Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Mental Health Monday|| Introducing A New Weekly Series

Mental Health. It's such a taboo subject, which has a lot of recognised stigma surrounding it. I feel very strongly about this topic, as do many other people and I feel this new idea would be perfect to raise awareness and potentially save lives in the process. By introducing this new series, I hope to contribute in breaking some of the barriers surrounding mental wellbeing and help to make others educated when it comes to these types of illnesses. We should all be treated fairly and equally, regardless of who we are and what our personalities are like. If someone had broken a bone, would they be treated differently and would they face all that judgement? No, they wouldn't. So, why should people with a chemical imbalance in their brain be treated any differently? This is an accurate example of discrimination.

The reason why I feel so passionate about this particular health issue is because a huge majority of people all over the world struggle with their mental state. The amount of people with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, schizophrenia, paranoia & other issues is increasing, and they simply aren't getting the help and support that they should be entitled to. Too many of these problems are going unnoticed and something about that needs to change, which is what I'm going to aim to do.

To all of you who are going through mental health struggles & are suffering with your emotions, I'm here for you, I honestly do understand your position and how you are feeling and I'm going to put those emotions into words.

And if you are currently experiencing this pain, I genuinely do hope that one day you will take that brave step and find the strength within you to speak out and share your story like myself.

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