin, cheeks, forehead, nose), then I rub it in circular motions, either with my fingertips, or with a foundation brush. The reason I sometimes use a foundation brush is because I hate the feel of all types of moisturiser on my hand, whether it be body moisturiser, facial moisturiser, or whatever else that has that sort of consistency. It just makes me feel weird, and uncomfortable! That aside, I cannot speak highly enough about this godsend. It smells wonderfully clean, and refreshing, it makes my skin super soft, and it just generally improves the appearance of my face too. And it's only a fiver! What's not to love honestly? I couldn't do a post on skincare saviours without this angel making an appearance. (Yes, I'm aware that I'm talking about a moisturiser as if it's a baby - let's not judge)
So, that's it for this post! I really enjoyed writing it actually, as I feel that it's nice to switch things up a lil bit sometimes. I'm going to try and throw in some more beauty, and fashion related posts on the odd sporadic moment, just so that we have a bit of everything here! I hope the quality of the photos is better on this post too. I've decided to start taking them in the bathroom, as there is better lighting, and a neater backdrop that looks more professional too. Do let me know what you think as always though!
Thank you so much for reading, and I really hope you enjoyed reading about my skincare saviours.
Lots of love,
Jade x


Sunday, 18 October 2015

What I Love About The Autumn/Winter Months

I thought I'd do a little bit of a chatty, rambly post today. I'm having what I like to call a 'productive, yet relaxed' weekend, and so far, I've succeeded in making sure that it's been a nice mixture of both.

Seeing as we are now well in to Autumn, what with the days becoming rapidly shorter, and the clocks set to go back at the end of the month, I thought that this post would be a very appropriate one.

Most people are either a Spring/Summer person, or an Autumn/Winter person, but I genuinely can't decide which seasonal category I fall into more. Both of them have their positives, and their negatives, and that's why I can't decide. Anyway, I'm going to be talking about Autumn/Winter today, so regardless of what seasonal category you fall into, I hope you enjoy this post none the less! Oh, and before I forget, the photo that you can see above was actually one that I took myself when I was in the woods a couple of weeks ago! I was thinking of blog post ideas, and I knew that I wanted an autumnal picture, preferably one that I had taken myself, and then I thought this was the perfect one.

1. The lead up to Christmas - I'm going to start off by sounding quite obsessed over all things Christmassy, but that's ok, right? You can't really beat the lead up to Christmas, can you? All of the festive, twinkly lights that take over the streets, the endless rows of Christmas presents in the shops, the Christmas themed movies, and television programmes, and who can forget doing up the house until it's all decked out in Christmas décor? It's such a magical time, regardless of how old you are, and I don't think any other celebration will ever compare. It truly is the best event all year!

2. Cosy evenings in - Nothing beats a cosy evening in, does it? Those days where it's so dark, and cold outside that all you want to do is come inside in the warm, and snuggle down under tonnes of soft blankets with a cup of hot chocolate, and a Christmas film to watch. That's how you know Christmas is really just around the corner. All of the little things add up to make it the most special celebration. I don't think any time of the year can ever come close to it, do you?

3. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't include one point relating to fashion and beauty? Not a very good one, let me tell you that now! I fall in love with the season's fashion, and beauty each time a new one rolls around, but more so Autumn, and Winter than Spring and Summer. I think that there is so much more of a diverse choice during the colder months. During the warmer weather, there isn't that much you can do, as it will just sweat off your face anyway (gross thought I know), and it's far too hot to be piling on the layers, hence why I much prefer the colder months in terms of fashion, and beauty. I adore everything from the berry lips, to the dark eyes, and bronzed skin, to the chunky knitted jumpers, suede ankle boats, and massive coats. The deeper colours are so flattering, and stylish on anyone, regardless of their appearance, and I think that's just lovely.

4.  How can we have an autumnal, wintery post without talking about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day themselves? My family have a tradition, which I'm going to share with you now. Every Christmas Eve, me and my mum do our own things, so she's upstairs making phone calls, and doing everything that she needs to do, and I'm texting my friends, and watching Christmas films, such as Elf, Home Alone, The Polar Express, and all them good ole traditional ones. Then, at about 11 'o' clock, we usually sit in front of the Christmas tree with all the lights on, and we open up some presents. I'm pretty sure that last year I opened most of mine from my mum, and possibly my grandparents, but I just get so carried away! Then on Christmas Day itself, we usually all sit under the tree (me, my mum and my stepdad), and the rest of my presents and their presents together. We then all have a relaxed few hours getting ready, and then we usually go to my grandparents for dinner, more present opening, Christmas TV, and all that good stuff. This year, I believe that Christmas is at my house, but that doesn't make it any less special - if anything, it makes the whole experience even more exciting! We all pull open the crackers, and have cups of tea, chocolate biscuits from the special Christmas time selection, and we all have a jolly good chat, whilst mid-watching all the traditional Christmassy programmes aka the festive episode of Eastenders, and Coronation Street, and that. What a festive bunch we are! It's so lovely spending time with those most important to you, and at such a special time of the year, it wouldn't be the same without family.

5.  Another thing that I really love about the more seasonal, festive time of the year is the general scenery that comes around. All of the different colours of the leaves falling to the ground, the brisk air, the cooler evenings, and just the general autumnal feel. That's how you really know the excitement is going to begin with Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year!

What are your favourite things about Autumn/Winter?
Lots of love,
Jade x


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

An Insight Into My Life II

*Hello you lovely lot! I'm so happy to finally be sitting down and writing up a proper blog post. It's only been a few days, but I feel like I haven't done it in years. The reason why I feel this way is because I have been incredibly busy lately with school, and various other random commitments. I'm doing my first year of GCSE's at the moment, and the workload is very heavy, and very much full on all of the time. As soon as I complete one piece of coursework, something else crops up, or another task is set. It's like a never-ending cycle at the moment, and I'm trying my best to keep on top of it, which means that blogging has been taking a bit of a backseat. However, having said that, I really am enjoying blogging at the moment, and I have a list of ideas that I hope to create very shortly. I do apologise for not posting at times, but sometimes, it all just gets a little too much. If I don't have any inspiration, or motivation, I'm not going to write, let alone post, as it wouldn't feel like I was being true to myself, or any of you, but I do schedule my posts, and I'm trying my best, so yeah!*

Anyway, how about we get onto the actual point of this post now? Let's jump right into it, shall we?!
Last week, I put up a post that was called 'An Insight Into My Life'. You can see it here if you wish.
Seeing as that got quite a lot of positive feedback, and I personally enjoyed writing it a lot, so I thought, what better idea than to do a part 2? (or a part II, if we want to be all fancy and numeric).
I may do these posts every few weeks, or once a month, if it's something that you would be interested in, and we could even include a theme if that sounds appealing to you? Do let me know your thoughts!
Ever since I was about 7 years old, (in my third proper year of primary school) I have experienced bullying to some extent. Back then, it wasn't quite so severe. We were all quite young, and everything just seems like a bit of fun then, don't you think? I used to feel incredibly isolated, and pushed out, as my then best friend has found a new friend. Bearing in mind I had been friends with that particular girl for as long as I could remember. A good few years. Then, she finds a new best friend to hang around with whenever she gets the chance. Even at that age, that obviously hurt. I was essentially being replaced, if you think about it logically. I tried to join in as much as I could, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't help but feel, and appear to be an outcast. That really did hurt me, and I can still remember the situation to this day. I wouldn't say that was necessarily classed as 'bullying', but bullying is an extremely broad term, and so I definitely do think that it counts towards my experience.
Something that I don't think many of you know is that I used to dance. I used to go to street dance lessons once a week (every Thursday, if I'm correct?). It was only for an hour, but I honestly loved those lessons. I have always been as far from confident as you could get, but I got involved, and I enjoyed myself, so that's all that matters, right? A girl 3 years above me went with me for one of the partner warm-ups once. I thought it was really kind of her, and it made me feel a lot better about myself. However, I didn't realise she had a group of girlfriends that wouldn't exactly adore me.
I used to be terrified of this one particular girl (I won't be naming any names, although I remember her, and the whole group as clear as day). So much so, that I actually think she was the reason I stopped dance, and she was also the reason as to why I was scared to even go to the toilets alone, in case I was taunted by her, or them. After that, everything was pretty rocky for the next few years. In Year 7, 8, and 9, I was bullied too. I wouldn't say that it's been full of abuse the whole 3 years, as that isn't true in the slightest, but whether it was torture for a week non-stop, or for 50 minutes on and off, that shouldn't matter. The point is, it was still torture. It was still bullying. It still leaves scars, whether physical, or emotional. When you're being bullied, there are so many emotions that can come alongside that experience, and regardless of what emotions you are experiencing, the point is that they are most definitely negative ones. And that is not okay. That is never okay. Why anyone deserves to go through such torture is beyond me.
I will never stop raising awareness for bullying, because although I'm well aware that many people are speaking out, and doing exactly that, until there is absolutely no bullies, or victims left in the world, I will not stop speaking out. Bullies are the lowest of the low, and they do not have the right to make another human feel worthless, just because they have their own insecurities. If you are being bullied, then please speak up. I put up this post a while ago, and so please do read it if you are being bullied, or know someone who is currently going through such a dreadful ordeal. I promise you, it will get better. I know it's so difficult, but you really do need to speak out, or it will only get worse.
You deserve so much better than this. You can not allow someone control over your life. You are in control of your own life, and your own emotions, and it must always stay that way. So, if you are being bullied, then please don't hesitate to contact me. I will always be more than happy to help.
Another major issue that is very common within today's society is low self-esteem. So many young people have 0 self-esteem, and I find that thought deeply saddening. Without waffling on too much, I'm going to go straight to the point. I have pretty much always despised my looks, or pointed out 1 million and 1 flaws whenever I get the chance. I guess it also stems from being bullied, and feeling like an outcast most of my life, particularly in social situations. It's become almost like a bad habit, and we all know that once you get so used to a particular habit, it seems almost normal. But, we should all just take a moment to realise that constantly putting ourselves down is not normal, and it is by no means healthy. We all have imperfections. That's a fact about each, and every single human on this planet. But, similarly, we all have positive points, whether it be through our personality, or our looks. It really doesn't matter how a person looks. As cringy as it may sound, it really is the inside that counts. When you're 70 years old, you're not going to worry about how long your hair is, or how slim you are. You're going to care about all the memories that you created during your younger years, and how important your loved ones are to you. Hence why it's so much more important to care about the inside qualities of a person, rather than the outside. A personality can stick forever. An appearance, however, can not. Instead of focusing directly on the 'negative' aspects of yourself, why not try to focus on the positives? Look in the mirror each day, and tell yourself that you are beautiful, or you are strong/talented/creative/athletic. Tell yourself anything that makes you feel good about yourself, whether it's a physical trait, or a personality trait. All of the little things make us who we are, flaws and all. It's important to think of at least  different things that make you feel confident. 3 personality traits, 3 appearance traits. I know what mine would be. For my personality, I would say that I'm kind, I'm supportive, and I'm creative. For my appearance, I like my eyes, my smile, and my lips. How about you? Why don't you all let me know, either in the comments, or through social media? I know it can be hard to love yourself when there are so many people who just love to tear others down, but once you have built up your own vision of self-worth, and your own self-esteem, then their words won't matter. You will be able to conquer the world. Just focus on the positives, and honestly try to ignore what others say as best as they can. It's your life, not theirs. You are the only one living your life, so why should it matter what they think about you? It's your decision, not theirs! Remember that if you're feeling down, or self-conscious. Be proud of who you are. You wouldn't be you otherwise.
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post, and I really do hope that it has helped some of you. Even if it has only helped one person, it has been worth my time. I love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful day today. If your day isn't going quite so well, then change it. One positive thought to shift your mind set can work wonders, believe me. Smile. Stay strong.
Lots of love,
Jade x


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sightseeing & Shopping

So, yesterday myself and one of my gorgeous friends Megan decided to take a trip up to London for the day. I woke up super bright and early to ensure that I had enough time to get ready, and look as presentable as I possibly could. I hadn't been up to London in just over a year, and I had never properly explored it, even though it's the city that is closest to my heart (for obvious reasons), and so I was very excited to go and explore, especially with one of my favourite girls in the entire world.

First of all, we went to Finsbury Park from our nearest train station, and then we got the underground to Leicester Square. I wasn't surprised to see that the underground was absolutely packed - what else can you expect? It's London after all! Anyway, after about 8 stops, we eventually got off at Leicester Square. The atmosphere was insane. I knew that it was going to have that classically British feel to it from past experiences, but as I hadn't been in so long, it felt so refreshing, and normal to be back there. Similarly to the underground, it was quite busy, but that's London for you. Everyday is busy!
After walking around for a little while, and admiring the sights, we headed to M&M's world. I'd never been here before, but Megan had, and I was so excited to take a look inside. It was so cool! I love the little model people that stand there in their costumes looking all cool. We took a selfie with our favourite one..

Although we didn't actually buy anything, as it's quite pricey, it was really interesting, and fun looking at all the different, quirky little pieces. I would definitely go back there next time!

We went from one place to another, such as Bond Street, Green Park, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, and a few others. I really enjoyed looking at all the expensive makeup, and daydreaming over all the beautiful shades of lipsticks, and lip glosses. I didn't have that much money to spend, and so I couldn't go as wild as I would have liked to, but I'm already starting to save up for our next visit nearer to Christmas. We went into McDonalds for a cheeky little pit stop, but I didn't really like the whole idea of us having to stand at these tiny circular tables whilst eating. It wasn't the most pleasant of experiences! We eyed up all of the items in Zara and H&M, and we spent what felt like a million years in New Look, as Megan wanted to purchase a pair of heels, but she couldn't find any that she actually liked! My feet were killing me by this point - I literally felt like I couldn't move!

Now, what trip to London would be complete without visiting the Disney store? This was also something that I had been wanting to do for the longest time, and it made me so happy that I could visit it! I wasn't actually able to buy anything, as it was literally crazy expensive (we're talking £20 for one teddy.. I wanted at least 5!!), but I'm definitely going to get at least one during the next opportunity that comes up. It's actually so nice in there, and the floor is really cool, and sparkly!
I felt like a little kid all over again, wanting each and every one of the teddies on display there.

Look at how cute they are - seriously! I desperately wanted Stitch and Eeyore! A girl can dream..

Ever since it opened up a few months ago, I have been wanting to go to the Lush store in Oxford Street. I have seen it on a couple of people's YouTube videos, and I have literally been so desperate to see what it was all about. Although I have been to a lush before, it wasn't a particularly large one, but from watching videos, I knew that the Oxford Street one was larger, and it had more than one floor.
As soon as Megan pointed the sign out to me, I nearly died, and went straight to cosmetic heaven.
Walking in was an incredible experience within itself. I kind of knew what to expect, as I had seen pictures, and little tours online, but nothing prepares you for the real life experience. It was honestly incredible. It genuinely does feel like a cosmetic lovers heaven inside.

I didn't get any pictures myself, as I was far too excited, and delirious, but I have taken this one off Google. However, the pictures really don't do it justice! You need to go and see it for yourself in person if you really want a taster. A lovely lady came over and spoke to myself and Megan, and she gave us information about a selection of different products, and in the end, after much debating, she helped me to pick out the 'Luxury Lush Pud', which really is a luxury product! The image that I have included of the different colours in the bath is actually the demo that the lady did of the product itself. I used some of it last night, and it smells so lovely, and the scent does stay in your bathroom too!
There are a variety of different products available in this store, and there are also some exclusives, but considering I nearly fainted from excitement, I didn't get the chance to have a proper look.

After admiring all of the shops, we took the tube up to Westminster, just so that we had the opportunity to see some sights, and get a few infamous snaps before we headed back home.
As soon as we walked out of the station, Megan spotted Big Ben! At first, I couldn't see it, I could only see what looked to me like a palace near it, but then I worked out what she had meant, and I spotted it! When you're looking up at it, it feels like you're going to keel over, as you're leaning back to see right to the top, but it was so cool. We heard the clock strike, and all of the wonderful bells started going off all at once. It was such a cool experience, and something that I had missed since my last visit.
We couldn't leave London without visiting the London Eye first! So, that's exactly what we did. I have actually been on it in the past, and it was an incredible experience back then, but I would love to do it again next time I come up to London. It's the classic attractions like this that make me feel proud to be British. I also think the angle of this picture looks really cool, and it truly does capture the London Eye in all it's glory (check me out, sounding all posh). When you see it in person, you really begin to put into perspective just how huge it really is! Yet you can never see the people on it!
Although we got lost a few times, and we also nearly died a few times, I couldn't have asked for a better day with my favourite girl. My legs felt like jelly by the end of it, after the amount of tubes we hopped on and off of, and the amount of escalators we ran up and down, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat, and I can't wait for next time. Thank you so much for an amazing day Megan! Love you.
Lots of love,
Jade x


Sunday, 4 October 2015

An Insight Into My Life

I'm aware that I've been posting content on my blog for quite a while now, but I don't think that many of you know that much about my life, or who I really am as a person. That's what I'm going to be talking about today. I hope that some of you find this sort of post interesting in some way.
Let's start of with the basics, shall we? I was born in London, and I lived there for about 7 years of my life. I wouldn't say that I'm a typical 'Londoner', but that's where I was born, and raised for the first half of my life. Therefore, London is quite a large part of my identity, and it does hold a significant place in my heart. Does that sound really weird? Anywaaay! I'm actually quite proud to say that I'm from London/England, because although the weather's awful for the most part, there are so many opportunities in this country, and I really don't think that those of us who live here realise how lucky we are! I love going up to London, especially near the Christmas time of year, because it all looks so special, and magical, and there is no other atmosphere that compares to it, in my opinion!

(image taken off Google - sorry, not sorry)

I'm actually only 14 years old! I'm 15 in March though. (let's throw in 2 facts in 1!) I do look a lot older than I actually am, due to my height, but I just take that as a compliment, because why not? Considering how old I am, I do actually have many aspirations, and plans for the future already.
I'm glad that I started this blog at quite a young age, because I can expand on it throughout the years, and it can be like something personal that I grow up with, and I love that idea. When I look back in years to come, I will be able to see where I have changed, and that's something I really like the idea of. I consider my blog to be like an extension of my thoughts, and I honestly think it's such a wonderful platform/community to be a part of. It's one of the best decisions that I've ever made.
As I just mentioned, I do actually have many aspirations for the future. One of the main ones being that I would like to travel the world. I have discussed this on my blog in previous posts, but it's something that I would honestly love to do. I don't just want to travel around a certain continent though - I want to travel absolutely everywhere. America, Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe - all over the place. I'm also really interested in the whole volunteering idea. I'd love to travel to somewhere like Costa Rica, or Thailand and help care for the orphaned children, or those most vulnerable. There's just something so incredible about travelling to new, unseen places. I adore discovering breath-taking scenery, and immersing myself into a completely different culture, whilst meeting new people who live a complete opposite life to me. It's just so fascinating, and I believe that it really helps an individual to grow, and expand their knowledge in so many ways. Who doesn't love travelling anyway?!

Another interest of mine is helping other people. I've also touched on this topic in previous blog posts, but it's honestly my biggest dream in life. I believe that every single person on this planet has their own purpose, and I truly believe that mine is to help other people in this world to lead a better, happier life. If I can help even one person during the time that I'm on this Earth, then I will be more than happy. I'm constantly thinking about charities I want to raise money for, volunteering opportunities that I'd like to get involved in, and even what inspiring blog posts I want to write next. I feel that blogging is the perfect way for me to express my thoughts, and personal experiences, whilst helping people at the same time. All I want is to make people happy, and help them realise that they aren't alone with whatever they may be going through at the moment. I always try my best to positively impact someone's life in whatever way I can, even if it's just by someone reading one of my posts. I'm a positivity enthusiast. I do encourage speaking about negative issues, because it's important to address them, and speak out about whatever it may be, but then I try to put a positive spin onto it, so I turn the negatives into positives. It's something that's really close to my heart too.
Leading on from my previous point is another huge passion of mine, and something that is incredibly personal to me. It's a subject that makes many people incredibly emotional, and one that a lot of people, including myself can be really sensitive about, but it's so important, and I feel I need to talk about it on this post, as it's a part of me, and the person that I am. The subject that I'm talking about is mental health. Now, I'm just going to put it out there - I am never going to stop talking about mental health. I shall continue to talk about it, and support all the mental health charities until the stigma is removed forever. When I'm old enough, I'm going to raise as much money as I can for all of these wonderful charities, and I'm going to get actively involved in whichever way I can. It honestly does sadden me to know that there is still so much stigma surrounding mental health issues. I don't think that enough people realise how much of an issue it is, and how many lives it's actually affecting. I know this isn't a mental health post, it's a get to know me one, but as I mentioned, mental health is a huge part of my life. I hope to work in the mental health field when I'm older, as it's something that I feel so passionately about, and I believe that the more people who support this topic, and raise awareness for it, the sooner the stigma shall be removed. I don't know how many of you have heard, but recently the world lost the beautiful angel that is Jacqueline Boulton. She made this video a couple of months ago, talking openly about her mental health struggles, and her story. The amount of positive, encouraging feedback that she got, and is still getting is incredible. It is such a tragedy that she is no longer with us, but I believe that this devastating news can be made into a positive change for those whose lives are affected by mental illness. I wish I had gotten the chance to comment on her video, and tell her how much of a beautiful soul she had. She has no idea how many lives she is going to save, or shed light to through her video. Can you now see why this is such a vital message to spread? We are losing lives due to mental health issues, and due to the stigma, people are so often too afraid to speak out. I'm sure everyone would rather save lives than chant nasty things about those suffering. Jacqueline has helped so many. So now, let's help her achieve what she wanted by making a change, and ending the stigma once and for all. Rest in peace beautiful. I hope you're in a happier place. Your story and your wonderful, kind soul will live on for the rest of eternity. We love you.


Alongside all of the passions that I have, I also have quite a few hobbies, apart from blogging. In my spare time, I particularly enjoy going shopping. As much as my purse then hates me for spending all my money (oops), I find it really therapeutic, and it actually helps to take my mind of things. Some of my favourite shops are Topshop, Boots, Office, and New Look. I also enjoy going to larger shopping centres and having a look at the MAC, and Chanel stands. Even though I usually can't afford any of it, I just love gazing at all the gorgeous lipsticks, and admiring all the intricately detailed packaging. I also really enjoy going out for meals with my family. For the past few months, myself, my mum, and my sister have been trying out different places to eat that I hadn't been to previously. We started off with Pizza Express (even though I'd be to one of them before, I really wanted to go again, as it had been nearly a year!), then we went to Jamie's Italian, and now we've recently tried out Pizza Hut! If you can't tell, I love my Italian food a lot! Pizza and pasta are probably my most favourites. Something else that I have a huge passion for is music. I absolutely adore listening to music, watching other people play music, and I actually enjoy singing myself too! I wouldn't say that I'm the best singer by any means, but it's something that I am very fond of, and I feel that music, whatever form it may be (singing, listening, playing, dancing) can be incredibly therapeutic and it can help to release a lot of tension, and built up emotions. I have written my own song before, but it's something that I'd like to work on in the future, seeing as I did want to be a singer once upon a time. Never say never. If you're wondering, my favourite singer, and one of my favourite people in general is Demi Lovato.
I don't want to make this post too long, as I can always create another part, but I just wanted to talk about you, my readers, in this final section. This blog is probably my biggest achievement of my life, so far. Blogging is literally one of my favourite things to do, and it's something that I feel the most passionately about during this moment in time. Even when I had only just started my blog, and I didn't have any followers at all, and we're talking 0 here, I knew that it was what I wanted to do. I'm not saying that I aspire to be a blogger as a full time career in the future, but I would certainly love to have it as a creative outlet on the side, and as I said earlier, to act as like an extension of my mind. The blogosphere really is becoming something nowadays, and I think that's incredible. There are so many wonderful opportunities that come alongside it, and although I haven't experienced any of those as of yet, I don't mind at all. I'm not in it for the followers, or the money, or anything like that. As I said, it's not a job, it's a hobby; something I genuinely enjoy doing in my spare time. I go to school, and I do have a lot of work to do, as well as a normal life to live, but blogging is a massive part of my life now, and I love how I'm the only person out of my group of friends who does it too. It feels like such an exciting adventure, and it makes me so happy. It's almost like I have my own little world to escape too. Everyone has been so positive, and lovely about it, and I'm so proud of how far I have come. I don't want to be rich, or famous. I want to have a blog, so that I can help people, and make the world a happier place. It's as much for me, as it is for all of you. I find it so rewarding to know that people actually enjoy reading the things that I ramble on about, and share on my little corner of the internet. I had an idea the other day, and I will talk about it more on another post, if you would all be interested, but here's the lowdown of it. I had this idea that I would create my own little world for myself, and all of my loved ones/blog readers/supporters/people I feel are worthy of entering. The idea may sound a little mental, but it makes perfect sense in my head, and I actually think it's pretty cute. We are all going to be in our own world, away from all the evil, and negativity of planet Earth, and we will only be allowed to sprinkle sunshine, not sadness. This means that it's a place that only allows positivity, and kindness. The place that we will all live in is going to be called the 'Positivity Palace', so that it's essentially a 'house' that is big enough for all of us lovely, positive people to live in. I had originally thought that it would be a bubble, so that we could fly away from all the hatred in our normal world, but I decided that wasn't quite so practical, and instead, we would have a hot air balloon, or a mahoosive glittery bubble situated in the grounds of our palace, so that we can just fly away if ever we want to explore another part of the world, or if there are any incoming threats of negativity, then we can fly off, and zap the trolls before we come back. Our palace will have lots of glitter in it, a permanent sunshine that shines in every corner, rainbows through every window, loads of yummy food available, such as donuts, candyfloss, glittery cupcakes, a special fruit punch that is bright orange, which guarantees unlimited happiness off everyone, and everyone is treated like princes, and princesses. We each have our own special gown, and we have glamorous fairy-tale inspired masquerade balls every night, where we all dance, and wear elegant masks. Anyone is welcome, babies, young children, teenagers, adults, elderly people.. Anyone! As long as they are positive, and they obey by the rules. I haven't quite come up with all the ideas yet, but those are the main ones that I have thought of at the moment! I may sound insane, but I think it's pretty damn cool.
Anyway, thank you all for reading, and being so supportive of my blog. You all mean the world to me, and if I could, I would give each, and every one of you a huge hug! Thank you for being so wonderful. If you would like to see another post like this, then please do let me know, and you can give me ideas of specific themes if you would like to. I was thinking I could do ones about my childhood memories, or things I have learnt throughout my life so far? Let me know anyway!
Lots of love,
Jade x
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