Sunday, 17 May 2015

Social Issues | Internet Safety

In today's generation, most of us have at least one (or multiple) social media account on the internet. While social media can be an incredible thing for more reasons than one, it can also be the main source of cyber-bullying, child exploitation, paedophilia and many other dangerous issues.
I watched the above video when I was in an ICT class in Year 7. It actually made me really upset, as I'm sure it would you if you saw it.
When you are on the internet, you have to be so careful. People may be talking to you on a messaging platform and you may arrange to meet them because you think they are so lovely and you could the time of your life if you saw them in the flesh. But, don't ever arrange to meet people that you got talking to online. It's incredibly dangerous and you could end up putting yourself into a serious position if you do go and meet them. A couple of years ago on Hollyoaks, there was a character named India who was advising her friends to avoid online dating, yet she then decided to create her own profile and got talking to a guy supposedly named Cameron. She is on her way to meet him when she spots an older man (who is called Silas) who's car has broken down. She lends him her phone to contact assistance, but then she soon realises that he is actually Cameron after she realises he knows her name. She tries to fight him off and escape, but he ends up murdering her and dumping her body in an old carpet in the nearby woods. That particular storyline terrified me and I had nightmares about it for days on end, but as disturbing as it may be, it can raise awareness and teach so many vulnerable, naïve people an important lesson when it comes to staying safe on the internet.
In all honesty, I have spoken to people I don't know before and I honestly don't recommend it. Although nothing terrible happened with me, I never talk to complete strangers anymore, as you never know what could happen. People could take advantage of your vulnerability and you could potentially lose your life over it, so please, please be very careful when it comes to online messaging. Don't give your number out to any strangers, always put all of your accounts to private, don't put up personal information for everyone to see and be careful with the content you post as once you put something up, it's available to anyone and it won't just disappear, even if you delete it because people can screenshot and save things so that loads of people end up seeing it. Just don't talk to people you don't know and always block, delete and report if something is happening that you think is wrong.
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