Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Beauty | The Inner Beauty Tag

I thought I'd switch things up a little bit today & instead of doing an actual beauty/fashion post, I thought I'd do a short beauty tag! There's only 5 questions, but I thought that the meaning behind each one is so important and so I thought it would be a great idea for me to answer them now.
1. Do you feel different with makeup on or off? - I think everyone does if I'm honest. When I have makeup on, it does give me more confidence and it makes me feel prettier within myself and more presentable to the world, and when I don't have it on, I can feel like I look ill, tired or generally not as nice.
2. To you, is inner beauty or outer beauty more important? - 11% inner beauty! Honestly, I don't think that outer beauty means anything at all. You can be the prettiest, most popular girl in the whole school, yet you could be so sour and so much of a bully that your looks would mean absolutely nothing. I'd much rather that I was a loving, kind person rather than a fake, popular hater.
3. Do you prefer inner or outer beauty? I definitely prefer inner beauty! It's so much more important and valuable. Why should people care about their popularity or the way you look more than their personality and the way they treat others? Don't judge a book by it's cover, remember!
4. What's real beauty to you? - Real beauty to me is a smile and a thoughtful, caring personality. A smile is contagious and it will help to spread positivity and just generally makes a person appear more beautiful and happy, which we all want, right?! As for personality, it's so important that you treat others with respect and kindness, just like you would expect from them, I'm sure. I always make sure I'm the best person I can be and I treat other people in the correct way and it does pay off.
5. What makes you feel beautiful? - I feel most beautiful when I'm happy, or when I have an outfit on that I really like, or when I'm having a generally decent hair day. I really do believe that beauty comes from within though, so I try not to over worry too much about the way that I look, as hard as it may be. We all deserve a little pampering and to make ourselves feel good, but we shouldn't cake ourselves in so much makeup and so many products that we can no longer see our true beauty.
Let me know how you feel about these shorter tags and feel free to post your answers down below!


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