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Hi everyone!
I'm going to be doing a little bit of a different post today. Lately, I have felt like my blog is a little too centred on one genre. In my opinion, I find it too advice-based/preachy, so I thought I'd switch it up slightly! One of my favourite things is photography and I literally take photographs wherever I go, trying to capture as many precious memories as I can. Seeing as we are entering into the last few months of 2015, I thought I would do a post reflecting on the year that I have had so far. There will be quite a few pictures, but I will be explaining why I have chosen them, and how they are significant to my year too, so I really do hope that you enjoy it! I will be recapping the first 6 months, then I shall be doing the next 6 when we reach December time! Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments!
2nd January
This was a selfie taken on the 2nd of January, so it was pretty much the New Year. I thought I'd include this picture, as it symbolises the start of 2015 and it allows me to talk about how I was feeling back then, at the very beginning of the year. I started to write diary entries in the notes section on my phone, and looking back, I can see that I was trying to be very positive, and I had clearly had a really lovely day shopping with my mum. I remember that day quite well, and I know that I was in a particularly happy mood too.
One particularly important quote to me that I have had saved on my phone since the beginning of the year is the one that I have inserted above. It is honestly one of my favourite quotes ever, and it completely sums up my dreams and ambitions for both now, and the future. I have always had a huge passion for helping people, and giving to others whenever I can, so I feel that this quote really does relate to me. It has also been one of the most significant reasons as to why I started my blog. I do want to inspire people, and blogging does allow me to reach, and interact with, a larger audience, so even though I didn't start my blog in January, this quote in particular encouraged me to make that decision in the following months. It is so important to me that I help others, and that is what I intend on doing.
15th February
When we first started dating, myself and Charlie always used to order a Dominoes pizza whenever we could! We would sometimes go to the shop opposite Dominoes and buy drinks, or whatever snacks we wanted and then we would carry the treats back, possibly pop a movie on, depending on how we felt, and we would just have a relaxing evening together! It's one of my favourite things to do with him, because even to this day, we still order pizza's and watch parts of films together! It reminds me of the days where we first started dating, and I find it really sweet to look back at times like that. 

23rd March
This photo was taken back in March, outside of school, and myself and Charlie (my boyfriend, for those of you who don't already know!) had been together for just over 1 month back then! This particular photo just reminds me of a day where I felt so content with life. I have a video where we are literally just fooling around as we are walking down the road - it's so adorable, yet so hilarious!
Any photo with Charlie in is precious, but I wanted to share this one as I think it is pretty sweet. We hadn't been together that long back then, but you could tell how happy we were with each other, and how comfortable we were in each other's company, and I find it lovely to look back on the early stages!
19th April

Another thing that myself and Charlie used to do on a regular basis was go to the woods near his house. Sometimes we would go to the shop and buy sweet treats, and drinks, then we would trek to the woods (we had a particular spot) and eat/drink, then we would explore, resulting in us laughing hysterically as we fell in leafy mounds and stamped on muddy twigs, (real mature, I know!) and being the little model/photographer I am (I am totally joking, believe me..), I would often get Charlie to take pictures of me for my blog/social media, and I would take pictures myself! My wonderful photography is displayed above, in case you hadn't already noticed, which I'm sure you had ;)
I really do think that it is the little things that can have the largest, most positive effect on your life.
Once you become aware of that, you will become to find satisfaction and happiness in pretty much anything and everything!
19th April
As I just mentioned above, I used to post fashion related things on my blog, (and yes, I would like to introduce that again now that we are in Summer and I'm going on holiday in 13 days - eek!) and here is one demonstration! Even though this is a selfie, I am truly happy here, and I feel I was always at my happiest when Charlie and I used to go on little woodland adventures! We can always be ourselves around each other, and it just never gets awkward, because we know each other so well!
11th April
In this photo, the caption really does say it all. I honestly don't know how I can even begin to explain my love for this angel. She is, and always will be my very favourite girlie! I have known her for almost 1 year now, but the amount of memories we have had is literally insane! We have been there for each other through absolutely everything, and the amount of times that she has encouraged me, and cheered me up is quite honestly unbelievable. Even though we aren't actually related, I count her as the younger sister that I never had, and I count her mum as a second mum too! She is so confident and bubbly that her positive energy is just infectious, and every time I'm with her, I can't help but feel happy! I really do believe that our crazy sides come out when we are with each other - it's so, so funny! She is my little shining star, and she guides me towards the light, however hard it may be to find in whatever situation I am facing. The love I have for her is unconditional, and I am incredibly lucky to have someone like her in my life. We may sulk, and moan about each other sometimes, and I know that we can wind each other up like crazy, and irritate the hell out of each other too, but that's just what makes our bond even more special and real. I shall love you forever and always, my little Tasty T! (Inside joke there my friends, you would have to be Tia to understand that one, I'm afraid ;))
9th April
I'm aware that I'm not looking at the camera here, but this is a photo of me and one of my close friends Tara. Whenever we go out together, we always have such a lovely time, because we don't often speak as much as we could during school, and I think that's what makes our friendship, and the time that we do spend together even more special. She is one of the most genuine, loyal people that I have ever met, and one of the most naturally beautiful girls too. At school, there is typically quite a lot of drama, what with relationships, friendship groups, rumours and all the rest of it, but she never gets involved in any of it, and that is something that I admire about her. She doesn't create, or take part in stupid little arguments, she has never really said a bad word about anyone at all, she never gives people dirty looks, or tries to cause problems. I don't know what the word would be to describe her, but I would say that she has a very pure, innocent soul, which not many people do have! I admire her for not doing anything bad, or malicious and despite the fact that she doesn't get involved in all of the drama at school, the group of friends that she does have, she is completely loyal, genuine and lovely to them all. I truly do believe that more people should take a leaf out of this girlie's book. I love you Tara. Keep on staying true to who you are, and don't you ever, ever change for anybody!


9th May
I took this photo when I was out one day, exploring with my Charlie, Tia and some of our other friends! I snuck off when everyone else was about to play some sort of game, because I wanted to capture some pretty pictures whilst I still had chance! I thought that this one in particular reminded me of something out of a fairy-tale, or a Disney princess film. The way that I got the shot positioned makes the scene appear so magical, and enchanting - I just love it so much! I can envision a princess walking down the path, smelling the delicate flowers, glancing at all the surrounding greenery, waiting for a handsome prince to come galloping along on a horse to sweep her off her feet!
That might sound a little dramatic and airy-fairy to you, but some of you may understand where I'm coming from, and I really hope that doesn't make me sound too ditsy, or crazy! It's the truth though!
9th May
I thought it would be cute to include a selfie of myself and Tia from the day too! It really has been one of my highlights of the year so far, and I think this one is so sweet! I want to remember all of my happy memories for as long as I can, but don't be too surprised if Tia, and Charlie are in a lot of my photography posts - it's just because I love them both a lot and I want to spend lots of time with them!

7th June
Pictured here is another one of my favourite woodland/park spots. When I took this picture, the sunlight was hitting the trees perfectly, and so I think that I captured it at just the right time!
You may not think that it is that fascinating, but it reminds me of a cute, chilled day with Charlie, Tia and Sam (another one of my girl friends!) and I know that it was a memorable day, because I don't even need pictures of them to remember! That's how you know you have got amazing friends ;)
I adore photograph and nature in general though, so I did feel this photo was very appropriate!
6th June
As I mentioned earlier, don't be too surprised if you see more photos of myself and Tia - we do love taking a good ole selfie! I think that has got to be one of my favourite days ever, ever, ever. It is filled with so many memories that only myself and this girl know, but it's one of those times that you have to be there to understand the memories! Tia knows just what I'm on about! It was honestly so mental. We were literally sitting on a bench for a few hours, just blaring out tunes on her phone, dancing and singing along (screaming deafeningly at some points, I'm sure!) and we were staring at everyone going past in their cars, probably freaking them out more than we realised!! We also met Charlie and his friend later on, which was hilarious too, but they had no idea what we had been up too! I won't talk too much about the memories, as they are pretty much just inside jokes, but let's just say that we were wetting ourselves by the end of the day, and we could just about control ourselves to walk down the street normally! Honestly, I think I shall remember those times until I'm 101 years old, no joke either.
7th June
I'm going to end on this photo of myself and Charlie. I know it's a bit cheeky, but it isn't too extreme, so I thought that I would include it anyway, as it is actually quite cute! Even though I didn't take this picture, and I don't even think I knew it was being taken (sneaky Tia, ayeee!), I definitely remember that day. There had been a few arguments prior to us being all lovey-dovey as displayed here, but I honestly adore this photo, even though you can't see much and it can seem a little gross for some people. I remember kissing Charlie at that exact moment, and I can remember how strong the love was that I felt for him - it was so strong and overwhelming that I honestly didn't want to stop kissing him! He is my absolute world and more, and I love him so, so much. He will always be precious to me.
That's all that I have for you today! I shall be posting part 2 of this in December, as I mentioned earlier, but that is all that has happened during the first 6 months of the year so far. It has honestly been filled with incredible memories spent with some very precious loved ones, and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year has to hold. Thank you all very much for reading!
Lots of love,


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