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The Road To Recovery | Inspirational Documentaries

The first post in this brand new series is going to be about inspirational documentaries. I have watched a large number of documentaries throughout the last few months and years, so I thought that it would be a really nice idea if I shared some of my favourites with you. There are quite a few, so I'm just going to get straight into it! I really hope you like this post and please let me know what you think!


The Stranger On The Bridge

Jonny Benjamin (front) was reunited with 'Mike', real name Neil Laybourn (back), the Good Samaritan who stopped Jonny from jumping off a bridge

One of my friend's recommended this documentary to me after she had watched it and I honestly can't thank her enough. This documentary is one of the most inspiring, eye-opening things that I have ever seen in my entire life and it completely restored my faith in humanity. Without giving away too much (in case you were thinking of watching it yourself), it's about a young man called Jonny Benjamin, who at the age of 20, was about to jump off of Waterloo Bridge in 2008, when he was talked out of it by a passing stranger. Six years later and he was finally attempting to find the Good Samaritan. It is such an emotionally moving documentary and it honestly opens up so many thoughts and feelings. It has the potential to save lives and raise awareness for mental health issues. Society makes out like being mentally ill, or emotionally unstable should be an embarrassment; an imperfection, as though it is something that should be swept under the carpet due to such shame. This honestly does disgust me. There are so many people in the world who are suffering in silence, too afraid to get the help that they so desperately need. If you had broken a bone, or you had a serious physical illness, would you be denied treatment, or simply pushed away? Of course not! Mental health is just as serious as physical health. There should be more people trying to help those suffering and raise awareness, so maybe one day there will be no stigma or shame attached to mental illnesses.
This story is absolutely incredible. It is one of the most beautiful, heart-felt documentaries I have honestly ever seen and it could save so many lives. The amount of people that overlooked Jonny is so, so upsetting. To think that some humans are selfish enough to allow someone to potentially commit suicide is honestly a disgrace. 'Mike' was a passer by, just like everyone else. He didn't have to talk to Jonny - nobody else did. But he decided that he would, out of the kindness of his heart. For that, these 2 men are an absolute inspiration to me, as I'm sure they would be for you too. One person. One human being could save another human being's life. I think that in itself is a pretty extraordinary thing, don't you?

The Undateables

The second inspirational documentary that I would like to talk about is 'The Undateables'. I believe that this is an inspirational documentary, because it shows that everyone is capable of finding love and this shows that love does not discriminate. Regardless of who you are, you are capable of having a long-lasting relationship. The people who appear on this show have tremendous courage and I think that they are truly inspirational people. They are not allowing their disabilities to hold them back and they are proud of the fact that they are on the TV and I think that is wonderful. It's people like these that should be recognised more and commended for their bravery and their openness. It goes to show that regardless of people's appearance and characteristics, we are all capable of finding love.

999: What's Your Emergency?

Helping people is one of the most important things that you can do. There is so much negativity these days and the world is full of selfish, thoughtless person, so when you see documentaries like this, it can be really refreshing and it can restore your faith in humanity. All of the emergency services' main aim is to help people and save lives and I think that is incredible, as that too, is what I wish to do with my life and my future. They are staying up all over of the day and night, just to make sure that people are safe and that nobodies life is in danger. The amount of people that they look after and care for is incredible. Some people are so critically hurt or fragile and the care and treatment that they offer is unbelievable. I find these people incredibly inspiring, as they are going out of their way, in order to make sure that other's are in the best condition that they possibly can be in. That is truly influential.

Katie: My Beautiful Friends

Katie Piper is honestly one of my biggest inspirations. I am currently reading her book 'Things Get Better' and I truly believe that she is one of the most incredible women in the entire world. She has been through so much pain and torture in recent years, yet she is one of the kindest, most genuine people that there is. I would suggest that all of you go on over to Channel 4's website and have a look at this documentary, because it will definitely open your eyes and help you to picture things in a different light. You will become more grateful and appreciative of the things that you may normally take for granted. Katie is using her own personal experiences to help others to come to terms with theirs, and she is encouraging them to become more comfortable in their own skin, despite their insecurities. The amount of courage and bravery that these people display is so inspiring and so admirable. You get to see what the ups and downs are of life with a disfigurement. I admire Katie and these ambassadors so, so much. If you watch some of the episodes, you will see how much your perceptions truly change for the better.

Britain's Youngest Carers

Growing up can be a difficult experience for all of us. So, imagine not only having to face the pressures of becoming a teenager, but also to have to care for a loved one at the same time. There is enough to deal with already, what with school, puberty, relationships, friendships and the rest of it, but then to also have to look after someone else and do everything for them all the time, it adds extra pressure and stress on the young person's life. Oritse Williams from JLS has cared for him mum ever since he was 12 years old. In this moving documentary, we get an insight into how young people cope with caring for their poorly relatives, as well as coping with other childhood concerns. These young people are so admirable and independent and I think that it's so incredible how strong they are at such a young age, and how many responsibilities they take on, when there are other young people who wouldn't ever be able to handle something this challenging. It can get emotional, and I did find it quite difficult to watch, but I honestly would recommend it, because it truly does open up your eyes.

Great Ormond Street

The final documentary that I would like to talk about is Great Ormond Street. It is one of the biggest children's charities and one of the most inspirational. The work that the staff put into the children and their families is outstanding. Although this documentary can be extremely upsetting at some points, it is honestly one of the most beautiful things to watch. The bravery and determination that these children show is insane. I would love to work with Great Ormond Street when I'm older, because they honestly do change so many children's lives for the better and they put their all into every single patient.

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