Friday, 1 May 2015

Lifestyle|| Monthly Mashup #1 - April 2015

Walk back from school with my boyfriend

A cute heart in my Costa hot chocolate - it was delicious!

Lush with one of my friends

Pretty little garden area that me & my friend stopped by

me & one of my gorgeous friends Tara
another selfie with Tara

caption speaks for itself - my beautiful Tia

a visit to the local park

another image from the park

my girl

this is quite a cute one of mine & tia's hands

one day, we went to a cute little café for a drink break

tia & I sat in a little field on a local village trip to catch some rays

my beautiful friend Sophie came round to my house

half-face selfie with me & soph

spring means blossom & gorgeous flowers!

woodlands walks are lovely for your soul

my boyfriend & I had a cute little picnic in the woods

I liked the way the light caught the trees

I'm so interested in scenery, it's unreal

parks are very pretty. how magical does this look? the peace is noticeable

went on a little walk home and I thought this was very tranquil :)
nature really is so peaceful
mine and my boyfriend's shadows!
myself and my boyfriend often go to the woods to get some space :)
saying hello to spring means saying hello to stunning flowers!
the sunlight always has a way of making everything look magical
woods are wonderful things
a little lake that we crossed in the woods

trees trees and more trees

I thought that this post would be something a little different today. I'm introducing a new series to my blog, which I'm going to call 'Monthly Mashup', so it's basically a collection of all the photograph's and memories from the previous month. I had my 2 week Easter break in April, so most of these photograph's are from then. Let me know how you feel about this new idea & I shall see you soon. Look out for next month's post which will be all of my photographs from the next 30 days!

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