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Social Issues | Poverty

The majority of people across the world know what poverty is and the effects of it. But, I don't think enough people talk about it, or fully understand the devastating consequences that can occur through this extreme issue. Please take in what I'm saying throughout this post, as it may open up your eyes.
For those of you who think they know what poverty is, but may not know the definition, it is the most extreme, severe case of being poor. Many people are struggling with this problem, and whether you believe it or not, there is most likely some form of destruction, or impoverishment in your country. If people literally have no money whatsoever, it can affect their whole life, and even the future of themselves and their families. There are so many life-threatening situations that can occur from this one situation:
Effects On Poverty:
Crippling accidents due to unsafe work environments - In some countries, the environment isn't as well looked after, or as clean as it may be in your own country. Some people simply can't get access to clean water, or even things that we may take for granted such as adequate amounts of food and shelter. These dangerous areas can lead to poisoning, bites from wild animals, getting stung, or catching various other diseases that could kill so many people, because they fail to receive proper protection from these deadly things.
Poor housing and living conditions - If people don't have a stable home, and they are living on the streets with hardly anything to shelter them or keep them safe, how are they expected to survive? There are parents out there in other areas of the world who allow themselves to starve and get sick, all because they believe their child deserves that extra meal. What happens if a child looses both of their parents due to poverty? What about if a new born baby dies the day it is born, because of devastating diseases? The worst thing is, these people can't even do anything to change this situation.
Lower life-expectancy - A large amount of people affected by poverty will die a lot sooner than they should be. This can be due to a wide variety of issues relating to poverty, but mainly because they won't be able to get the nutrients and care that they need and this means if they get sick, they won't be able to afford medicine or health care, which will just mean they get more ill and then they will die.
Life-long effects on people - This point goes hand in hand with my last one. Poverty doesn't just ruin one aspect of life. It can affect education, health, communities, families, careers and futures, as well as many more things too. It damages everything. It damages childhoods; it damages life chances; and it damages each and every one of us in society.
However, there are some ways that we can help to tackle this worldwide predicament. Together, if we all do our bit and get involved, we can save many lives and improve living conditions for everyone.
How You Can Help:
There are many charities and fundraising events that are available to people all over the world, so that we can raise awareness and deal with this tragic disaster sooner. Here are a couple that I have found: - Oxfam is situated in Nepal. They urgently need our help to provide clean water, sanitation and proper amounts of nutritional food. We have the power to help. All you have to do is go on their informative website and you will find a whole shed-load of news and detailed articles about how you can get involved and what this organisation is all about. So, just do it! - This organisation is an extremely important one, which could benefit so many lives in Africa, Asia and Latin America. £3 could help provide a young girl who has run away from forced marriage to spend the night in a safe house, £5 could help to provide a school uniform or other basic items to help a girl who has run away from forced marriage and just £10 could help train a local teacher about the dangers of FGM (female genital mutilation) and forced child marriage, supporting them to help others. You can sponsor a child, donate, hold fundraising events, take part in campaigns, or even send a gift to someone who needs it most. It is such an incredibly important thing that I urge you all to take part in whatever way you can. If it saves lives, it's worth every penny. - World Vision is the world's largest international children's charity, which is aiming to bring hope to billions of children's lives in the most deprived countries. Poverty, conflict and diseases lead to so many children living their lives in fear, resulting in them missing out on their carefree childhood. This charities local staff work in thousands of worldwide communities in order to banish fear out of children's lives. They live and work alongside these children, their families and the communities that they live in, so that they can help to change the world they live in for good.
If you are prepared to sponsor, donate, pray, campaign or even simply share the stories of boys and girls who have been given new hope for their future, then together, we can all improve people's lives. The clip that I have shown below is an eye-opening insight into what life is like for those suffering with poverty. I urge you to take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch it. It will open your eyes, I'm sure of it. Go onto the website, have a read and share the knowledge that you have gained.

Another very useful video to watch is on the YouTube page 'Popular TV Shows' and it's the BBC Documentary - Comic Relief - Kids in Camps. It shows you the true brutality and torture that some children are faced with in some countries over the world. I honestly do believe it is worth the watch, although it's incredibly emotional, because it can really open your eyes and make you realise things. - The final charity that I would like to talk about is CARE. This organisation helps people to rebuild their lives after overcoming the struggles of poverty, and they provide life-saving assistance and support, so that people know that there is an escape route. It all started after World War 2 and it has remained a success ever since then. Your support will mean that poor, malnourished families have access to clean, hygienic water, uncontaminated food, medicine and a place to call their very own home. You can genuinely save and improve lives. Please take this opportunity and do your bit to change lives throughout the world. It will honestly be so, so worth it.
In this post, I have only mentioned a couple of organisations, but there are so many more. All you need to do is do some research and you will find an endless list. There are also many documentaries, clips on YouTube and articles all over the internet about this extremely serious international issue, so if you want, you can go and find out more about it and come up with other ways that you can help.
This is something I do feel incredibly strongly and passionately about, so I do hope that I have transferred some of my thoughts and research onto at least one of you, if not more. It's such an important subject and it affects millions of people, which is why I believe it needs to be spoken about. In the future, I want to travel the world so I can have the opportunity to volunteer, raise money for charities, donate to life-changing organisations and create campaigns to improve lives. All I want is to be able to help people and this is one way that I can start now. Why don't you try it too?
Be the change you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi


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