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Lifestyle|| The Thing About Spring Tag

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Seeing as we are heading into the warmer months now, I thought that it would be the perfect time for me to do this post! I was tagged by the lovely Lydia Eve who actually created this tag, so do go and check her out blog and her post out here
I tag anybody that would like to take part, so feel free to do so.

1. What is spring like where you live?

In the UK, we are unfortunately not always guaranteed blue skies and sunshine so when we do get it, we make the most of it! It can usually be quite chilly and miserable, but we are lucky enough to get some boiling days during this time of the year in various areas.

2. What are you excited for this spring?

I'm definitely most excited for the days out that I can have! Sunbathing, having picnics, going on little day trips with family & friends in the heat - that kind of stuff excites me immensely! Everybody is always a lot more cheerful and you often see people with more smiles on their faces when the sun makes an appearance.

3. What's your perfect springtime outfit?

If the weather is particularly amazing, then I love to wear little printed playsuits and dresses! I generally go for floral pieces or bright, pastel shades. If the weather is not so great, then I will be happy enough with a pair of jeans (either floral or light blue), a cute printed tee, some flat shoes & a denim jacket! You can't forget the statement jewellery too though! Lately I've been stacking different types of rings and I also have some delicate bracelets that I like to pair together, but statement necklaces are a fabulous choice as well.

4. How do you wear your makeup (if any) in the springtime?

Usually when the weather tends to improve, the amount of makeup that I wear is minimised. I like to keep it quite dewy and simplistic so that I don't end up sweating it off or looking all cakey! BB or CC creams are a light-weight option for a base product, as BB creams can protect against sun damage, moisturise and add a luminous effect and CC creams can typically be lighter than a BB version and they can colour correct, have SPF in them and even helps with acne and redness! I use pastels on the eyes such as purples or even brighter colours if you want to make your eyes pop but I don't suggest using lots of eyeliner & mascara as that can be a little too heavy and dark. I tend to keep my cheeks quite pink and soft looking then my lips are usually either bright pink or coral and they are quite glossy and well moisturised! If you want a more in-depth post on products, check out my last beauty one!

5. What's your go to nail polish for this season?

I usually go for pastels and bright colours. Barry M do a lovely variety of shades, particularly in the Gelly Hi-Shine collection which I've got one of and I'm hoping to try more in the next few months and I also would recommend the Essie range!

6. Your spring shoes?

My bright pink lacey converse style trainers tend to make an appearance at this time of the year, but I want to try and purchase more delicate, girlie sandals as I seriously lack in that department!

7. On a lovely spring day, what are your favourite treats/snacks?

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved the Rowntrees Fruit Pastille Lollies! They are so refreshing and you get 5 different fruity flavours on a stick, so you really can't go wrong! I also enjoy pink lemonade and fresh berries! If you have any spring, easy recipe ideas, please let me know as I'd be very interested!

8. What is your most worn jewellery item at the moment?

Normally, I've never been a jewellery loved as I get bored of things quite easily, but lately I've been wearing different tones of rings and stacking them up. I mainly buy them from new look, but I do definitely want to try out a few different pieces this season.

9. What is your wardrobe lacking this spring? What are you hunting the shops for?

I'd have to say sandals, dresses/playsuits and statement necklaces/earrings! I'm going on holiday in the Summer and I really like to make the most of the sun whilst it lasts so I shall be going on a shopping spree very soon to make sure I'm prepared!

10. What item are you looking to mix up in your makeup bag?

I want to try and go more experimental with my eyes and my lips. I want bolder eyes such as purples, sparkles and creamier products then for lips I want even bolder, brighter shades! I do have a few that I'm yet to wear out in public, but I'm determined to do so when the weather is right!

I hope you all enjoyed this little tag to get you in the spring mood!


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