Monday, 8 June 2015

Spread The Sunshine | Motivation

If we want to achieve anything in life, we have to work hard for it. Nothing worth living for comes easy and that's something that few people understand. You can't just click your fingers and expect everything you have ever dreamed of to be right before your eyes, as it simply doesn't work like that. Success is something that takes a very long time. It will take weeks, maybe even months of sheer hard work and determination. Often, if things aren't working out or going to plan, then we give up and say that we can't do it anymore because we think we have failed. That's the part that is a lie. 

If you have a certain goal in mind for this project, then you will know what I'm talking about. For example, you want to tone up by the end of July or you want to challenge yourself more to step out of your comfort zone. You can't expect to do one workout and have lost 1 stone. That is unrealistic and you are only setting yourself up for disappointment then, if your expectations are that high to begin with. You have to think that progress is progress, no matter how big or small. At least you are getting up and actually attempting to do a workout. If you have got a goal in mind, you have to work hard at it and take small steps to work up to achieving the results you want. Patience really is key in this situation.
In my case, I want to try and step out of my comfort zone (see the quote above!) and try to become more adventurous and confident. But, that being said, I can't just expect to be able to go to London by myself for a whole day without freaking out. I'm making sure that I start out with small steps and gradually building up. I'm sure that one day I will probably be able to go to London for the day by myself, but at this moment in time, I know that is an unrealistic aim. Nothing will turn out perfect the first time you try it. We all slip up and we all make mistakes the first time we try something new, but that is completely okay. That is natural and that IS allowed. If you really want to achieve something, you will keep your end result in mind and you will take small steps each day, whenever an opportunity comes up, to work towards that and achieve your dreams. It will be hard and it will take some time, but you cannot give up. No matter how hard it gets or how much you may want to give up, progress is progress. Each time you do something that brings you closer to your goal, you are making progress and you are moving forward towards success. If you want to loose 2 stone by the end of the year, then gradually eliminate unhealthy foods, start working out more and walking at every chance you get and join a gym or something like that. This is only one example that I could think of, but this advice can apply in more than one situation. It doesn't matter who is putting you down, or saying you can't do it. It doesn't matter if you miss a day at the gym, or if you eat a chocolate bar when you feel fed up. Don't beat yourself up over it. You have to understand that what has happened, has happened and you just have to start the next day with even more motivation than ever before. Think of your end result, think of how positive and confident you will be then. Get your friends to encourage you and spur you on when you want to give up. Motivate yourself. Stick up post it notes with words of encouragement, buy some new clothes in a smaller size and hang them up where you can see them so you can think of wearing them when you are that particular weight. Push yourself. Prove to yourself that you can do it if you just keep going and keep on taking a step forward each day. Even if you are doubtful and you want to just give up, don't! Do not ever give up on your dreams. Remember that anything is possible and if you really want something then you will stay dedicated. Dedication and perseverance are vital. You have to keep on going and slowly improve everyday. You have to be determined and if you are determined then you will get there eventually even if it takes a while at first. Believe in yourself. You are capable of achieving anything.

Keep on going and you shall succeed. I believe in each and every single one of you. Aim, aspire and achieve. You will get there with a little bit of determination and a lot of perseverance. You can do it.

QOTP - What is your highlight of the past week? Mine was that I'm trying my hardest in all my work at school and I'm trying to persevere until I succeed! Let me know what your highlight is.


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