Friday, 31 July 2015

Lifestyle | Monthly Mashup - July 2015

Clearly I've zoomed in here, but I can't believe how close I got to a squirrel on numerous occasions!

My mum always has such pretty flowers in the garden during the summer

I love going for walks with my boyfriend!

The fish in my pond are super cute. I love it when they all come to the top. They always seem so carefree and chilled!
Pizza Express is probably my favourite restaurant ever. I went there the other night with my mum and my sister and it was wonderful, not to mention absolutely delicious!
My sister and I sure know how to take a selfie! This is what we wore to Pizza Express xo

I know that there wasn't that many photos this month, but I hope that you enjoyed this post anyway!
Lots of love,


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Road To Recovery | Inspirational Documentaries

The first post in this brand new series is going to be about inspirational documentaries. I have watched a large number of documentaries throughout the last few months and years, so I thought that it would be a really nice idea if I shared some of my favourites with you. There are quite a few, so I'm just going to get straight into it! I really hope you like this post and please let me know what you think!


The Stranger On The Bridge

Jonny Benjamin (front) was reunited with 'Mike', real name Neil Laybourn (back), the Good Samaritan who stopped Jonny from jumping off a bridge

One of my friend's recommended this documentary to me after she had watched it and I honestly can't thank her enough. This documentary is one of the most inspiring, eye-opening things that I have ever seen in my entire life and it completely restored my faith in humanity. Without giving away too much (in case you were thinking of watching it yourself), it's about a young man called Jonny Benjamin, who at the age of 20, was about to jump off of Waterloo Bridge in 2008, when he was talked out of it by a passing stranger. Six years later and he was finally attempting to find the Good Samaritan. It is such an emotionally moving documentary and it honestly opens up so many thoughts and feelings. It has the potential to save lives and raise awareness for mental health issues. Society makes out like being mentally ill, or emotionally unstable should be an embarrassment; an imperfection, as though it is something that should be swept under the carpet due to such shame. This honestly does disgust me. There are so many people in the world who are suffering in silence, too afraid to get the help that they so desperately need. If you had broken a bone, or you had a serious physical illness, would you be denied treatment, or simply pushed away? Of course not! Mental health is just as serious as physical health. There should be more people trying to help those suffering and raise awareness, so maybe one day there will be no stigma or shame attached to mental illnesses.
This story is absolutely incredible. It is one of the most beautiful, heart-felt documentaries I have honestly ever seen and it could save so many lives. The amount of people that overlooked Jonny is so, so upsetting. To think that some humans are selfish enough to allow someone to potentially commit suicide is honestly a disgrace. 'Mike' was a passer by, just like everyone else. He didn't have to talk to Jonny - nobody else did. But he decided that he would, out of the kindness of his heart. For that, these 2 men are an absolute inspiration to me, as I'm sure they would be for you too. One person. One human being could save another human being's life. I think that in itself is a pretty extraordinary thing, don't you?

The Undateables

The second inspirational documentary that I would like to talk about is 'The Undateables'. I believe that this is an inspirational documentary, because it shows that everyone is capable of finding love and this shows that love does not discriminate. Regardless of who you are, you are capable of having a long-lasting relationship. The people who appear on this show have tremendous courage and I think that they are truly inspirational people. They are not allowing their disabilities to hold them back and they are proud of the fact that they are on the TV and I think that is wonderful. It's people like these that should be recognised more and commended for their bravery and their openness. It goes to show that regardless of people's appearance and characteristics, we are all capable of finding love.

999: What's Your Emergency?

Helping people is one of the most important things that you can do. There is so much negativity these days and the world is full of selfish, thoughtless person, so when you see documentaries like this, it can be really refreshing and it can restore your faith in humanity. All of the emergency services' main aim is to help people and save lives and I think that is incredible, as that too, is what I wish to do with my life and my future. They are staying up all over of the day and night, just to make sure that people are safe and that nobodies life is in danger. The amount of people that they look after and care for is incredible. Some people are so critically hurt or fragile and the care and treatment that they offer is unbelievable. I find these people incredibly inspiring, as they are going out of their way, in order to make sure that other's are in the best condition that they possibly can be in. That is truly influential.

Katie: My Beautiful Friends

Katie Piper is honestly one of my biggest inspirations. I am currently reading her book 'Things Get Better' and I truly believe that she is one of the most incredible women in the entire world. She has been through so much pain and torture in recent years, yet she is one of the kindest, most genuine people that there is. I would suggest that all of you go on over to Channel 4's website and have a look at this documentary, because it will definitely open your eyes and help you to picture things in a different light. You will become more grateful and appreciative of the things that you may normally take for granted. Katie is using her own personal experiences to help others to come to terms with theirs, and she is encouraging them to become more comfortable in their own skin, despite their insecurities. The amount of courage and bravery that these people display is so inspiring and so admirable. You get to see what the ups and downs are of life with a disfigurement. I admire Katie and these ambassadors so, so much. If you watch some of the episodes, you will see how much your perceptions truly change for the better.

Britain's Youngest Carers

Growing up can be a difficult experience for all of us. So, imagine not only having to face the pressures of becoming a teenager, but also to have to care for a loved one at the same time. There is enough to deal with already, what with school, puberty, relationships, friendships and the rest of it, but then to also have to look after someone else and do everything for them all the time, it adds extra pressure and stress on the young person's life. Oritse Williams from JLS has cared for him mum ever since he was 12 years old. In this moving documentary, we get an insight into how young people cope with caring for their poorly relatives, as well as coping with other childhood concerns. These young people are so admirable and independent and I think that it's so incredible how strong they are at such a young age, and how many responsibilities they take on, when there are other young people who wouldn't ever be able to handle something this challenging. It can get emotional, and I did find it quite difficult to watch, but I honestly would recommend it, because it truly does open up your eyes.

Great Ormond Street

The final documentary that I would like to talk about is Great Ormond Street. It is one of the biggest children's charities and one of the most inspirational. The work that the staff put into the children and their families is outstanding. Although this documentary can be extremely upsetting at some points, it is honestly one of the most beautiful things to watch. The bravery and determination that these children show is insane. I would love to work with Great Ormond Street when I'm older, because they honestly do change so many children's lives for the better and they put their all into every single patient.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Spread The Sunshine | Making A Change In The World

I want to be able to change the world. That may sound insane to some of you and I know that it won't be easy by any means, but I want to change the world.
I think about it this way. One day, in years to come, I shall reach the end of my life. Hopefully I would have had an incredibly happy, successful one, but regardless of how it was, I shall one day reach the end. One thought has been going around in my mind for a while now. What do I want to be remembered for when I am no longer here? What do I want to be passed through future generations?
I want to be remembered for changing other people's lives. If you really think deeply enough about this subject, kindness and positivity honestly are like a domino effect. If you are kind enough to offer another person help if they are struggling, or if you smile at a passer-by and ask them how their day is going, you are automatically making them feel so much better and it may completely change their outlook for the day ahead. If you spread kindness and positivity, then the person that you have spread it to may also radiate those vibes onto somebody else and so on. We all have the power to change another individual's life, even through a random act of kindness. You can truly make a difference, even through the smallest of things. You may think that you are just simply doing someone a favour, but you may not realise that you are changing that person's entire mind-set.
If you can put somebody else in a better mood, then their positivity will be contagious too and eventually, without realising, you will have had an outstanding effect on more people than you imagined. If we all start small, then imagine the effect that would have on the entire world!
You should focus on making one person happy. Set a goal to make one person happy every day. You could either start talking to someone and ask them how their day is going, do some chores for a loved one, buy your best friend a little gift to tell them that you appreciate them... It can really be anything!
You should always try to be as kind, as compassionate and as caring as you can be to everyone that you meet. That is all that you can do. You don't know what someone else could be going through. There are so many cruel, selfish people in this world that only care for themselves and they feel the need to constantly put other people down for absolutely no valid reason. They don't know what that person is going through, so they shouldn't be so nasty! If you are kind and you let people know that you are always there for them, you don't understand how much better you could be making them feel.
If you honestly do wish to see a change in the world, you can make it happen. If you radiate positivity and you are always seen with a smile, spreading kindness to everyone that you meet, then you are already changing the world and influencing so many people's lives. You should treat other's how you wish to be treated and if you wouldn't wish for somebody to be disrespectful and unkind to you, then make sure that you aren't like that with them! Even if people are rude and they say disheartening things, just to try and dampen your spirits, then try not to worry about it and don't let them stop you from being kind! Kill them with kindness ;) they will give up with being rude to you in the end!
I hope that this blog post has inspired you in some way. Just remember to always stay positive, always grace people with kindness and compassion and ignore those who are unkind to you!


Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Journey To Recovery | A New Series

Today marks the beginning of a brand new series. It's called 'The Journey To Recovery'. The reason that I'm going to be working on this new series is because I find recovery so, so important as a part of every human's life. We all go through difficult times, whether it be the death of a loved one, a break-up, mental health issues, bullying, self-esteem, relationship problems - whatever it is, we all experience them. I have been through quite a lot during my 14 years of life and I feel that I'm now slowly beginning to find myself and get back on the right track. I want this series to be mainly focused on strength, recovery, positivity and encouragement. I shall be doing a variety of posts on things such as, techniques, self-help book reviews, motivating quotes, uplifting songs, helpful distractions, treatments, supportive charities/organisations, interviews with friends who have experienced these issues personally, q&a's, getting to know my story, talking about how I'm planning on recovery and becoming stronger etc. I feel that it will be beneficial to many people and it's promoting positivity, which is essentially what my blog is about anyway. As I mentioned earlier, recovery is so important, whatever term it may be used in. It's all about finding yourself and overcoming obstacles to become the best version of you that you can be and moving on from the struggles you have dealt with in the past. I'm going to do my best to help as many of you, including myself, as I can. There should be 1 post a week, so I shall see you all very soon! I hope you like it!
QOTP ~ 'I didn't come here to tell you my sob story, I came here to tell you it gets better' ~


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Teen Talk | Love & Relationships Q&A

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to be answering your questions on 'Love & Relationships'. The reason I didn't include specifically boys, or specifically girls in the title is because some of you may be attracted to boys and some of you may be attracted to girls and I want to be able to answer these questions for everyone, without specifying the gender, as there is no true need. I hope this helps!

1. How do you know if you've found the perfect person? - @bexxjones_

This might sound like a cliché answer, but I do think it's just something that you know. However, that being said, I don't really think that there is such thing as a 'perfect' person, because as long as that person makes us happy, what does it really matter if they have flaws? All humans have flaws! The person who you can see yourself building a future with should be someone who you trust, feel safe with, who treats you right and with respect, who is prepared to do whatever for you and who you are genuinely compatible with. You have to love the person, because without love, there is no point in being in a proper relationship. You have to go with what your heart is telling you, and if your heart is telling you that you love this person and you want to stay with them, then you should follow that decision. Arguments are completely normal, so long as they aren't happening too often, or too severely.

2. How do you get over awkward/nerve-wracking situations in a relationship? - @bexxjones_

In my opinion, this is something that you get over through time. When I first meet someone, particularly if I am attracted to them, then I will naturally feel nervous and quite awkward, just as they probably will be. As you slowly get to know a person better through communicating and meeting up, things do get easier, because you will naturally become more comfortable in their company. Try to take deep breaths and be as confident as you can. It's totally natural to be scared at first and I honestly do understand that, but you will grow more comfortable with the person eventually. It may take a little while, but you do just have to have a little bit of patience!

3. How to get over a relationship? - anonymous

If you are in the process of getting over a relationship, it can be extremely difficult and I understand that. With my previous relationship, which I don't wish to go into too much detail about, it was toxic. It really was. It took me a long time to break free from it, but once I'd gotten over it, it was 110% worth it. People that continuously treat you badly, yet lead you on, are the worst type of people. My ex would constantly talk about sexual things, yet he never actually had time for me, or my feelings. I felt uncomfortable when I met him and I didn't even want to be around him. That is when you know you need to escape. It does take time, but finding the courage to decide that you need to move on for the best is the most important thing. Once I had decided that I could no longer continue with this relationship, I was so much better off. With the right support, I managed to move on. I found it best to cut off all contact and once I'd let my anger out through arguing, then block him off of everything and completely forget about him. If you remember them for the bad things and how much pain they caused you, it will hopefully make you realise that you deserve so much better and you shouldn't go back to them, ever! It may be hard, but you need to get rid of them and remind yourself that they are no good to you and you can do so much better, even if you don't think you can. You need to have a positive mind set and be thankful to yourself that you got out of that toxic relationship, before it was too late. Just cut off all communication, avoid them as much as you can, distract yourself and find support in friends and family. Maybe they can remind you how poisonous that person was too!
4. How do you know if you're really in love? - anonymous

5. How do you know if they like you? - @ruby.turner_

This can be another really tricky one and I can completely empathise with the fact that it's not always easy to tell if someone likes you romantically. However, there are usually a few little tricks and hints that may give it away or help you to understand. Just remember that everyone is different, and both guys and girls have different ways of expressing their feelings. Most people don't admit how they feel straight away, as they may be shy, or nervous. This is completely normal. They may blush, stare at you, yet turn away when they catch you noticing, do things that draw attention to them, such as laughing or talking louder etc. These clues are usually typical if the person is shy. If they are more outgoing, some signs could be - showing no fear of starting the conversation, literally talking to you or interacting with you at every possible opportunity, trying to get you to notice them, ask you to hang out or make an attempt to get your number etc. Some people are afraid of rejection, so they may make it a little less obvious, due to fear. Some of the little things that these people may do include; bumping into you slightly just to make contact, take the seat beside you, even if there are plenty of other choices, being the first to notice when you are sad/off etc. If you are pretty sure someone likes you, then just try to make small conversation and show that you are interested, even if you are too nervous to openly admit it yet. Take it slowly and be yourself. Never, ever change for anyone. If things are meant to be, they will be, and if not, there are plenty of other opportunities and fish in the sea.

6. What should you do if nobody cares about you and people judge you straight away because of one situation that you had no control over? - anonymous

As hard as it may be, you need to try to forget about these people. You clearly had no control over the situation and it's completely wrong of them to judge you for it before they even know you! You don't need a relationship with a judgemental person who makes you feel bad about the person that you are. One day, you will find someone who does accept you and who loves you for who you are. It may take some time and it may feel as though you will never find anybody, but I know that you will. There truly is someone out there for everyone, but it just takes the right timing and patience to find your soul mate. I guess that some people just don't think before they get to know a person and they simply just judge a book by it's cover. I know that's so wrong, but they are too insensitive to see that, and really, that just shows that they have their own issues which need sorting out before they commit themselves to a relationship. Honestly, just forget about love and relationships until the right person comes along. You will know when you have found them, trust me! Surround yourself with your loved ones, who are non-judgemental and try to ignore what people say. Your loved ones care about you, regardless of what other insensitive fools believe. You will find someone some day. I promise.

7. What do you do if you catch your boyfriend cheating? - @bexxjones_

When it comes to cheating, I think that no two people have the same opinion. We all have different views and it all depends on that situation that has gone on. If the person has admitted it to you and they genuinely have proved themselves to you, then I don't see why you can't forgive them. If they make you happy and you feel as if you want to be in a relationship with them and they want to be with you, then just try to regain that trust and get on with your lives together. Make sure that the person doesn't continuously disrespect you and cheat on you though, as that is when it can become an issue. If the person constantly goes behind your back and treats you with disrespect and as if you mean nothing to them, to the point where they are constantly making time with other girls/boys and they make excuses to not meet you every time, then you should definitely reconsider your future with them. Some people believe that once you are a cheat, you are always a cheat, but it is completely down to personal opinion. If you can relate to the second situation, then I would recommend that you leave the person and try to move on, but then again, I don't know the situation, so only you can make that decision. If you can relate to the first one, another chance may be possible, but yet again, it's your decision, not mine! Whatever you do, make sure you follow your heart and you do what's best for you.

8. Do you believe that boys and girls think and act differently in a relationship? - anonymous

Personally, I definitely believe that guys and girls act differently in a relationship. I do think that boys are naturally more immature and flirtatious, especially during the young, teenage years, because of their hormones and they are typically becoming more sexually attracted to the opposite sex. This is why I believe that they are known to be flirting a lot more and more likely go on the pull. I may be wrong, but I know a lot of guys in my school, and around my age that would do anything to get a girl. I think that's just the way that they are and I do think that they get a bit carried away, because they haven't necessarily worked out how to control themselves, whereas girls may typically want to settle down and just stay loyal and committed to one person for the rest of their lives. In my opinion, girls are naturally more mature and they are usually able to stay loyal a little easier. It's natural for both sexes to want to flirt and have fun at a young age, but I think girls have more control and respect for themselves, as they aren't all about the physical side of relationships. whereas I have found certain boys can be extremely pushy and convincing, when it shouldn't be that way and you shouldn't just be focusing on the sexual side. Girls are more interested in the loyalty, settling down and the majority of them are very much into the idea of marriage and starting a family in the future. Most of us girls focus on the long-term goals and boys seem to be more focused on having fun in the present.

9. How do I get over someone I've liked for 3 years but we are still really close? - anonymous

You need to remind yourself of your friendship. You have clearly known this person and been close to them for a very long time, but maybe a relationship would ruin that close friendship. You are close friends for a reason and maybe that is just the way that it is meant to be. I don't think there is anyone to get over someone, because if it's meant to be, you will just get over them through time, but then again, nobody can predict the future and so you never know what may happen between you. You should just focus on hanging out with them as a close friend and remind yourself of that fact, then see what happens in the future.

10. How do I get out of an abusive relationship?

I have already done a blog post on domestic violence, so feel free to check that one out if you wish, but I'm going to be answering this question too, as I feel it is incredibly important. I know it may sound like the hardest/stupidest answer, but you honestly do need to get out of that relationship. It depends what type of abuse it is. If it's emotional, then you should try and pack up your things whilst the person is away at work or whatever during the day and then call up a loved one and arrange to stay with them whilst you sort yourself out. You can call the police, or research organisations where they can arrange support, or a place to stay where you are safe and away from harm. It will be difficult, but it's important that you have support from your loved ones and that you make this huge step for your own safety. You do not deserve to be experiencing any sort of abuse. It is wrong. If it's physical abuse, then you need to escape as soon as possible. Your life is in serious danger. Call the police straight away and be completely honest, as hard as it is. You need to do this for your own safety. Get away as soon as possible and go and stay with a family member or contact support lines. You need to get out. I honestly can't stress it enough. Do your research and plan your escape as soon as you can, please. I can't urge how important your safety is, so please get out whilst you still can.

11. How do I know if he still loves me?

Everyone has different ways of expressing their feelings and emotions. I'm not too sure how to answer this one, as I'm not a boy so I don't know how some of them express their feelings, but I'm going to try and answer this question as best as I can. If he's making room for you in his life and he's putting you before other things that he used to make a priority, then this could be a sign! He would do anything to make you happy and he is always willing to spend his free time with you. See if he asks questions about you and talks about you positively to other people. Just observe the little things and really think about how he acts when he's in your company. It may be hard to tell, but you will work out the secret clues eventually!

12. How do I know if the relationship is worth it?

This is also a very difficult one to answer, as yet again, it comes down to personal opinion. You have to go with what your heart says and stay true to how you feel deep within. If you genuinely feel that you love the person and that you do want to work things out and stay with them, because they make you happy, they make you feel safe, loved, wanted and all of that romantic stuff, then you should stay with them! If you are having constant doubts about whether the person actually loves you, or you think they don't spend enough time with you, or they don't treat your right and your heart is telling you that they may not be worth it, then stick with your instincts and break up with them. It is completely down to you and how your relationship is already. That's just what I would suggest!

13. I think my boyfriend treats his boys with more love than me.. What should I do?

You should talk to your boyfriend about this. Ask him why this is the case and try to find out why he may not be spending as much time with you. He may just not be able to express his love for you as much as he wants too, so talk to him about it and see his reaction. If you are still wary and unsure, then maybe you could talk to his friends and see what they say, or what their reactions are. There could be an issue, or there may not be, so try not to worry too much until you get some proper answers. You may have to reconsider your relationship with him, or you may just need to spend a little more time together and talk to him more so that he can make time for you instead of his boys 24/7.

14. I feel lonely and unloved. Does being single prove that I'm not good enough?

No! Absolutely not. Just because you are single does not mean that you are not good enough. It can take a long time to find the right person, but it's better to be single than in a relationship with someone who makes you feel worthless. Good things come to those who wait and there is someone out there for everyone, but you just need to be patient and wait for the right person to come along. Sometimes, we don't always find the right person for us, because they simply haven't crossed paths with us yet and that is completely fine. There is no rush! You should focus on the relationship that you have with yourself first and focus on loving who you are before you allow somebody else in. Just because you haven't found your soul mate yet, it doesn't mean that you are unloved. You will find somebody. You will find the right person eventually, I am sure of it. Just be patient and focus on yourself and your loved ones before making that commitment. Everything will work out in the end.

15. Why do boys cheat on a girl they love?

I honestly don't know how to answer this question either. I believe that it is simply through lust and boredom. If a boy/man sees an attractive girl, and the girl seems to be attracted to them too, then they will just want to make the most of the opportunity. It is possible for them to be in love with someone else, but sometimes boys/men just want their ego to be satisfied and they are naturally more sexual, so they want to tend to these needs. They may not even consider it cheating, like you do.

I really do hope that this post has helped you and that I may have answered some of your questions.
Thank you to everyone that asked me a question and I really hope I did the answer justice for you!

QOTP  ~ 'We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason'  ~


Monday, 20 July 2015

Spread The Sunshine | Positivity Q&A

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for some of you to leave me your questions relating to positivity on my Instagram. If you missed out this time, then feel free to follow me @jademillard_ because that's the place where I always ask for your questions! However, I may also start asking them on Twitter, and my name on there is @jademillardx. I tried to answer a variety of questions, so I hope you like this post! If you have any requests for future Q&A's, then please do let me know your suggestions.
1. How do you stay happy? xo - @tiiaaa._xo
There are quite a few things that help me to stay happy. One of them is by surrounding myself with positive people. All of the people that I choose to communicate/hang out with either help me, support me, cheer me up or all 3 of them. I don't have time for negative, hateful people! They don't help anyone. I will only hang out with people and talk to them if they genuinely bring me joy. What's the point of allowing someone to bring you down, just because they have insecurities themselves? Another key thing that I try to remember is to be grateful and appreciative of what I have. I am lucky to have supportive loved ones, a roof over my head, food and clean water, clothes to wear and a lot more too. Some people have to learn how to survive on incredibly little. I just try to create happy memories and I remember that it's important I don't take things or people for granted, as others aren't always quite so fortunate. You can always turn things into a positive, if you try hard enough! I find happiness in the little things and I think that's something that more people should do more often!
2. What's your favourite TV programme? - @life0ftabby
I'm really into comedy programmes, or anything relating to drama! If I had a choice to watch any genre, it would definitely be comedy. There needs to be more positivity in the world and I honestly do think that some of the shows are so well-acted and so funny to watch. I used to adore watching 'Some Girls', which was a British sitcom that is situated around 4 teenage girls, just living their average lives, but with a real comedy element. It's currently available to watch on BBC Iplayer.
3. If you found a book that contained your future, would you read it? Why/why not? - @life0ftabby
As much as I have been torn between both yes and no, I am going to have to say no to this one. I believe that the future is a mystery and as hard as it can be to deal with that thought sometimes, it's true. Life is unpredictable and I do think that is for the best. If you knew everything that was going to happen, life would be no fun! There would be no spontaneity, no excitement, no unanswered questions - I think it would make the world an awfully boring place! So, as tempting as it may be sometimes, I would rather wait and see what the future has to hold, as opposed to finding out in advance.
4. What have been your 3 happiest memories? - @soph_gx
I have gained a tonne of happy memories throughout my 14 years of living - it's so hard to pick just 3! However, I have managed to whittle it down to the ones that stand out the most in my mind! Instead of giving individual memories, I'm going to be naming them as categories, so there is no specific favourite, but there is still a generalised answer.

My happiest memories are usually created whilst I'm on holiday. I honestly don't think that anything could compare to that. Whenever I'm abroad, I always fall in love with the place that I'm going and I create so many memories with my loved ones. I feel so free and it makes me so happy to be able to explore a new country. It's almost like living a different life for a week or two! In 2012, I went to Turkey and even though it was boiling hot, I had so much fun with my family and the new friends that I'd made. Last year, I went to Lanzarote with my family and although I didn't make any friends, I had so much fun anyway. It's the only time that I properly get to spend with my family and I really did make the most of it all.

My second favourite memory is going to Southend. I went last year with my mum and my grandparents and although I was in a bad mood and I didn't go on any rides, I still enjoyed myself. There is something about the atmosphere that I am attracted to. It's so lively and full of energy, the air smells of candyfloss and ice-cream, the busyness makes me feel so at home, as if I belong there. The beach is next to it and there is a pier and loads of attractions and arcades along the side too. I am hopefully going again in a couple of weeks with a few of my loved ones and I honestly can't wait.

My final favourite memory is really hard to choose. It would either be spending time with my grandparents or going to the summer fete every year when I was in primary school. Spending time with my grandparents has always been incredibly important to me, as I used to stay with them 3 days a week when I was in primary and they have had a huge impact on the person that I am today. I used to love having sleepovers and I still do when I get the chance! I used to go to the park with my grandma and play with my Barbie dolls, or watch programmes and bake with her. We have had so many funny memories together and I love her and my granddad to bits. He always tells me funny jokes and is guaranteed to put a smile on my face, no matter what. The other memory is when I used to go to the summer fete. There was always loads of different stalls and people performing on stage and chatting with all the other parents and I just loved the atmosphere. I will never forget the time that I performed a street dance routine to a Flo Rida track in a pink tutu - it was the funniest thing!
As I mentioned at the beginning of this answer, I have had so many happy memories and I keep on creating new ones each day. Memories are really precious and worthy of holding onto, so I do that.

5. How do you stay happy when you have worries on your mind? - @nadiai.xo

Staying happy when you have worries on your mind is quite a tricky one. I usually have quite a few worries on my mind, as I am a naturally anxious person, but I try to stay positive as much as I can. The best thing to do is to try and distract yourself as much as possible. If you have worries on your mind quite a lot, then I would suggest finding things to do to take your mind off them. Maybe you could find a new hobby, or take up an old one, such as dancing, painting, photography, writing, etc.
It's important to have a creative outlet, so you can express yourself in a way that is beneficial. You could also arrange to meet up with your friends and go out shopping, or have a sleepover sometime. Talk to them about how you're feeling and see if they can offer any support. It always helps to talk to people and it can really lift a weight off of your shoulders too. You could even write down your feelings in a diary each day and then you can target these issues and try to find ways to sort them out. Working through them, talking about them to someone you trust and distracting yourself are the best options. Try not to worry though, because everything is okay in the end. Ask yourself if that problem would matter in 5, even 10 years to come and if the answer is no, then you don't have to worry too much!

6. How do you keep a good relationship? - @_millieexx

I'm not a professional relationship adviser and I certainly don't know everything that there is to know about relationships, but I do have a couple of tips that I can share with you. A relationship can only work if there is trust, communication and loyalty. Of course, there are other things you need to make a relationship work, but I think they are some of the most important. You have to trust the person and believe what they say. There shouldn't be any doubts. All humans get paranoid and anxious at times, but you should have faith in the person and even if you have doubts at first, just believe them! There shouldn't be any lies or secrets, as they are toxic and they ruin relationships. You should be able to talk to each other about anything and everything, knowing that you won't be judged. You should communicate and make time for each other, but understand that you can't be with each other every second of every day. Stay loyal and don't go behind the other person's back, ever. It is only going to result in arguments. If you do feel that an argument is going to happen, then talk through it as calmly as possible and make sure you don't just think about yourself - think about what's best for both of you. If people are trying to break you up, they are only jealous. You need to make sure that you two talk about any rumours and address them in a calm manner and ensure that you are on the same page. Don't allow other people's jealousy to ruin what you have. Not all relationships work out. However, what will be will be and even if things were to go downhill, you should be prepared to try and sort them out and fight for the one you love. Take it slowly and remember, communication is a key thing.

7. What made you start up your blog? - @laurendixxn

All my life, I have wanted to help people. That has always been the thing that I have wanted more than anything else. I really enjoy writing and I read many blogs anyway, so I thought that I would give it a go myself after one of my friends suggested it. I feel like I have a lot of personal experience within issues in society, such as body image, the pressure to be perfect, bullying, broken families, self-harm etc. I am still trying to recover from these issues myself, but seeing as I know how it feels to deal with them, I believe that I can help other people and support them, whilst also getting something out of it myself. The reason that I wanted to start my blog was because I was inspired by a variety of other people and I wanted to give young people the chance to escape through my blog. Whatever issues they may be going through, they can receive support and encouragement from me and my posts. I would like to change the world and the way that people feel, not only about themselves, but also about others around them. If this blog becomes a place that encourages positivity and inspires people to become the best version of them that they can be, then that is a starting point. I want to address important issues that are typically seen as taboo subjects and I would like to give young people a voice, if they are struggling to use their own. You should be the change that you wish to see in the world and that is exactly what I am doing. We, as a part of my 'Spread The Sunshine' community can get through anything.

8. When you have had your heart broken, how do you get over it? - @graycebates
Getting over a heart break is probably one of the hardest things in the world, whilst you are going through it. I have had my heart broken quite a few times, but it does get easier to deal with as time goes on. When I have had to handle this situation, I try to gradually distance myself from the person over time. If it's been a bad break up, I will usually block them off everything and avoid any contact with them. It's best to try and distract yourself and only spend time with those who you truly love and care about. We all experience heart breaks and we all find different ways to deal with them, but it's important to focus on other things and take your mind off of the person, so avoid any contact. Things will get easier and eventually the memories will fade, but just understand that you're not alone and most people are put in this situation at least once. If it wasn't a bad breakup, but you still feel heartbroken, you can still do the same sort of things, but you may want to stay friends with that person, or at least remain civil. It's completely up to you, so just do what you feel is best for yourself.

9. What makes you stay positive when things get tough? - @gabriella_scipioni
I don't have one specific answer for this question, so I'm going to name a few. If things are particularly tough, then you need to try and focus on the good things. Even if you may think that there aren't any, I'm sure that you can find at least one reason if you think hard enough. It's important that you try to think positively. Turn the negative thoughts around. If you are in an argument with someone that constantly hates on you, take it as a lesson to become a stronger individual. These things do take time, but if you have positive thoughts, you will find that you are happier overall, meaning that good things will come to you. It's also important that you surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and support you, as then you will find that they can cheer you up, because they know you best and they have your best intentions at heart. I would suggest removing any toxic negativity from your life and focus on the things and the people that make your life worth living. No matter what is going on, everything happens for a reason and all of your life experiences turn you into a stronger person in the end. It's always a good idea to talk to someone about how you're feeling too. You should never let things build up as it will only make everything much worse. I personally just focus on my loved ones, I hold onto as much hope as I can and I think about my future. I guess it's something that becomes easier over time, but you cannot ever give up, remember.
10. I keep putting myself down and I hate myself.. How do I get out of this state? - anonymous
This is another pretty difficult question to answer, but I have also learnt how to deal with this through personal experience and the right support. It's important to focus on the little things. Get some post it notes and write down the things that you like about yourself, both personality and appearance, no matter how small they are. Stick them in a place that you will see them regularly, such as around your mirror, on your desk, above your bed etc. Look at yourself every time you see a mirror and say "I am beautiful". You may feel stupid, but just smile and repeat those words each time. Once again, surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and get rid of toxic people who just bring you down. You should try to be positive and take small steps each day to improve your self-esteem. If you are deeply unhappy, try a new haircut, buy some new makeup to enhance certain features that you like, start eating more healthily. Just take small steps each day and eventually, over time, you will feel better. We all go through self-esteem issues, but learning to accept yourself is so important. You are all beautiful and unique in your own way and you should never have to change for anybody. 
11.  What can I do to cheer myself up and get out of depression/anxiety? - anonymous
The most important thing in my opinion is to get help. I know that it may seem like the hardest thing, but talking to a professional, or someone that you trust honestly can make a world of difference. There comes a point where you need to accept that you can't get through it on your own and it's perfectly normal to need some support. Maybe you could get some counselling or arrange for some therapy sessions to sort your emotions out and work out ways that you can manage a bit better. Spend time with people who are supportive of you and who love you. Go out with them and have fun! When you are with them, try to let go of all your worries and just think within the moment. You could also try out mindfulness. Reminding yourself to take notice of your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and the world around you is the first step to mindfulness. Some examples are tai chi, yoga and meditation. These help to clear your mind and relax you, so that you can feel better about yourself. Exercise can also have a massively positive impact on your mental wellbeing, as it releases feel-good endorphins into your brain. You could also connect with others and give to them too. Helping other people is so rewarding and in return, they may also help you. It's all about helping each other, in my opinion. Giving back to others can seriously improve your mental wellbeing and it's so important! Take small steps each day and you will eventually find yourself a lot happier and a lot more stable.
12. I am good at helping people, but I am unable to help myself. What should I do about it? - anonymous
I would suggest that you seek help yourself. If you are unable to help yourself, then you should try to get help from others about your own issues, as you are just as important as anyone else. It's wonderful that you are wanting to help others, but you should also be caring for your own wellbeing. You should have a pamper evening once a week and treat yourself to a bath, paint your nails, watch some movies, eat your favourite comfort foods and try to spend time on your own sometimes to reflect. Keep a diary and write down your thoughts and emotions everyday so that you can keep track and then discuss them with somebody else so that you are getting the help you need. They may also be able to guide you, so that in time, you will be able to help yourself, as well as other people!
13. How have you managed to overcome your problems to become such a positive and successful person? - anonymous
Overcoming your problems can be a real big challenge at first, but believe me, it is possible. There comes a point where you realise that you cannot stay trapped in a negative bubble for your entire life. With the right state of mind and the right support from other people, you truly can get through any problems that you may be facing, even if at first it seems impossible. I have been through hell and back over the last few years, but I have learnt so much and I'm continuing to learn and grow stronger each day. You have to do the things that make you happy and you have to realise that you are capable of anything if you put your mind to it. Hold onto hope for the future and start doing the things that make you feel good inside. I found some really supportive people and I wanted to try and overcome my problems for them, because they convinced me that I could do it if I put my mind to it and they were right. If you don't have anyone that you feel is encouraging you, then I am that person. I am encouraging you to start overcoming your problems today. I am encouraging you to become more positive and to do things that make you, as an individual happy. These things don't happen overnight - they take a lot of small steps, but then those small steps lead to success. It's all about having the right mind-set. For me, I thought of starting this process for my loved ones and for the future me. I created a blog, in the hope that I could help others and I began to spend those who brought out the best in me. It will take quite a while, but you eventually learn within time. You must remember not to give up and to just keep on taking baby steps until you get there. Think of how happy you will be in the end. I always think of how I can help others from my experiences and how I can achieve all my dreams in the future, just if I find the strength to get through the hard times. You need to stay strong. I will always be here for each and every one of you. I am encouraging you to overcome your problems.
 I really hope that this post has helped some of you. I think that positivity is so important and it can benefit all of our lives if we make the effort to become happier individuals. I love you all, always!
QOTP ~ 'Anything is possible. All you need is passion, perseverance and positivity.' ~ Jade Millard


Monday, 13 July 2015

Spread The Sunshine | Personal Poetry

As part of my 'Spread The Sunshine' campaign, I thought I'd share some poetry that I have written in the hope that it may help some of you who are struggling. It is very personal to me, as I have written this by myself, through experience but I hope that you enjoy it and you see a new side of me that may actually help you. 

This first poem is incredibly important to me and also a very personal one. I have often had times where I have felt as though I can't go on anymore; like living is just an impossible task. I know that many people feel the same and so I wanted to share this poem through experience and in the hope that it may help some of you who are struggling with similar thoughts at this moment in time. I promise that you do have the strength to get through this. Too often, we doubt ourselves and we tend to forget how strong we actually are. If we persevere and we don't give up, then we are capable of achieving anything, no matter how hard it may seem at the beginning. The haters are worth nothing. Even if you are having a bad day today, you have to hold on and remember that everything will be okay. Please keep fighting and show that world and yourself what you are made of. You can do anything.
Another poem about strength is this next one that I wrote yesterday. Even though things may seem difficult and unbearable within this particular moment, they won't be like that forever. As cliché' as it may sound to you, things do get better and they won't be this way forever. You are a fighter and this is one of the many battles that you will face during your lifetime. Fighters don't give up, do they? They keep on going until their very last breath. That is exactly what you must do. Pain is only temporary, but quitting lasts forever. Things will only get better if you make a change.
In the generation of today, people are so quick to judge and they are so thoughtless. Sometimes, we are incredibly selfish and we don't think about what other people may be going through, or how they may be feeling. There are so many wars, conflicts and arguments and it really makes me ever so upset to think that some people are just letting things carry on like this. If we don't do our individual bit to contribute to an international change, then how are we supposed to expect peace and united love? It's the little things that count the most and have the largest effect. Ask people how they are feeling, offer them a shoulder to cry on, give your loved ones gifts out of the kindness of your heart. If we all start to help each other more and show a little more sympathy, the world will be a better place.
We are all addicted to something that numbs the pain we feel. Some of us may have experienced self-harm, alcohol issues, drugs, violence towards other people; the list goes on. It gives us a temporary release for a problem(s) that may seem permanent at the time. Sometimes we can be so overwhelmed by sadness and anger that we don't think about our actions, or what we say during that particular time. Harming yourself or the person that is making you feel so much pain and hatred towards the world may seem like a solution and a release at first, but really, it causes more problems in the future. In the long run, these addictions are only doing you more damage. Whereas if you spoke to someone and you got support or a shoulder to cry on, then your problems could have been sorted. Please put down the blade, alcohol, drugs, your fist or whatever else it may be that you are using as an escape. Distract your mind and calm yourself down before acting irrationally. You don't want to ruin YOUR life because of other people, do you? You are worth so much more than that. I promise.


We must all hold onto hope. We must all wish for happiness. If we hold onto hope and wish for positive things to come, then there is a greater chance that it will happen as we will be more motivated. Hope is such an important thing to have. You should be grateful and happy about the little things in life. One day, all of your dreams will come true. If you work hard and you try your very best, then you will get to succeed and be able to do what you really want to do. If you give up, then you won't get anywhere, because you haven't tried hard enough. You have to keep going and then you will get to where you want to be.

Finally, I want to share one of my older poems with you all. Here I'm trying to explain that I know what it feels like to constantly get put down and get called all the names under the sun. There is so much pressure within today's society to look and act a certain way. But, you just need to remember that you are worth so much more than what society is making you out to feel like. You are unique and you are a true gift to the world. If you were not alive, then the world wouldn't be how it is today. Things wouldn't be the same. So many people's lives would be destroyed and torn apart. I love and believe in each and every one of you. I know that it can be an overwhelming struggle sometimes, but we are all in this together and we are all fighting our own individual battles. I know you might be broken and I know that you might want to give up, but you are all equally as important to me and I need you to fight. I promise you, you are so much more important and valued than you think you are. I am so, so proud of how far you have all come and even if you haven't managed to smile today, then smile now for me, precious. A smile looks gorgeous on you. So, no matter who you are, I want you to make a personal promise to me and yourself. That promise is that you will stay strong through no matter what and you will keep on fighting and ask me, or anyone else for help if you feel you would benefit from it. I'm always here for any of you that may need it, whether it's for a general chat, or for a heart-to-heart about your problems! We are all part of a community here and we are all going to support, motivate and help each other. I know that you are all capable of wonderful things, my lovelies. Don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of you, your dreams and your future.

* I'm now going to be doing a quote of the week for every #spreadthesunshine post that I do! Please feel free to share some of your favourite inspirational quotes in the comments and I shall take a look at them and include them in future posts if you would like! Tell me if you like this new idea.

 QOTW ~ 'Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody'


Friday, 10 July 2015

Lifestyle | 8 Photos Of Happiness Tag

Even though I wasn't nominated by anyone to do this tag, I have seen it floating around the blogging community and seeing as I'm all about positivity and I'm a lover of photography, I thought I'd do it!

Here are the rules:

1) Thank your nominator/s and link them in the post
3) Post your 8 photos of happiness - the photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.
4) Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or just let the photos do the talking!
5) Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers!

1) This has got to be one of my favourite photos that I've ever taken. It was from my holiday to Lanzarote in April 2014. I went with my family for 2 weeks and I honestly had a wonderful time. Many precious memories were made throughout the time I was there and I shall treasure those forever. Holidays are one of the happiest times for me and I don't think many things will ever compare.
2) The boy in this photo is incredibly important to me. Not only is he my boyfriend, but he is also my best friend and my favourite person in the entire world. He is so much more to me than just a boyfriend. I have known him since February 2014 and even though we lost contact until August 2014, I'm so grateful that we met again. I have gone through many unpleasant things throughout my life and the past year and a half, but you have been there through everything. You have been my absolute rock through thick and thin. I know we have been on and off for the past 11 months, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We have so many memories and I shall keep them in my heart forever. I will always hold a special place for you, Charlie. I love you unconditionally.
3) Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved Devon. My grandma's sister used to live there until recently and because we knew she was moving, we visited her one last time back in August 2014. We went around the town, to a carnival and to a couple of different beaches, along with a train ride through the bumpy streets. Although the weather wasn't amazing, it was lovely to be able to get a break and a change of scenery. The beach has always been something I love. I walked up to the top of 'Lantern Hill' and took this photograph at the top of it. I think it's honestly so beautiful.
4) This is a photo of myself and one of my best friends Tara. Ever since I started secondary school back in 2012, I have struggled immensely with settling in and finding true friends. I have always been very quiet and shy, so it hasn't been the easiest of times. However, Tara has been an incredibly precious friend for the past few months, maybe even a year or so. She is so lovely to talk to and she always makes me smile whenever I'm around her! I think we have similar personalities so it allows us to get on better. I really value her and our friendship and I love her very much. 
5) Sunsets are one of my favourite things in the world. I find them so fascinating and peaceful and whenever I catch one, I always end up thinking deep thoughts. I posted this picture on Instagam a couple of weeks ago, introducing my positivity project called 'Spread The Sunshine'. I thought that it fitted perfectly with the theme of positivity and happiness. The sunlight is streaming through the trees, which I thought symbolised how happiness can be spread anywhere and everywhere. The project is really important to me and I am a strong believer of positivity so it all links together!
6) Another very special person in my life is Tia. I have known this girl for many months now and she is honestly such an important part of my life. She has been there through everything and she has been the girl that I always turn too whenever I need support, laughter or a shoulder to cry on. We experienced quite a traumatic event together last year, but it just made our friendship closer. She is the little sister that I never had and I love her dearly. All of our memories are just endless and priceless too. Our inside jokes could also go on for years! Her and her mum equally mean a lot to me and they both hold a very special place in my heart.
7) This photograph represents both my love and appreciation for photography and nature. I have always loved flowers, nature and parks as I used to help my grandma with the gardening when I was little and we used to always go to the park too. Even now, I still go to the park and woodland areas with my friends and I'm constantly taking scenic pictures whenever I get the chance! Photography is a huge passion of mine and I try to capture as many moments as I possibly can.

8) No 'photos of happiness' tag would be complete without a photo of my grandma in it. She is the most inspirational, beautiful, kind-hearted, thoughtful, positive woman I have ever known in my entire life. Never does a day go by where she doesn't have a smile on her face. She is always doing things for other people and putting her loved ones before herself. She is the one person who has mostly influenced who I am today. I can never thank her enough for all that she has done. She has taught me right from wrong, hundreds of sayings and mottos, to respect myself and my body and to believe that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I look up to her and aspire to be like her more than I do any other woman. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a wonderful grandma like her and I love her with every single piece of me and I shall until the day I die.
I would like to nominate:
These photographs all mean a lot to me and they all have important reasons behind them. I could have chosen many others, I'm sure, but these are my top favourites. Although I have more friends and family, these were my favourite photos that I could find. However, I do just want to say thank you so much to each and every one of my friends for being there through thick and thin, you know who you are. And a huge thank you to my family for putting up with me all these years. I don't know how you do it! Every person in my life is precious to me, and I am grateful for all of you, I really, truly am.



Monday, 6 July 2015

Spread The Sunshine | Dealing With Heartbreak

Throughout our life, we usually all experience heartbreak at some point. Maybe some of us experience it more often or less often than others? It's a completely normal thing and if you are going through a heartbreak, then you are not the only one who has to deal with it. Many people are in the same position as you.

When you think of the term 'heartbreak', you may be thinking that I am only talking about a breakup or a romantic scenario, but that isn't the case. Heartbreak can be caused by one of these situations, but it can also be caused by a death, betrayal, friendship, family member or even rejection - anything that can lead to deep emotional pain. I know that I have certainly experienced it more than once, which is what gave me the idea for this post. The amount of times my girl friends have been crying and devastated over a boy is insane. Similarly, many boys get their hearts broken at some point in their lives too. It can be one of the hardest things to come to terms with, but there are ways to make the experience a little less painful, and I'm going to be sharing some of my advice with you today.

The first important step is to give yourself time. Don't expect to be completely fine within an instant. In any situation, it's going to take longer than just a minute to heal. You are going to need a while to pick yourself back up again and carry on without that person in your life. If it's the death of someone close to you, then of course you're not going to be yourself for a long time after, and it may take months. But, you have to take little steps and eventually you will become a stronger person. Hold onto the happy memories. Treasure photographs, letters, cards and materialistic possessions as well as the special times that cannot be treasured physically. Keep that person close to your heart, but also try to cope and carry on with everyday life. It will be difficult. It will be very difficult. You just have to take it step by step and accept that some days will be harder, but you will get stronger in time.

If it's a breakup, of either a friendship or a relationship, then you need to think about the kind of breakup it was. If it was a terrible breakup where there was a lot of cheating, lies and nasty things involved, then I'd highly suggest permanently removing the person from your life. Some things just aren't meant to be, and you can find someone so much better. If it was a civil, understandable breakup, where you both agreed it was for the best and you parted on decent terms, then maybe you could remain friends, or just remain friendly, so that there are no arguments or complications. The same applies with a friendship. If it just isn't bringing you happiness anymore, and the arguing begins to take over, then cut them off. If they have hurt you, cut them off, destroy all the pictures, contact details and anything that may remind you of them. Why would you want a poisonous person? Give yourself space from them. Delete them on all social media and avoid them wherever possible.

Distract yourself and surround yourself with other people. Take up a new hobby or get more involved in an old one. This may be photography, music, dance, art, a type of sport, writing - whatever it is, spend time on it. Invite a friend round. Go and have a coffee with a family member. Just talk to your loved ones about other things that take your mind off it. Make new friends too! Get talking to people on Instagram or Snapchat! You may not want to replace them, but it will help you in the long run. If it's the death of someone that you are dealing with, then hang out with your friends and family, even if they have been affected too. You may both be grieving so you need to try and keep yourself distracted, whether it's a hobby, or having a pamper, and just reflect on the happy memories. Talk about them over a cup of tea or a meal with your family. Hold a party to celebrate their life and talk to people about the good times, their achievements throughout their life, what they meant to you etc.

Talk about your feelings to people you trust. Have a heart to heart with a sibling, or a best friend. Talk to anyone you love and cry if you need too. Family and friends should be there to support you. This can be said for whatever the situation is. Just talk about it and let the tears out. Don't bottle up your feelings. Accept them and get professional help if you feel you need too. Don't be afraid.

And most importantly, stay positive. Don't let anybody bring you down. Whether it's the death of a loved one, the loss of a friendship, rejection or a breakup, don't choose negative coping skills. Always try to be positive. It may seem difficult now, but there is always, always a light at the end of the tunnel, and things will become better and less painful. You just have to remain optimistic and talk to people to distract and help yourself. I'm always available on all my social media! Take time to yourself and just remember all the good times, but understand that there will be brighter days. Things may never be the same again, but you have to try your best to carry on with your life, no matter what.

I really hope this post helped some of you. Let me know if it did and I shall speak to you all soon!

QOTP - Who has made you the happiest this week? Think about those most precious to you, treasure them and hold them close to your heart! Mine has been my boyfriend. What about you?


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Monthly Mashup | June 2015

the light looked pretty on the trees here

sunlight always adds a hint of sparkle to a photo!

summer means going to the park/field a LOT more

one of my very best friends Tia xo

I thought this one of myself & Charlie was particularly cute ;)

roses are one of my favourite flowers

I had a sleepover with one of my new friends Deanna - so much love for her xo

another one of me and Charlie xo
sitting by a lake is always peaceful, especially when nobody is around except your loved ones xo

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