Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Why It's Important To Be Yourself

This picture is of me. I'm showing the world that I am proud of who I am. My flaws and all.

I think that we can all care a little too much about what others think of us sometimes. Society can be incredibly pressurising, and a lot of the time, without actually meaning to, we can act like completely different people than who we really are deep inside. I admit that I am guilty of acting like this as well.

Social media is such a huge platform nowadays, and although it can be absolutely amazing for things, such as communication, inspiration, careers, and entertainment, it can also be a major issue, and it can cause concerns within relationships, friendships, self-belief, and mental health. The media is constantly portraying artificial, airbrushed images to young people, and it's completely shattering their self-esteem, and their own views on their self-worth. There are also far too many disturbing images online that many people may find triggering, such as self-harm images, depression, and suicide quotes, violence, both to animals and people, and many more. I honestly do find it terribly worrying that such young, vulnerable people are feeling the need to change themselves, and hide the real version of themselves, just because they may not be what is being presented to us in the media.

Originality is beautiful. It is what makes us the people that we are. If everyone was identical, there would be nothing special about any of us. There would be nothing to learn, see, experience, or enjoy.
You may not have a toned tummy like your best friend. You may have glasses, and your dad may not. You could be the most talented in your class at dance, but you may struggle at chemistry, where as your best friend may be the complete opposite. That is ok. You are who you are. The more different you are, the more you will stand out, and that is what you want. You want to be your own person. You should want to have your own likes, and dislikes, your own hopes, and dreams, your own fears, and phobias. You take every opportunity that you get, even if your sister doesn't get that same opportunity. Explore the world, experience new things. We are all different, and that is a wonderful thing. The more you discover on your own, the more personal your story will be, and the more of a variety of things you are able to share with the people around you. Don't ever change for anyone. Don't be afraid to be you. An original is worth more than a copy, remember. Being yourself is truly the best thing that a person can be. Don't let go of that gift. It is valuable. I promise you.

Lots of love,

Jade x


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