Saturday, 22 August 2015

Lifestyle: 15 Of My Favourite Feelings

1. Going to sleep on Christmas Eve - All of the excitement is just so overwhelming!
2. Waking up on Christmas morning - I always feel like a little kid when it comes to Christmas time, but I honestly do love it so much and I always create so many lovely memories
3. Laughing about with your loved ones - There is nothing better than spending time with your loved ones and making jokes, or laughing around with them!
4. Making other people happy - I always try to make others happy and when it pays off, it's such a heart-warming feeling
5. Receiving compliments/praise - This may sound a little vain, but everyone likes receiving compliments, right?
6. Going on a summer holiday - The excitement that leads up to travelling is honestly so incredible. Everything from the packing, to the aeroplane taking off, to arriving in the hotel!! Eeeeep!!
7. Being on a roller-coaster - I recently went to Southend and I went on some super mad rollercoasters and honestly, it gives me such a buzz and it leaves me feeling so exhilarated and happy!
8. Laying in the sunshine - Although I don't cope with boiling heat very well, I love feeling the sun on my skin and just relaxing in the warmth
9. Chilling out by the beach - The beach/the sea are two of my favourite places in the world, and being able to relax and get some peace away from everyday life is incredible and extremely comforting
10. Sleeping in clean, fresh sheets - I love the smell and the feel of soft, clean sheets when I get into bed
11. Listening to your favourite songs and dancing/singing along - This is one of my favourite things to do, and it makes me feel so happy!!
12. Watching your favourite film, or TV show - This is pretty self-explanatory, right?
13. Messing about in the water on holiday - I love the feeling of water going over my skin.. Is that weird?
14. Hearing other people's inspiring stories - This literally restores my faith in humanity
15. Eating a delicious meal - Nothing compares to eating one of your favourite meals, right?
There are many more feelings, but here are a selection of my favourites.
Lots of love,


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