Sunday, 6 September 2015

Majorca Montage





Although I am not too keen on the process that you have to take in order to begin travelling (taxi, airport, airplane etc), I really enjoy visiting new places, and exploring undiscovered surroundings. I love documenting all of the different things that I do, and witness, and seeing how other people live in different places around the world. The memories that I created and captured will last a lifetime, and so I will always be able to remember this holiday, and all of the exciting things that I experienced whilst there.
Whilst I was on my summer holidays, I stayed in Cala Bona, which is in the island of Majorca. The place that we stayed in was called the Floriana Resort, and I honestly couldn't have asked to have stayed anywhere better. It was such a beautiful, welcoming resort, and the people were honestly so kind, and friendly. Everything was spotlessly clean, and the food was incredible too!
During my visit, I mainly sunbathed, and spent time relaxing in the resort, but I did go on a few little adventures too. On the Thursday, (a week after being there) I went on a boat trip along the coast with my granddad, and my stepdad. It wasn't really a proper boat trip, because we just went along for about 45 minutes, until we reached Cala Ratjada, and then a load of people got off, and more got on, but we decided to stay on, as we didn't want to pay extra for another ticket! I really did enjoy it, even though it wasn't exactly what any of us had initially expected, and I did get a bit bored and nauseous towards the end, but the sights were insanely gorgeous. I really enjoyed spending quality time with my granddad, and it was nice to have a change of scenery. It's not everyday you go on a boat on the Mediterranean sea! As for other activities, myself and my grandparents spent the day going on an island tour of Majorca. It was incredible, and one of my favourite experiences by far. I have done a separate blog post on it, if you would like to have a look. I find looking at different places so fascinating, and it was lovely to spend some quality time with the people I love the very most.
We also went to the beach, and up to look at the shops, and little cafes along the seafront.
I bought a couple of little souvenirs during my stay, because who doesn't buy souvenirs when they go away on holiday? It would be silly not to really!
We spent the rest of the trip enjoying the wonderful weather, and topping up our tans, and devouring a bit too much ice-cream! All in all, I would really recommend staying at Majorca, and particularly the Floriana resort. I honestly didn't want my trip to end. Of course, it means back to school now, so the hard work has to begin, and the fun is over for another year! So, until my next holiday...
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