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Lifestyle | The Boyfriend Tag With Charlie

I thought I'd do the boyfriend tag today. We're going to be answering questions so that you can get to know us and our relationship a little better. If you want to see Charlie more often, then let me know ;)
 Where did we meet? - We met in a local park about a year ago when I was with a mutual friend that we both were close to at the time. 
 What was our first date? - He came to my house, we got dominoes from the high street in the pouring rain (how romantic haha) and we then watched films on the sofa, which was cute.

 Where was our first kiss & how was it? - It was at the bottom of my road and I was extremely scared, but it was actually alright!
 Did he know that I was the one? - In his words "I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on your beautiful face" He can be cute sometimes!
 First impression? - He said beautiful, I say that he was really funny and cute
When did you meet the family? - Technically, 2 days before we actually started going out, so on Valentines Da this year and they all loved him. It was adorable to be honest.
Do we have a tradition? - I wouldn't say any traditions exactly, but we always tease each other and play fight or buy snacks and then go to the woods and eat them!
 What was our first road trip? - Neither of us drive as we're too young, but we've been in the car together numerous times to shop and drop off my family.
Who said I love you first and where were we? - I'm not too sure on this one, but it was probably at my house and it was most likely Charlie, although he'd said it before on social media.
What do we argue about the most? - Usually either other people, our different opinions, or annoying each other so much that we just end up in a massive argument then we make up 2 seconds later, literally
 Who wears the pants in the relationship? - 100% me! I guess it makes me feel like I have to control Charlie, as I'm a couple of years older, but he's more sensible and realistic. I just tend to boss him about a lot, oops!
 If I'm sitting in front of the tv, what am I watching? - He knows just how much I love my soaps, such as Eastenders, or hollyoaks as I've made him watch them a few times, much to his despair.
 What dressing do I get on my salad? - I don't ever eat salad.. I'm not very healthy at all!
 What's the one thing I don't like? - He said meat, which is correct
 We go out to eat, what do I get to drink? - This is an obvious one, as whenever I'm with him, I'm always either drinking or buying a Fanta fruit twist!
What size shoe do I wear? - I'm about half a size smaller than him, so 6 and a half, which he knew
 If I was collecting anything, what would it be? - Charlie's answer was "makeup, knowing you!"
 What is my favourite type of sandwich? - He said he's never seen me eating a sandwich, because when he was with me, I made him go on the other bench so he couldn't see me chewing..eek!
 What would I eat everyday if I could? - The answer was pizza, which he's well aware of after our countless dominoes orders!
 What's my favourite cereal? - Char said Coco Pops, which would be true, but I don't really eat cereal anymore anyway
What is my favourite music? - It's clear how much I love Ed Sheeran, as I've had him playing enough times
 What's my favourite sports team? - I'm not interested in all that stuff at all!
What's my eye colour? - Brown, quite basic for him to remember!
 Who is my best friend? - Charlie said it's him and Nadia, who's a girl in my form, which is true.
 What is something I do that you don't like? - This question went unanswered, but apparently there's a lot of things he does that I don't like, which is very accurate!
This photo is a cute one in my opinion and I feel that it basically explains our relationship. We are always so jokey when we're around each other and we're constantly laughing, or messing about. There's never really a dull moment when it comes to us two, which I think is extremely important when you're in a relationship. I'm now going to be answering some of your questions that you asked me a little while ago. I thought that would end this little post nicely. Thank you if you did ask me anything.
Random Q&A:
When was your first kiss? - This is actually complicated. We started dating for the first time last summer, then again in the autumn time and now we are together for a third time. We did kiss once or twice the first time we went out as it was peer pressure, but I don't really count that. Our proper kiss was probably a couple of days before we went out, or the day we started going out at my house when we were watching films on the sofa, as I mentioned earlier. I didn't particularly know what I was doing and so I was naturally very anxious, but I'm more used to it now and I don't get nervous!
How did you meet? - I've briefly touched on this in one of the tag questions, but I'll answer it again properly. I was with one of my close friends (at the time) in our local park and she knew Charlie as they had been close for quite a while, so when he walked past, she called him over and he just joined in our conversation naturally really. I was very shy and awkward, so I did hide behind the bench and I didn't say much, but I remember he had his dogs with him and he was just generally talking to us and having a laugh. This was a year ago and we didn't get in contact for ages after that! I wanted to find him on something and get to know him better, but I just didn't know how to if I'm honest!
Best memory together? - I couldn't possibly pick just one memory, as every time I'm with him, we always have an amazing time, but I'm going to tell you one of the happiest ones/the one that comes to mind the most. A couple of months back, at the very beginning of the year, myself and Charlie went to a local town together to go shopping. Every single second of that day was special. We were very close, but I wouldn't necessarily say we were "properly in love" or "mad about each other". I was, once again, very anxious & I was thinking about calling the day off as it had snowed about an hour before. However, we had a great time. We did get lost & ended up on the completely wrong bus route, which resulted in us ending up about 30 minutes away, stranded at a bus station with pretty much no clue where we were, or even how to get home, but after the initial annoyance wore off, we just laughed about it and made the most of each second with each other, so I will always remember that.
Best/cutest thing he's ever said to you? - Everything he says is adorable, but I'd have to say when he tells me he's in love with me. Those words aren't just words to me - they hold an awful lot of meaning, believe me. Everyone wants to be loved and it's important to show people what they mean to you through your actions and your words. Words can have so much emotion to them and so much depth behind them and I think that's one of the sweetest things about love. He is my absolute world and he means everything to me.

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