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Lifestyle|| 20 Things To Be Happy About

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I've always been quite a negative person - and I'm trying to make an effort to change that this year. I've recently found many new blogs & some of the positive posts I've come across have inspired me to make one of my own. I do have the book '14,000 reasons to be happy' on my Kindle, but I haven't yet got round to reading it, so I will be letting you know my thoughts once it has been finished. This is such a lovely idea to help spread happiness and take note of all the little things we have to be grateful for.
1) Reading
Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in books & reading. I love the fact that you can get so caught up in words and imagery that you can completely forget and escape reality for a moment and delve into a totally different world.
2. Summer holidays
As much as I can find heat unbearable at times, I absolutely love everything about the warmer months. When you are off school/work for such a long amount of time, you end up distracting yourself completely from pressure and exams. Knowing that you can lay in for as long as you want, catching those scorching rays for days on end, splashing about in the pool with your loved ones in an extraordinary, unexplored country, indulging in all that delicious, new food. It's such an amazing time of the year, as you just remove yourself from normality and you can do whatever you want, without a care in the world. You have a smile on your face everyday and you are creating memories that will last a lifetime.
3. Helping others and seeing them happy
I think that helping other people is one of the most rewarding things that you could possibly experience. Knowing that you have helped to put a smile on someone's face, or that you have supported them in overcoming a particular problem is so heart-warming and touching. All I want in my life is to be able to help and inspire others, as it means the world to me knowing that I could have such a positive influence on another human being. If it can improve someone's life, it's worth a try!
4. Nature
The world we live in is such an advanced, incredible place and there is so much unknown beauty out there waiting for us to explore. I try to go out as much as possible to ensure that I appreciate what I am surrounded by in my day-to-day life. Hearing the birds tweeting and chirping away, watching the leaves as they rustle within the wind, or crunch beneath your feet, noticing how the flowers begin to bloom as the weather gets warmer, and even going on a walk to the park and watching the ducks swim about, or admiring the tranquillity of the water, as you are surrounded by nothing but serenity.
5. Photography
Having a camera and taking a photo is so much more meaningful to me. A photo can hold so many treasured memories that will stick with you through life, all through the help of a piece of developed paper. This is why experiences, scrapbooks and photographs are so important to me. Once you see or enjoy something beautiful and memorable, then you can capture that moment and keep it along with many others for the rest of your lifetime. They never change, even when everything else does.
6. Music - singing, listening, dancing to it etc.
Everything about music is important to me and it helps me to express and feel such deep emotions. You can always find a song, or genre that will fit your mood where the lyrics describe exactly how you are feeling at that precise moment in time. Whenever I listen to music, I feel like I'm not alone, like anything is possible, as if I have gained unexplainable strength just through a couple of lyrics that will allow me to conquer the world and all the demons that I encounter. Singing has also always been a passion of mine. Ever since I was a young girl, I'd sing and wiggle about to all sorts of pop songs to my grandparents, even though they probably had no clue what I was creating a racket about! I think that still to this day, my beloved grandma knows how fond I am of singing and music because she's watched me grow up stamping my feet on the living room floor with the TV on full volume on the music channel (much to her despair!). I went through a stage of writing my own songs, but I'm still yet to pursue that dream.
7. Cuddles and receiving affection/love
We all crave a little bit of love sometimes, right? It would be silly to deny that! Cuddling can literally change someone's mood and make them feel so much more reassured, supported and cared for. It's a lovely feeling that everyone deserves to experience. So, go cuddle someone! Make them feel loved.
8. Shopping and buying new things
All girls love a bit of shopping occasionally and I'm sure many men don't mind buying new things too, as much as they may not want to admit it. Whether I'm just looking, or if I actually buy things, the whole experience just fills me with so much happiness (unless I can't afford the item - boo!), but it's so interesting to see all the different trends and the new items coming out. I just love it.
9. Compliments and those cute heart-to-heart chats
I've always been a very emotional person. I'd rather have a deep, heartfelt chat rather than making a friend just to hang out with them. Words mean an awful lot to me. Even though it's definitely not just about words at all, but it really does make your day and brightens your mood to know people care.
10. Family & friends
This is such an important one. We all need those people that we know we can go to when we need trust, love & support and who better to go to than our loved ones? I'm not one of those people who has a lot of friends and is very close with their family, but I do love & appreciate my family and I do have a couple of friends and my boyfriend who I am incredibly grateful to. I love them all very much and I truly do feel blessed with all of the amazing, supportive people that I have in my life.
11. Exploring or visiting a new place
Travelling to a different, unseen place is such a wonderful feeling. You get to see the different cultures and how other people live, what life is like on the other side of the world and how others go about their daily life. You can experience so many truly magnificent things and I just think there is nothing better than exploring and trying out new things.
12. Reminiscing over old memories or photographs
Isn't it just lovely to be able to remember the 'old times' and all the fun that you had when you were younger and carefree? It gives you a nostalgic feeling and it creates positive emotions, as you are thinking about all those things that made you smile many months or even years ago. I have a large amount of old photos and looking at them often brings back a tonne of heart-warming memories!
13. Hot chocolate and brownies
These two genuinely do go hand in hand. Nothing beats a good ole cup of hot chocolate, (particularly the one from Costa) and it's even better if you have warm, freshly baked brownies too. The gooey centre mixed with the warmth of the hot chocolate is just heaven and nothing can compare to it.
14. Pampering yourself
One of the most important things to do is to have time to yourself once in a while. It's essential for keeping your sanity. Especially if you're particularly stressed at the time, then it's good to unwind every so often. Take a warm bubble bath, light some candles, get a nice book, a facemask and relax.
15. Learning new things and experiencing different opportunities
If we learn something new, it will give us a really great feeling as we will feel like we have just achieved something and we may have found something that we want to continue as it makes us happy. Life is full of lessons in itself, so I think it's always important to learn different things. The same goes for experiencing new opportunities. If you say yes and reach out of your comfort zone, you could be opening yourself up to a whole world of unseen opportunities and amazement, trust me.
16. Waking up to sunshine
Waking up is one of my least favourite things in the entire planet, so knowing that you can wake up to see the sun beaming in through your window turns that negative mood into a positive one, just through a tiny little thing! I honestly believe that the weather can hugely impact the way you feel.
17. Freshly baked cookies with a glass of cold milk
This is something that goes right back to my childhood. I've always loved drinking ice-cold milk and eating cookies so that I could dip the crunchy cookies into the cold milk. I just always think of my younger self whenever I do that (not very often anymore, but still) and it makes me so happy.
18. Talking to interesting, quirky people
I love having really in-depth conversations about things with people. You could talk about anything from the sky to clothes with that person and you could still enjoy the conversation just as much. I think originality is something that we should embrace and be proud of as it makes us special.
19. Loving someone unconditionally 
Whether it's family, friends or a partner, I think that love is so important in life. Without love, the world would be such a lonely, devastating place and there generally wouldn't be as much happiness.
20. Being confident & properly happy from the inside
Loving yourself is something I've mentioned quite a lot, but that's because I really want to get the message across. If you have confidence and courage, you really can have anything. No matter how big or how small, you just need to love yourself, have confidence & determination and you will get there in the end.
What little things make you happy? Let me know in the comments section below!


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