Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Fashion|| OOTD - Woodland Walk





 Top // New Look
Hoodie // New Look
Jeans - Topshop
Socks - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Gift (probably Primark)
Jewellery - Sale in New Look

I decided to go on a walk in the woods with my boyfriend at the weekend and so I thought a couple of outfit pictures would be perfect for a blog post to show you what styles I've been loving recently. Although the weather has been warming up in the UK, it wasn't quite warm enough to be out in shorts and a vest top yet! In the winter, I usually am a fan of black jeans, but I thought I'd make a change along with the weather and opt for blue ones on this particular day. I found them to be incredibly comfortable as well as light and fashionable. Plaid is usually something you wear in the colder months, but I decided to wear it today as I felt it would be something different and it would go nicely with the shade of my jeans. The shirt is made of quite a thin material and so it isn't too hot or clingy. I just threw a hoodie on for comfort and for that extra bit of warmth and I recently bought it, so I thought I might as well wear it! The jewellery I went for is quite dainty and delicate, so I mixed up the tones to add a bit more of a rock vibe to the whole outfit. My trainers are just standard ones and I've been walking quite a bit lately, so I wanted to be comfortable and I didn't want my feet to hurt. Overall, the outfit was quite casual, yet glamorous and I actually really liked wearing it.
Hopefully you enjoyed my first fashion post! Let me know what you think & I'll see you soon





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