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Autumnal Beauty Essentials

Seeing as we are now officially in Autumn, don't you think that it would be the perfect time for me to share my autumnal beauty essentials? It would only make sense, right? I have picked out 10 of my staple beauty products that I know I am going to be loving throughout the up and coming months!

This time of the year is when my skin tends to get really dry, due to the increasing amounts of wind rain, and cold air. That's why it's extra important that my skin is looked after, and hydrated, ready to face whatever harsh weather may come my way. This moisturiser by Garnier is absolutely perfect, and it works wonders for my skin. I have oily-combination skin, but during the colder months, it can lead towards the drier end of the spectrum, as would be expected. I usually just squeeze a pea-sized amount onto my index finger, and then I apply it in dots on each section of my face, and then I will usually rub it in with a regular foundation brush, or on the odd occasion my fingertips. I find that it's best to just rub it in circular motions, so that it doesn't drag along the skin, causing wrinkles. It has a really refreshing scent, it makes my skin feel, and appear super soft, and smooth, like a baby's bottom (typical description, I know!) and it helps to keep my skin looking radiant and well-looked after.
The second skin-care product that I have is the Lush 'Mask Of Magnaminty' Face and Body Mask. I mentioned this mask on my blog when I had first purchased it, but I hadn't tried it out properly at that stage, so I was unable to review it, or recommend it back then. However, I can now reveal that I would highly recommend it to anyone, as it has completely improved the appearance of my skin. I don't use it too often, as that's unnecessary, but when I do use it, whenever I have a blemish, or if I feel like having a little pamper evening in the bath, then it honestly does dramatically improve the condition of my skin during that moment, and it makes me feel like I'm doing it a lot of good. It has the same minty scent that toothpaste would have, but I find that it really revitalises my skin, and it just adds to the whole face mask experience, in my opinion! Although it may not appeal to everyone, I would think that quite a few people could deal with the scent if it's just for a couple of minutes, so if you can, then I would definitely try that. It's actually a clay mask, so it usually sets to a hardened clay texture after a minute or two, and then I just do whatever else I have to do, and then I wipe it off with hot water, and a face cloth. I honestly can't describe how soft, and refreshed my skin feels after. It does reduce the appearance of blemishes, and it makes you feel as though you have got a whole new face! It's a massive tub as well, and although you don't look quite so attractive when it's on (you actually would probably get the role of Shrek in the movie!), I would honestly say it's worth it.
Vaseline. Who would have thought it would appear in my autumnal beauty essentials? Well, surprisingly, it has! I don't see why you can't use Vaseline all year round, because, who doesn't want super soft, supple lips, but it's even MORE important to use it during the autumn/winter. I actually haven't been paying too much attention to my lips lately, and they often get incredibly chapped, and sore, but now I'm making a more conscious effort to start using Vaseline on a regular basis. There really is no excuse. It's affordable, it does the job, it smells like cocoa in comparison to the original version, so what's not to like? It doesn't have any special qualities, but it doesn't need to really!
I'm going to be honest here. I'm not actually the hugest fan of foundation in the world. Shock horror, considering this is a beauty essentials post! But, I genuinely don't feel that I need it for my skin, as I don't have particularly problematic skin, so what's the point of not only wasting money, but also messing up my skin in the long run? However, if I do feel that I want to wear a foundation, either on a bad skin day, or for a special occasion, then I will go with this Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. It's quite a light weight consistency, and it applies flawlessly over the skin, without any streaking, or fine lines making a sneaky lil appearance! It also smells like apricots - how awesome is that?! I've also mentioned this product on my blog before, but it's a favourite, and it's an autumnal essential in my eyes, so I thought that I'd include it if any of you are wanting to try out a new foundation.
If you know me well enough, you will know that I'm a sucker when it comes to eye shadows. I absolutely adore them, and I love playing about with different shades, attempting to create quirky, new looks. During these autumnal months, I tend to gravitate towards darker, more neutral tones. I have never really tried out the lighter colours in this palette, but I may be doing a makeup look soon based on it, so we shall see what I come up with, if anything! Some of the darker shades towards the right end of this palette are beautiful, and some of my 'go to' options, so I would recommend it, as you can create a variety of different looks, all in one item - what's not to love?! In case you don't know already, which I'm pretty sure 90% of you do just by looing at this image, it's the MUA 'Heaven And Earth Palette', which is available in any drugstore, such as Boots, or Superdrug.
Another eye product that I have fallen in love with is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'On and On Bronze'. I still haven't quite worked out how to apply this cream shadow yet, as I go a bit over the top whenever I try to create a decent look, but I'm still experimenting, so let's hold onto hope! If you read a lot of beauty blogs, or watch a lot of YouTube beauty videos, then you will know that this is a very-hyped up eye shadow product. I think that most people use it as a base, hence why it's of a more creamy consistency, but you can really just swap, and choose, and go for a varying look everyday. It applies beautifully to the eye, whether with your finger, or with an eye shadow brush, and you can create some lovely looks, whatever your desired style may be. I would just be careful that you don't apply it too thickly though, as it can look a bit too dramatic if it's overdone, which you obviously don't want!
In the summer, I don't tend to apply eyeliner, because I feel it can be a bit too heavy, or dramatic, but then when autumn/winter roll around, I don't have a problem with wearing it everyday! I feel it can completely transform any makeup look, and it can add that slightly edgy approach that can look so stylish during these cooler months. I find that this Collection 'Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner' is perfect for either an everyday use, or for a meal/night out. It's easy to apply, it's affordable, it lasts as long as you want it to, and it looks really nice with any makeup look, specifically a more dramatic eye.
Purple lipstick may seem like a pretty vampy, daring lipstick choice to go for, but when it's autumn, does it really matter? I think that lipstick should always be seen as the statement part of your makeup look, so I don't see why you can't just make the most of the freedom, and the opportunity to whack out a deep purple shade. This gorgeous plum shade is from Topshop, and it's called 'Fast Lane'. I'm not usually one who suits darker shades, especially not one as bold as this, but I have worn it a couple of times before, and I actually do really like it. It applies ever so nicely on the lips, it has a long lasting finish, and it keeps your lips looking healthy, and kissable. If you want to make a statement, you might as well go all out, and I think that this is the perfect way to do so! Who agrees with me?
I'm going to be honest here. I'm a little scared to wear this shade out in public, as I've never actually worn a true ruby red before! In case you can't already tell what shade this beauty is, or where it comes from, it's actually Mac's 'Ruby Woo'. Oh yes, I've allowed a cult classic to make an appearance in my blog post.. Gosh, I do feel special. You may say that this doesn't count if I've never actually worn it before, but so many other people wear it that I've seen, both on YouTube, and blogs, so I really want to try, and gain some confidence to actually branch out, and wear it when the right opportunity comes up. It's not the sort of shade that you just wear on a lazy day - but, then again, who really wears makeup on a lazy day?! It's a gorgeous, matte red, and it's ever so famous within the beauty world, and so I do really want to try it out, and if I feature it in this post, you can all encourage me to wear it now! Who knows, it may be featured in a future outfit post over the coming months...

The final makeup product that I was going to talk about was the Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub, but as it's quite a messy product, it was proving to be very difficult to photograph, and so I thought I would just talk about it instead. Once again, I don't use this product religiously, but I do use it once every week, or so, whenever I feel like I want a bit of a treat for my lips. It does actually taste of bubble-gum, I must admit (yes, I do eat it off my lips.. is that normal?), and it leaves them feeling so soft, and smooth, and they smell wonderful for a while afterwards. It isn't too expensive, and if you use it sparingly, then the little tub that it comes in can last you a long way, as it has done with me. I have had my tub since April.. Insane huh? You can use it everyday if you wish, but it could become slightly harsh on your lips if you were to do so, but it's completely up to you, I guess!
We all want to smell good all of the time, right? If that's the case, then this perfume is an absolute must for your collection. I'm hideous at describing scents, so I'm not going to try too hard, but trust my word, it smells divine. It's quite a sultry, sexy smell, and I do wear it everyday, but I think you could probably just wear it during the evenings, as it's quite strong, and obviously perfumes aren't cheap, so you would want it to last as long as possible. It's a Taylor Swift fragrance, so of course, it comes in an insanely gorgeous, eye-catching bottle, but whilst I was on holiday, the charms seemed to somehow snap off the bottle, so I can't show you them, but all you have to do is Google the bottle. It would look lovely even if it were just to be sitting on your dressing table, if I'm honest! I feel so feminine, and elegant when I wear this scent, and that's how you know when you have chosen the right fragrance to wear. I will be repurchasing this very soon. Maybe it can go on my Christmas wish list!
I hope you enjoyed reading this Autumnal inspired post today! Let me know what you thought of it, and if you have any more requests for future blog posts, whether they be seasonal, or otherwise.
What are some of your autumnal beauty essentials?
Jade x




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