Sunday, 24 May 2015

Social Issues | Road Safety & Drink Driving

When you're young, everyone always talks about road safety and how you should always be cautious when it comes to crossing and travelling about in public. I used to always get presentations and various talks in primary school, but believe it or not, that was all for an extremely important reason. Road accidents occur so often and many people get injured or even lose their lives because of them.
When crossing the road, you have to be alert at all times. Get off your phone, take your headphones out and focus your eyes on what is around you. A vehicle could suddenly appear from out of no-where and then your life could be hanging by a thread in an instant. Always be very cautious when you are out and about. Make sure that the traffic light man is green before you go and press the button if it isn't. Even if it is green, you should still look left and right, just to make 100% sure. Stop when you are at the lights, look around and see if any cars are moving or about to move and listen to what is going on. Is there an engine revving? Is the traffic light man beeping to signal either red or green? Make sure you take care when stepping out as it only takes a second to get knocked over.
The same can be said for vehicles too. If the lights are red and you see people crossing, let them cross and take note of the lights. They are the colour that they are for a reason. Do you want to be the reason that someone breaks a bone or ends up in hospital in a critical condition that night, with their life literally hanging by a piece of string? Never go too fast when driving. Whether you're in a rush or not, pay attention to speed limits, cameras and what is going on with everyone else. It really isn't worth the risk. Drink driving isn't cool either. You can put your own and other people's lives in danger, all because of making the foolish mistake of driving whilst under the influence of an excessive amount of alcohol. Please don't be that careless. Stop, look and listen. Don't drive whilst drunk. It will most likely end horribly with devastating consequences. If you have had one too many, whether you think it's cool to drive fast or not, just get a taxi or a lift off of someone who is sober. It's better to be 'uncool' aka safe rather than risk your own health and safety, as well as other's too.
Take care and be sure to stop, look and listen. Always. Safety doesn't happen by accident.

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