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Lifestyle | Future Ambitions - 2015

Hi everyone! I'd firstly like to apologise for not being around on this blog for over a week. School has been my main priority lately, what with my GCSE courses starting and so I haven't had much time during the weekdays for anything else. I could probably find a spare 15 minutes here and there to write up a post if I really tried, but in all honesty, I'm not going to force myself to put daily effort into a hobby if I could be doing homework or catching up on sleep. I have been out most weekends with my friends and my boyfriend, seeing as it's kind of warmer weather now, so that really hasn't been much of an option to write either. That being said, I will try my best to post as regularly as I can, but if I don't post one week, please don't think that I have quit blogging forever. I just need to focus on other things first and this is only a hobby, so it shouldn't be taking up all of my time anyway!
1. Have a family of my own. I have always been quite a maternal person, ever since I was little. I'd always play with baby dolls and wheel them around in a pushchair around the garden and up the park and rock them as if they were my own. It's just always been something that I've adored. When I'm older, I'd love to have quite a large family that I would be able to call my very own.
2. Travel all around the world. Geography and travelling has always been something that has sparked great interest for me. Geography is one of my favourite subjects and I particularly enjoy finding out about other countries and cultures that are different to my own. To be able to visit all 7 continents and learn all about various cultures and traditions would be a dream come true. Although I am quiet anxious when it comes to planes and flying, I will not let that fear hold me back. It's so interesting to find out about other people's ways of life and it's an amazing way to meet new people.
3. Start my own business. A couple of years ago, I used to regularly watch a programme about young people who would set up a business and trade to win a trip to America. It was called 'Trade Your Way To The USA' and although at the time, I wasn't particularly knowledgeable on that subject, I was really keen on that programme. The presenter ended up visiting my primary school in assembly one day, but once again, I didn't really find much interest in that subject at that moment in time. I'm now taking business as a GCSE subject and I'm really enjoying it. A couple of YouTubers I watch have got their own businesses and the amount of success they have had is incredible and admirable.
4. Visit a variety of the wonders of the world. Leading on from my 2nd point, I would like to visit the famous worldwide landmarks e.g. the Eiffel Tower, Roman colosseum's, the Great Barrier Reef and The Great Wall Of China. There are so many interesting and wonderful monuments and museums/galleries in each city and I would love to be able to explore as many as possible.
5. Scuba dive in a coral reef in either Australia, Florida or Hawaii. Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been a water baby. Although I don't really like swimming or being about in water now, I would love to go scuba diving in a coral reef. I think it would be so fascinating to explore the surroundings and see all the different types of fish and plants etc. It would probably blow my mind!
6. Interact with wild animals in different countries. As I have always been ever so keen on animals and treating animals right etc., I'd like to be able to go on safaris and expeditions, looking after wild animals and seeing what life is like for them. I'd like to swim with dolphins, feed and look after poorly, mistreated animals and possibly even ride an elephant or something like that!

7. Volunteering and participating in charity work. One of the things that I feel most passionate about is giving to other people. There is very few things that I want more than to be able to improve someone's life and make them smile when they are at their lowest. Volunteering has so many benefits and I really do believe that it will help me immensely on my journey to changing other people's lives.

8. Help other people in any way that I can. Whether it be writing advice blog posts, donating to help young people out, running projects/campaigns or anything else, I just want to help people whenever I get the chance.

9. Aim for A*'s, A's or B's in my GCSE's and aim for distinctions in my BTEC's. Whenever we have tests or important exams, we all have personal expectations that we would like to reach or exceed. These are just my personal aims for myself. I know that I'm capable of succeeding and doing incredibly well, but that will only be possible if I work to the best of my abilities for those results.

10. Write and publish my very own book. Inspired by the likes of Tanya Burr & Carrie Hope Fletcher, I too would like to have my own book out someday. I would like to be able to inspire and influence young people and guide them through their teenage years.

11. Go to a music festival during my late teenager/young adult years. Most teenagers and people in their twenties go to festivals nowadays and they often end up getting drunk and throwing up everywhere. However, I hope to go to a festival where I shall actually remember those memories that I create. Music is such a huge love of mine and I think it would be such a cool experience to be able to enjoy live music and chill out at the same time.

12. Write and release an official original song. I have written a song before, but of course, I don't have the resources and the knowledge to be able to release it and get it out on iTunes yet! If only. I'm very passionate about music, as I said in the previous goal, so it would be a dream to be able to have my own official song out for the public to download and listen to.

13. Give people a reason to remember my name. This one is an incredibly important one to me. I don't just want to be just an ordinary person who lives an averagely dull life. I want my life to have meaning; a purpose. I want to leave behind my name and millions of assosiciations and memories along with it. I want people to talk about me for millions of years after I have pssed. I want my name to go down in history. 

14. Have a beach party. The beach is one of my favourite places in the entire world. All it ever holds is happy, precious memories from my childhood. Parties are always a positive, memorable time so I think that a beach party with my loved ones during the summer is the perfect idea!

15. Sleep underneath the stars. I think that this would be such a magical, memorable experience and not many people would think of this or be able to say that they have done it, so I think that it is definitely a bucket list addition.

16. See the fireworks at Disney and experience Disney World. Every little girl's dream is to go to Disney World and I never had the chance to do that when I was younger, so I might as well make the most of the experience whilst I'm able too. The fireworks always look so amazing and mind-blowing and I'd love to be able to see all the characters and take a look around, no matter how old I am!

17. Stop being so afraid and start living instead. Your time in this world is never guaranteed. You could be living for years, or you could be living for a number of hours. Make the most of it whilst you still can. Take every opportunity as if it were your last. Stop thinking about the 'what if?'s and the 'but's! Start living for the moment without a care in the world.

18. Have a perfect wedding and live happily ever after. In all of the fairy tales, everybody gets their happy ending eventually and I think that applies within real life too. We all have our prince or our princess and we all deserve happiness. Weddings are supposed to be the best and the most important day of your life, so it's got to be with the right person! 'The One', your soulmate. 

19. Get a small, meaningful tattoo. I have always been a lover of tattoos and I think that a meaningful tattoo could be really precious and highly valued. I don't have many ideas for it yet, but not everyone would be able to see it, yet it would be something personal and special to me.

20. Find beauty and happiness in the little things. Too often, we can get swept up in the drama and havoc of everyday life and we don't often appreciate the little things. I think this is so important, as the little things really do make up the bigger picture. It all adds up in the end!


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