Friday, 7 August 2015

Lifestyle | 10 Things To Do To Be Happier

Hi everyone! Today's post is going to be about 10 things that you can do to become happier. I thought that this would be a lovely little unexpected post to hopefully brighten your day, or give you some positivity, as we all know that's what I'm about! I hope it helps some of you out, and if it does, let me know!
1. Surround yourself with those that you love and care about the most. Those who put your happiness and your wellbeing before their own means that they care about you and value you more than they do themselves. Those are the people that are worth treasuring in your life. The ones who constantly put you down, or make out as if they are better than you should be eliminated. If somebody cares so greatly about you, then you have to hold onto them and remember to never, ever take them for granted.
2. Learn ways to relax and manage your stress. Some examples of relaxing may include meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, tai chi, or yoga. Quite often, many people become overwhelmed with their problems, and they can get so stressed out that they find it incredibly difficult to calm down and de-stress afterwards. I think that you should have at least one technique, or distraction that you can always turn to whenever you are in a sticky situation. You could even do something less active, such as reading, or having a pamper evening! It's totally up to you, but when things seem as if they are all just building up, you should definitely consider managing those feelings.
3. Find a creative outlet. This links nicely to my previous point! I would suggest that you should also find a creative outlet. There are many different examples, such as; dance, music, painting, photography, drawing, or writing, but the choice is in your hands. I would say that this is one of the most effective ideas, as it's a productive, enjoyable distraction, and it can help you to become more rational until you are in a more peaceful mind-set.
4. Make a playlist of your favourite songs. Whenever you are feeling anything other than elated, you should listen to an uplifting playlist. It can be filled with a couple of your favourite songs that make you feel happy, excited, loved - anything positive really! It will help you to shift your negative mind-set into a positive one, and you can even dance and sing along if you really want too!!
5. Smile at 10 people every day. This might sound almost impossible to begin with, but the amount of people that you pass during a day is incredible! Try to smile at anybody that you can, but you should aim for at least 3, if you really can't find anymore. It doesn't mean that they have to smile back, but it will make yourself and them feel better, so it is worth a shot, surely?
6. Create a happiness box. You can fill this box with ANYTHING that you would like. I plan on making a box soon (there will be a DIY if all goes well) and I'm thinking of putting things in it like precious, memorable photographs, souvenirs from holidays, or day trips, letters and cards from loved ones, self-help books, any treasured possessions from when you were growing up etc. You then have a physical reminder of ways that you can become happier. Even if it just puts a slight smile on your face, it's worth it!
7. Make plans with those you love. I believe that you should always have something to look forward to, not matter how big or small it is. It could be a day out to the seaside with your best friend, a shopping trip with your dad, a movie day with your brother, afternoon tea with your gran - whatever it may be, spending quality time with those you love is incredibly important, and it can work wonders for your wellbeing!
8. Focus on loving yourself first. This one may come across as quite self-centred, and maybe even selfish, but it really isn't. It's so important to love yourself. I still struggle with this myself sometimes, but I am getting a lot better, and I do believe that it is something you learn to perfect over time. Be kind to yourself, accept compliments and also give them to yourself, don't be too harsh on the decisions that you make and just put yourself first. You should understand your boundaries, and learn to not be afraid when you are in doubt, or feeling uncomfortable. It's important to love yourself first!
9. Spend time in and around nature. Nature is one of the most naturally beautiful things that there is in the world. There are so many man-made things that we get consumed by, yet natural things can be staring right in our faces, which we therefore fail to appreciate. Every so often, we should leave all electronic devices, and just simply take in nature whilst we have the opportunity to do so.
10. Talk openly about how you are feeling. If you are going through a particularly tough time, it may be hard to open up and tell people, in fear of being judged, or hated upon. It's so, so important to be able to talk to people about how you are feeling and to open up about what's going on in your head. It can be so beneficial, and although it may be hard at first, you will regret it if you don't!
Hopefully this post helped some of you, even if it was only a little bit! This is my weekly dose of positivity that has been spread onto you, so I hope that it has encouraged you to try a couple of these tips, and spread the positivity onto others around you too!
Lots of love,

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