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Beauty | Q&A

Hi everyone! I've got a beauty themed Q&A for you all today. I thought it would be nice to do one as I haven't talked about beauty in a while, so this is the perfect opportunity! I hope you like it!
1. What's your favourite eye shadow? - @life0ftabby
Ooohh, this is a hard one! I'd say that my favourite eye shadow palette is the Soap & Glory 'Lid Stuff' palette in 'What's Nude' as it's the perfect neutral quad, but my favourite single eye shadow's would be from the Maybelline Colour Tattoo range, specifically the shade 'On and On Bronze', as that is the best creamy eye shadow, the shade is incredibly pigmented and it has a really lovely texture too.
2. What is your favourite high end and drugstore beauty product? - @life0ftabby
I haven't really tried too many high end products, so I would have to say that Mac lipsticks are my favourite, as I don't really know too much about anything else! I particularly like the shade 'Bombshell', and it's the lipstick that I wear the most out of any of the others that I own. It's really creamy and luxurious, whilst still giving off a shimmer and a glossy, rich colour. I absolutely adore it! My favourite drugstore beauty product would probably be the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. It's honestly one of the best mascara's that I have ever tried! It makes my lashes extremely black, more voluminous and fuller looking, and it really does elongate them, and improve their appearance in general! It's not expensive either, considering it's a mascara, and I would highly recommend it.
3. What makeup products do you use? - @chloexmorrin
On a daily basis, I don't actually wear much makeup, if any at all! When I do wear it, the amount of products can vary, but I would usually wear mascara, eyebrow pencil, some neutral eye shadow, a natural looking blusher and a lipstick! I will obviously wear more, depending on the occasion though! If I was going out for a meal, or a party, for example, then I would probably go all out, with foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and maybe even highlighter! I try to keep it as minimal as I can, but as I say, it depends on the occasion.
4. What skin routine do you do? - @chloexmorrin
I wouldn't say that I have a specific skin care routine, because at the moment, I am being quite lazy and careless with my skin, but I try my best to look after it! I wash my face everyday (of course), but the products that I use vary, depending on what I have in the cupboard. At the moment, I'm using the Clean and Clear 'Deep Action Cream Cleanser' and that is a really good one, in my opinion! Their exfoliating scrubs also work incredibly well at combating against oil and blackhead prone areas. In terms of moisturiser, I either use the Nivea 'Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream', or I just use the Simple 'Anti-Blemish Moisturiser', if I feel the need to moisturise! If I want a deep cleanse, or something that will exfoliate and remove my blackheads/spots, then I use the Lush 'Mask of Magnaminty' face and back mask. It honestly does work wonders. It smells really minty, but I think that makes it more refreshing and satisfying. I just scoop it up and apply it to my face, then I leave it to set, so it's like a hard, clay consistency, and then I just get a wet flannel and carefully take it off after a couple of minutes. It does tingle/burn quite a lot, but afterwards, you are left with the softest, loveliest skin and it really does feel ever so clean and refreshed. I would highly recommend it! If I ever want to make my skin feel more revitalised, then I will use the Lush 'Eau Roma' water, as it cools down your skin and it just helps you to look less oily! I would recommend it for hotter weather.
I don't really use anything else. I'm not going to recommend any wipes, as they are harsh and pretty damaging for your skin, and I have tried quite a few spot treatments, but they don't really work, so I'd just say to use an exfoliating scrub, make sure that you apply a mask once every so often, and always, always wash your face, especially if you have oily skin, and moisturise especially if you have dry skin, but you should really be doing both, regardless of your skin type as it will really help the condition of your skin. I'm so sorry for the long answer, but I really do hope that it helped you!
5. What's your favourite time of year (season) for makeup? - @chloexmorrin
This is quite an easy answer for me, because I would definitely have to say autumn! I adore the matte berry lips, the bronzed, healthy-looking skin, the coppery, metallic eye makeup - I find it all so appropriate for the season! There is so much more of a variety of looks that you can choose from, in comparison to the warmer months, and you can go as heavy as you would like to as well!
6. What hair products do you use? (shampoo & conditioner) - @bexxjones
For my shampoo, I usually use the Herbal Essences 'Dazzling Shine' shampoo, or 'Fresh Balance', because they both make my hair feel really healthy, and squeaky clean, which is obviously what you want in a shampoo! They also smell really fresh, which is just an added bonus really! As for my conditioner, I use the Toni & Guy 'Nourish' conditioner for damaged hair. I have only just started using this product recently, as I got my hair cut quite short, but it was pretty damaged before, and I had many split ends, so I decided that I would try this one out! It smells absolutely divine, for a start! It makes your hair so super soft, and it really does make it ever so shiny and healthy-looking! If you are looking for a new conditioner, I would definitely suggest using this one! It's absolutely amazing.
7. How to make your hair grow thicker or longer? - +Tia HuntXo 

I don't have the best hair in the world, but it is pretty thick, and I do try my best to look after it, so I will be as helpful as I can in this answer! I would say that you should try to limit the amount of heat that you use as much as you can. At whatever chance you get, allow your hair to air dry, because this is more natural, and therefore less damage will be done. You should try using nourishing hair masks, specifically for damaged, dry hair, either once every couple of washes, or once a month! This will help to lock in moisture and minimise split ends. You should brush it as often as you can, and get it cut every 4-8 weeks too, in my opinion. I use a tangle teezer, which is so much more gentle on your hair, and it really does do the job perfectly. I get mine cut every half term, or every time I am off school if I can, so that ensures that you have gotten rid of the split ends, and any dry bits of hair. I never use too many products, like hair spray, hair gel, mousse and everything else! I think that you should limit the amount of products you use, and just try to keep it as natural as you can really!
8. How to get rid of spots as fast as possible? - @nadiai.xo
I'm quite lucky, as I don't really get spots, but I do know how frustrating it can be when a little pesky one pops up at exactly the wrong time! I don't think there is anything that you can do straight away, but you could try those little rapid spot treatments that are available in Boots and Superdrug! Tea-tree and menthol infused products are particularly useful when trying to combat spots. I would also suggest applying an exfoliating scrub, or mask as soon as you can, because the ingredients will help to fight the nastiness in the spots, and they will reduce the appearance quicker too. You could also try applying concealer directly to the spot, and carefully rubbing/patting it in to see if that works! As I said, I'm not the best person to ask, but hopefully some of my tips, and research will help you out!
9. How to stay spot free? - +Tia HuntXo 
This is similar to the question above, but I thought I'd add it in anyway! As I say, I don't get many spots, and some people are just less prone to spots than others, but it all depends on the way that your skin is naturally. I always use an exfoliating, deep cleansing facial wash, which does really help, and I make sure I really scrub it all over my skin, and I use facial masks to help prevent against spots and oil, but there aren't really any miracle products that you can use. I guess you just have to look after your skin, keep it clean and protect it against the weather, or any harsh conditions! Make sure that you use products suited to your skin type, and you try to use natural, simple products, so that they aren't too harsh on sensitive skin! Make sure that you always remove your makeup too!!
10. What makeup style do you like best? - @bexxjones
There are a lot of different makeup styles, many of which are absolutely beautiful, but I do have a favourite! I really love smoky eyes! That might sound really cliché, but they honestly are my favourite. I don't like incredibly dark grey/black ones, but coppery/golden brown ones are gorgeous! I prefer really bold, striking eyes that stand out and catch people's attention, rather than a bold lip or face. Although a smoky eye can be quite heavy, you can make them more neutral and they can suit anyone with any eye colour, so they really are the best option, in my opinion!
I really hope you enjoyed this beauty Q&A! Thank you so much for reading this post. Speak soon!
Lots of love,


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